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Called (a tad unoriginally) eyerobics, it involves learning to relax the muscles around the eyes, improving circulation and altering the eye's. Marilyn Roy developed the EyeRobics system after successfully correcting her own deteriorating eyesight at age This eyefitness manual shows us that the. EyeRobics is an exciting new approach to eye fitness extending today's heightened interest in general fitness and healthy life styles. The techniques are based.

Taber is a pioneer in the natural vision field. She wore glasses for ten years before learning the Dr. Bates Method. She has dedicated her life to assisting others to learn how they too can achieve normal vision. Because of this she has developed the Eye-Robics home program in order for many more people to experience what she has, normal vision.

For completing a pass in field hockey, it is often very helpful having a good peripheral vision to increase the possibility of identifying an unmarked teammate. With regard to choice reaction time, there are only very few sports that do not depend on choice reaction time. Choice reaction time is a measure of the time from the arrival of a suddenly presented stimulus visual reaction time until the beginning of the actual action motor response. Therefore, one needs to examine how long it takes the brain to recognize a visual stimulus and how long it takes the respective part of the body to adequately respond to this stimulus.

Most sports depend on an excellent eye-hand or eye-foot coordination which in turn is directly linked to the speed of visual reaction and motor response. The capability of becoming aware of a movement or a situation a split second faster than an opponent is important in ball sports as well as many other sports as it may offer athletes the decisive advantage. Or think of a goalkeeper in field hockey in a penalty corner situation.

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The opponent striker has a very close distance to the goal and so the goal-keeper needs a great reaction time to save the shot. In sports, a crucial factor is that the athlete has to capture complex game situations as well as movements of objects, teammates and opponents while being in motion himself - often under extreme time pressure.

One parameter to quantify and evaluate the performance of motion vision is called dynamic visual acuity. Previous research Several intervention studies using generalized visual training programs have been conducted in the sports domain.

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Presently the evidence concerning their effectiveness is mixed although, the majority of studies suggest no beneficial effect of generalized visual training programs see for a review, Abernathy, Nevertheless, we argue that this might be due to specific interventions chosen in the respective studies or the impact of modifiable factors. Harper et al. They did not find significant differences in the shooting performance and the visual parameters between the intervention group and the control group.

The battery of tests consisted of general vision and sport-specific motor and perceptual tests.

Ebook eyerobics

The subjects in the visual training group, who had no specific competitive experience in any of the racquet sports of tennis, squash or badminton, did not improve their motor performance and were also not able to translate it into enhanced performance on any of the sport-specific perceptual measurements known to be directly linked to expert sports performance.

The study design consisted of two experimental groups with one group using the sports vision program of eye exercises for athletes from Revien and Gabor, and the another group training with the eyerobics video-based training program from Revien, On the other hand, other research groups reported benefits from generalized visual training programs. Calder, revealed that elite female field hockey players improved their performance during four weeks in 16 of 22 field-hockey skills when they received a visual awareness program took part one hour, three times a week on top of the visual skills about ten minutes, five days a week and normal training.

Quevedo et al. This training program took part once a week for 50 minutes. The control group improved as well, but not with reference in the visual acuity. Another study from Maman et al. The study concluded that the visual training program leads to an enhancement of the basic visual skills and that this improvement is transferable into sport-specific performance. Campher, showed that a visual skill training program is beneficial to cricket performance, because more than half of the variables improved over eight weeks with a training session once a week for 60 minutes.

This means that the cricket players showed significant improvements in, for example, peripheral vision, ball skills, concentration, focus flexibility and coordination.

Seeing Without Glasses : A Step-by-Step Approach to Improving Eyesight Naturally

This study used the sports vision dynamics method Bressan, which includes sports optometry, coaching, biomechanics, motor control and psychology of perception. Studies also demonstrated that superior visual skills are closely related to superior performance, such as the identification of pitches in baseball Reichow et al. From a methodological viewpoint, the presented studies reveal the use of particularly different designs with regards to the weekly frequency of training and the total duration of the intervention program.

In addition, none of the studies contained either a retention or transfer test. A retention test can provide more detailed conclusions about the performance and, accordingly, to the learning progress after a sports vision training program.

Ebook eyerobics

That means that when using a vision training intervention, short-term developments in performance may occur that should not be confused with increases in learning.

A principal aim of the present study was to further improve on previous research by a a newly created complex intervention training basic perceptual skills, b a more intensive and demanding training program six weeks lasting intervention with three sessions at 45 minutes per week , c a retention task, d comparing randomized groups selected randomly from the same sample, and e using an additional transfer test.

Ebook eyerobics

For an exploratory purpose we conducted a transfer task multiple object tracking task. They had practiced the sport for an average of 6. Taber is a pioneer in the natural vision field.

She wore glasses for ten years before learning the Dr.


Bates Method. She has dedicated her life to assisting others to learn how they too can achieve normal vision. Because of this she has developed the Eye-Robics home program in order for many more people to experience what she has, normal vision. The program works with all vision problems. There is a training manual to follow as well. Taber offers support for those who use her program.

Jerriann Taber Ph.D.

The program is like Dr. Taber coming into your home and teaching you step by step the process for self mastery for restoring your vision and attaining healthy eyes again. She has also developed a healing method that was inspired out of the need to assist others with their emotions. Taber has personally done a lot of self study work and deep emotional work on herself. She realized that most people do not do deep emotional work.