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5 Animal Qigong: The Five Animal Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong. Free pdf and instructions on "Tiger Play" with images. Qigong exercises pdf free download. 5 animals, shibashi and more. The aim of Qigong is to further individual well-being through improving the coordination of. He practiced Chi-kung and created the "Frolics of the Five Animals." (4). "Hua Tuo .. Scribd Download PDF Format of document. VSCL. Five.

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The 5 Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi) is a complete qigong system (created by Dr. Hua-Tou), and the most ancient qigong system still practiced today. But if you don’t pick up this feeling, the effectiveness of the exercise becomes shallow.”. Creating Joyous Practice with the Five Animal. 5 Animal - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The 5 Animal Frolics (Wu Qin Xi) is a complete qigong system (created by Dr. Five animal frolics - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Qi Gong exercises.

By moving about briskly, digestion is improved, the blood vessels are opened, and illnesses are prevented. It is like a used doorstep which never rots. If you feel out of sorts, just practice one of my Frolics. Stagnant waters produced widespread disease. Traditionally and historically speaking, Daoyin practices are stretching exercises, usually combined with breath- work. The earliest forms of Daoyin were developed during the Early Han dynasty BCE- 8 CE , in the context of health and longevity as well as therapeutic movements.

It can also be used to cure chronicle diseases. Practitioner can practice all five frolics or pick only one or two to practice based on his personal physical conditions. During practice, it requires the practitioner to coordinate his thoughts, breathing, and movements.

Frolics download qigong animal five pdf

If you can practice it persistently, you will enjoy light spirit, enhanced appetite, improved agility, and firm steps. This has the functions of nurturing spirit, regulating the flow of Qi and blood, helping Jang and Fu, opening meridians, activating sinews and bones, and benefiting joints.

The "Five Animal-Frolics" is also effective in preventing and curing lung diseases, asthma, high blood pressure, heart-crown disease, weak nerve system, and indigestion, etc. In addition, frequent practice of the "Five Animal-Frolics" can correct abnormal footings and walking postures, prevent wilting of muscles, and improve body balance. It is also beneficial to other symptoms. Practitioner should practice for 15 minutes twice daily, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Also, the practitioner should select a field with fresh air and luxuriant vegetation.

Five Animal Qigong – Free PDF |

Daode jing ch. In this section of the Zhuangzi, Daoyin practitioners are grouped in a hierarchical ordering of five lower forms of practice. Ceridwen in an attempt to catch him also transforms herself. The ascetics of past time believed it could be used to obtain the "eternal youth" changsheng bulao. Many different interpretations were given to the word daoyin during the ages.

The following two are the most reliable: daoqi yinti - guide the qi and stretch the body; and daoqi yinliao - guide the qi to obtain a healing effect.

Both interpretations describe important aspects of the exercise and are not contradictory to each other. The Health Benefits of Qigong Exercises.

Animal frolics qigong pdf download five

Translation by Yan Shufan. A detailed article on how to do the Frolics. The articles includes set by set photos, instructions, and some very interesting illustrations from the Ma Wang Dui Tomb No. The Magic of Shapeshifting. By Rosalyn Greene. Red Wheel Weiser, According to Ms. Greene the most common animals people shift into are the wolf, fox, cat and bear.

Pdf five download animal frolics qigong

Instructional HS videotape, 48 minutes. Anti-Aging Series. Qigong Essentials for Health Promotion. By Jiao Guorui. Beijing, China Reconstructs Press, A lengthy description of the Five Animal Frolics can be found on pages Qigong Healing: The Way of Qigong. By Kenneth S.

By Deng Ming-Dao. Harper San Francisco, Index, bibliography, pages.

5 Animal Qigong

An instructional videotape, 41 minutes. Shapeshifters and Shapeshifting Shapeshifting in Celtic Myth. By Kenneth R. By John M. Inner Traditions Intl. By Brad Steiger. Instructional videotape, 43 minutes. Foreword by Larry Dossey. New York Ballantine Books, Index, notes, appendices, pages.

