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Apr 4, Lee Seung Gi Sings Self-Composed Song for "Gu Family Book" Gu Family Book: Episode 20» Dramabeans» Deconstructing korean dramas. Check out Gu Family Book OST by Various artists on site Music. Stream ad- free or download CD's and MP3s now on Gu Family Book is a South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. The fusion martial arts action historical drama is about a half man- half . Kim Hee-jung as Lady Yoon – Mu-sol's wife who resents Kang-chi. David Lee McInnis as Kageshima; Song Young-kyu as Pil-mok – Seo-hwa's assistant.

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1 Gu Family Book OST Part 1; 2 Gu Family Book OST Part 2; 3 Gu 4 / Gu Family Book OST Part 4; Artist: Baek Ji Young; Language: Korean. Country: Korea, South; Genre: Pop Soundtrack; Original spelling: 구가의 서; Official site: Gu Family Book Theme Song Don't Forget Me. Topics Gu Family Book Theme Song Don't Forget Me. Gu Family Book Theme Song Don't.

Once you make the first exception, the second and third times become easier. They should have broad shoulders. Then, girls will fall for them. Why would a human being be matchless? Or have we meet somewhere before?

This bracelet will be Kang Chi's protection that would hide his real identity of being a half divine creature and half human. Kang Chi is loved by so many. He's a savior of the weak and abused, a good son to his adoptive father, Choi who's a servant to Lord Park. He's a happy go lucky kind of guy who has a warm heart for everyone. And even though he was not a biological son of Lord Park, he was treated as one.

The One Sings “Best Wishes to You” for “Gu Family Book” OST

Later on, he also then realized that he wasn't an ordinary human being, that he was something even more special. The Review Gu Family book is really entertaining.

You will fall in love with love more than a hundred times, will eventually fall for Kang Chi's killer smile, be lost in a whirlwind of emotions - hate Jo Gwan-Woong and want to stab him million times, fear death and will admire the strength, goodness and determination of all the characters. They are my favorite on-screen couple now, their love isn't developed in a matter of seconds unlike other drama series, it was a progressive love story that ended up to be a real one.

The strength they draw from each other made me realize that love like this is just once in a lifetime. They are willing to save each other even though it means dying. I smiled a lot, got really scared when they were using their bow and arrows, fell head over heels for their love story and cried for the heart breaking scenes which almost lead them to death.

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They also had the best kissing scene ever, it's so passionate that you would really think that they were real couples in real life. Arghhh, sweetness overload. I will wait. I think I developed too much hatred on him until the episode 24, imagine being there from beginning to end. They should have shortened it or at least 15 episodes and added new villains as effective as him.

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He is so damn annoying! Gu Family Book related stuff I think they have missed so much on this. The title is Gu Family book, but what happened to it? It got lost after the few last episodes, there's no conclusion to it. Although a good conclusion to this was it wasn't that successful because even in the modern times, he couldn't resist helping and saving others.

Ending It had a beautiful ending but not too convincing, I guess you should watch it yourself, it could have been better if they had a happily ever after. Positive note: 24 episodes with a running time of 45mins will never be a waste.

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Choi Kang Chi: What if I do remember? Does that mean our meeting has a meaning? It just takes one moment to die.

Humans just try their best at what they believe to be right. Because they are weak, sometimes they become cruel. That there are just bad situations. You get hurt because you love and care about them.

New Addition To "Gu Family Book" OST Soars In The Charts : Drama Stories : KDramaStars

That's the best life one can live. How can you stop the blowing wind? What's the point of trying to deny it? It will just sound like an excuse. And you won't believe in those excuses. Accepting one's fate and living through it, or denying it forever and pretending.

Trust is something you build through time and relationships. If people don't trust you, it's because you haven't built up a good relationship.

Haunting 'Gu Family Book' Soundtrack Adds To The Drama

You shouldn't blame others. If you want to be trusted, first learn how to get along with others. Your head and mind are full of that person.