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FOUR DAYS BEFORE ELVIS PRESLEY'S death, a paperback book appeared with this questioning title: Elvis What Happened? The book is an. Elvis and Me: The True Story of the Love Between Priscilla Presley and the King . Also, this book being reviewed 'Elvis what Happened' gives an insiders' look. This is the other side of Elvis -- according to the three men who lived with him Also, this book being reviewed 'Elvis what Happened' gives an insiders' look but .

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Following their firing, the three men decided to write a tell-all book about the life of Presley. According to their own accounts, the. Was very well packed and am pleased with this book. Already read it several times from library, but wanted it to add to my Elvis collection. Sad book, but nothing. download Elvis - What Happened? Reissue by Red West, Steve Dunleavy (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

When I read the book as a teen, I didn't really fall in love with Elvis -- that was a done deal. Every loser teen should have a friend like Red West. And every superstar should have security men like these. I think what got to me even then was the "voice" of these The night Red West would like to forget. I think what got to me even then was the "voice" of these tough Southern men -- compassionate, but never sentimental, macho, but never bullying. All of the book sounds like actual conversation, spoken in a tough redneck bar over cold beers long after midnight. And right away, man, Elvis is in his face, saying he served his country and he voted for Nixon.

And we did the same thing. It was because of the uppers. Do you believe that Elvis died of natural causes, or do you believe that he died of a drug overdose? Sonny, there were reports that not only was he pretty heavily into cocaine and Quaaludes, but he was also on some of the harder stuff.

I think it might have frightened him. In the movies he noticed himself on the screen talking so fast that he felt he needed to counteract it. He started experimenting with things to get him up and things to keep him there.

I think he was inhibited by the camera. He could get in front of a live audience and, man, everything came out of him. But the impersonality of a camera….

Book elvis what happened

He was basically shy and I think he started taking these to give him confidence. Did he ever have illegal drugs or were they all prescription drugs? Then he asked the guys about the stuff and they finally admitted that they had been frightened by Red. Elvis called Red and Joe Esposito into a bedroom at a hotel on tour, and he told them that there would be no more bullying tactics, no scare tactics.

Elvis : What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy (1977, Paperback)

We used to take things that came to him and break them down, change what was in the pain pills. That is why I can say it was all prescription stuff — except for the cocaine. Were there three or four doctors that would be giving him the same prescription…? Yes sir, that is very possible. The person who put the book together, Dunleavy, said this morning that Elvis was like a walking medicine chest. Is that fair?

He had his sleeping pills and his downers, he took coke for the time he was onstage to perform, but then immediately afterward he went to the hotel room. Man, you gotta picture this guy for two weeks at a time only going from the plane to the hotel to the show. Then he would take something so he could go to sleep. He loved it. Dave, are you in agreement? DAVE: Yeah.

Did you see all this yourself?

Elvis : What Happened? by Steve Dunleavy (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay

We lived with the man, you know? We loved him, we cared for him and I think it was reciprocal. The book very clearly demonstrates that we had nothing but total respect for the man.

We tried to portray that in the book, we tried to be totally honest about it because we wanted to show the total picture. Our thoughts were all positive.

Elvis Presley: Broken Heart for Sale

We wanted him to be Elvis Presley, the King. DAVE: How can you? He hired you to protect him.

DAVE: Of course, protect him. How do you protect a man from himself? Was Elvis happy when you left him? Was he a happy person? I think in many ways Elvis was a tormented man. He did it in when he was overweight. He was gonna do a satellite show - 25 countries, a billion people - he went on a diet, he got down to about pounds, the best I had seen him look in several years, and he put on a dynamite show, and then he went right back to what he was doing before. He just didn't care. He loved performing, but all the time he wasn't on stage for that hour, I guess the man was just bored and trying to find different things to do.

Elvis Presley: Broken Heart for Sale

He would get toys or things, like three-wheelers, and ride them around Memphis, just for an hour or so, just to get out. I mean the man was limited, he could be in the middle of a crowd and he could be lonely. He was one of the loneliest men I've ever, ever seen in my life. We tried to be with him and protect him and keep him happy as best we could.

I swear to God we did, man'. After Elvis' death in , Sonny and his wife, Judy, raised, bred and showed Arabian Horses until They also owned and operated a Western Costume Jewelry line. A promoter he had met during his years with Elvis hired him to take charge of security for a tour he was promoting called the 'Salem Country Gold Tour '82', starring the country group, Alabama, Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee and Juice Newton.

Sonny was also in charge of hotel arrangements and transportation for the tour. Over the next several years, Sonny learned the talent booking business from the promoter for whom he was working, booking top talent into all size venues and booking for Special Events. Sonny was also a Co-Producer on several music videos. Sonny loved to share his stories about his life with Elvis with fans around the world and filmed a DVD called 'Up Close and Personal' of his live performance.

Well, after about ten minutes, thank God, the damn thing dissipated a little. I mean, if you watch a single cloud anyway after ten minutes, it will move or dissipate to some degree. I saved the day by noticing it first, and, because I didn't want to die of dehydration, I said, 'Gee, Elvis, you're right.

Look, it's moving away,' That was just the right thing to say. Old Elvis gave me one of those sly little smiles that told me he had done it again. Then we drive off. Poor Elvis. This book tells story after story of Elvis displaying the patience of a two year old and the beliefs of a crazy person.

And his so called "friends" encouraged him every step of the way. It is an intriguing look into a side of Elvis that very few people were privy to. It is also the most disgusting display of "yes men" and hangers on I have ever read. My one consolation is that I downloadd this from a used book store, and these men did not receive my money.

They say this book was intended to be a way of reaching out to Elvis, a way of letting him know his behavior was out of control. Was it?

What book elvis happened

Big surprise Elvis was reported to be hurt, saddened and betrayed. Elvis: What Happened? Although Dave Hebler appears to be more star struck when he talks kindly of The King, the West cousins insist they truly do care about Elvis and hoped he would turn his life around.

Elvis: That's the Way It Is , despite being the best documentary evah, always makes me a little sad. Whenever Elvis cracks a joke, he very quickly looks around the room to make sure every one of his boys is laughing with him.

And of course they are. What a shame that a man with so much talent was coddled and spoiled to point that he became delusional, isolated and so unhealthy that he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of forty-two.

Perhaps his life would have taken that turn anyway?

What happened book elvis

But somehow, for these men to say they cared about Elvis This book was at times sad, at times disgusting, yet always fascinating. Let me end this review on a high note.

Happened elvis book what

Elvis had a number of hobbies and interests, one of which was collecting law enforcement badges. At a Hollywood party, Elvis discovered that an unnamed celebrity was an undercover agent for the Federal Narcotics Bureau. When Elvis saw the badge, he decided he needed to have one and set up an appointment with John Finlator, then the Deputy Narcotics Director. Finlator met with Elvis, and offered to give him an honorary badge but Elvis wouldn't take it, he wanted the real thing.

Elvis insisted that he wanted to help in the fight to keep people off drugs, and even offered money. Finlator stood firm, and would not give Elvis a real badge. Undaunted, Elvis left and hired a chauffeured limousine to drive him to the White House. Although this was spur of the moment, and he didn't have an appointment to see the President, Elvis charmed his way into the oval office.