One of my favorite books: comprehensive, informative, practical, and scientific. A very informative introduction to the Five Animal Frolics, and detailed descriptions of the Crane and Bear forms, with illustrations, can be found on pages What is Qigong.

Goodman, Ph. Illustrated by Gerhard Binder. A cross cultural study of the effects of body postures on altered states of consciousness. Extensive notes on the widespread instances of Bear postures, rituals and totems.

The Wonders of Qigong. Wu Qin Xi. By Hu, Yao-zhen. Ponderous and solid, sunken and stable, but with lightness concealed internally.

Its powerful flanks shake while moving and can be used to strike. Ch'i sinks to the Dan T'ien and remains in the Middle Court.


In qigong healing arts the practice of the Bear is recommended for stimulating and improving the functioning of kidneys and spleen, and for strengthening the bones. If one retraced to an older practice of the Five Animal frolics, one can still see the original lumbering Gait of a black bear frolic swaying side to side.

If Taiji Quan did evolve from the Five animal frolics then the Taiji form must contain within its structure a Bear movement.

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Such discovery re-connects me to the ancient Complete Reality Sect of Taoist Ritual and opens my eyes to the depth of Taiji practice. That the very functioning of the Taiji form is a Shamanistic journey of recreating the Heavenly drama of the Ursula Major constellation which contained the Big Dipper.

With the Great Bear Rite as part of my practice of Taiji movements, this transported my consciousness to a level that is universal. My body became part of the Cosmos. The movements took on a numinous quality. I hold up my hands Waiting for the sun to rise. In ancient China, the shaman healers wore bear masks and may have imitated the stepping of the bear in ritual dance. Slow, ponderous, but very strong, it warms the body, strengthens the spleen, and builds vitality.

The Bear's twisting waist movements massage and invigorate the kidneys. The Bear is an excellent preventive against osteoporosis, as it is known to fortify the bones.

Five animal frolics

They are found largely in northern temperate regions and are widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. Bears have a shaggy coat and a short tail and walk flat on the soles of their broad feet.

They normally have a short, thick neck, a rounded head, pointed muzzle, short ears, and small eyes. They can stand erect and have powerful limbs and long, curved claws. Bears have poor eyesight, and most have only fair hearing. Their sense of smell, however, is extremely keen. Exercising limbs, waist, trunk, and spine can increase the movement range and physical efficiency.

Exercises of the fingers and toes are particularly emphasized for improving the blood circulation to the extremities but also for stimulating the acupuncture points that can be found there. Unfortunately, Hua Tuo did not leave us any written document or the pictures of Wu Qin Xi performance, so we do not have the exact set that he invented. We now have the modified sets that are close to the postures and movements that were performed in the past, all thanks to the generations that were passing on this great Daoyin form.

One of Hua's outstanding disciples, Wu Pu, practiced the Five-Animal Frolics every day and lived for more than years.

Pdf five download frolics qigong animal

This movement serves to properly balance right and left and to redistribute and assimilate the various grain energies; it also causes the blood to circulate smoothly and prevents the arising of diseases.

The human body is like a door hinge that never comes to rest. This is why Daoists practice healing exercises. They imitate the movements of the bear, which hangs itself head down from a tree, and of the owl, which keeps turning its head in different ways. They stretch and bend the waist, and move all the joints and muscles of their bodies in order to evade aging.

The five animals are tiger, deer, bear, monkey, and bird. The practice of the frolic aids the elimination of diseases and increases the functioning of the limbs and joints. Whenever a disorder is felt in the body, one of the animals should be practiced until one perspires freely. When perspiration is strong, one should cover the affected parts of the body with powder. In due course, the body becomes lighter and more comfortable, and a healthy appetite will return.

Every animal is actually connected to the single element [Table 1] , which should correspond to the Wu Xing Five Element Theory circle movement. Why is that so?