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In this article, I will demonstrate how to export GridView data into Word, Excel, and pdf files using The HTML Markup consists of an GridView and a Button. For the GridView I have enabled paging using the AllowPaging property and. I am using.

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Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind=" " Inherits="ronaldweinland.infom1" %>

Export nested gridview gridview inside gridview to excel in asp net Net 2. NET Web Pages. Can you give me any other coding to do the exporting to excel Thanks Regards, Praveen Background. NET, Gridview inside gridview in asp. Hi i have an existing excel template and data from the grid view has to bind in particular rows in a sheet in tat template as it has many sheets.

AddHeader "content-disposition" ,. DataBind ;. RenderControl hw ;. Write sw. ToString ;. Flush ;. End ;.

ByVal e As EventArgs. Dim sw As New StringWriter.

Export Gridview Data into PDF in ASP.Net

RenderControl hw. End Sub. The above function renders the GridView contents as Microsoft Word format. You will notice I have disabled paging before exporting, so that all the pages are exported. The Output Exported File. Export to Microsoft Excel Format. pdf in gridview to

For exporting the document to Excel if you do it directly as done in case of word the row background color is applied throughout to all the columns in the Excel Sheet hence in order to avoid it.

I have done a workaround below. First I am changing the background color of each row back to white.

Export GridView to PDF Using C#

Then I am applying the background color to each individual cell rather than the whole row. Thus when you export now you will notice that the formatting is applied only to the GridView cells and not all.

In gridview to pdf

Also I am applying textmode style class to all cells and then adding the style CSS class to the GridView before rendering it, this ensures that all the contents of GridView are rendered as text. Add "background-color" , "green" ;. Add "class" , "textmode" ;.

To in gridview pdf

Add "background-color" , " C2D69B" ;. Write style ;.

.pdf generator in .NET - Dynamically generate .pdf in ASP.NET

Cells 0. Add "background-color" , "green". Cells 1. Cells 2. Cells 3.

Count - 1. Rows i. Add "class" , "textmode".

Add "background-color" , " C2D69B". End If.

Write style. Export to Portable Document Format. Then import the following Namespaces. Imports iTextSharp. By default the iTextSharp Library does not support background color of table cells or table rows.

Recently I read an article on hamang. SetCacheability HttpCacheability. NoCache ;. A4, 10f,10f,10f,0f ;. GetInstance pdfDoc, Response. OutputStream ;. Open ;. Parse sr ;. Close ;. Write pdfDoc ;. Dim sr As New StringReader sw. A4, Parse sr. Linq; using System. Web; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using System. Data; using System.

How to export GridView to pdf in

IO; using System. Drawing; using iTextSharp. SetCacheability HttpCacheability. GetInstance pdfDoc, Response. Gridview datetime format example in ASP. Net c.

To pdf gridview in

Displaying total column value in the Gridview Footer using asp. How to create grid view paging in asp. How to bind Multi-Dimensional Arrays Data to gird view in asp. How to bind Two-Dimensional Arrays Data to gird view in asp. How to bind Single-Dimensional Arrays Data to gird view in asp. How to delete row from grid view showing confirmation JavaScript using asp. How to delete data from grid view using row deleting event in asp.

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