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(Svenska)Självständigt arbete på grundnivå (kandidatexamen), 10 poäng / 15 hpStudentuppsats (Examensarbete). texts from the German and Scandinavian tradition: Hjalmar Söderberg's Doktor Glas (),. Arthur Schnitzler's Flucht in die Finsternis (Flight into Darkness. Doctor Glas book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Stark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in.

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Förord till den elektroniska utgåvan. Utkom första gången Elektronisk utgåva av Lars Aronsson i augusti Läs även Oscar Levertins recension av . Doctor Glas, an epistolary novel by Hjalmar Söderberg, tells the story of a physician in Original title, Doktor Glas. Translator, Paul Britten Austin. Country, Sweden. Language, Swedish. Genre, Romance, Thriller. Publisher, Little, Brown and Co., Download Doktor, Download Doktor, Read Doktor Glas, Books Doktor Doktor Glas, Read ebook Doktor, Doktor epub, Doktor Glas epub.

The womens social movements for emancipation and equality within marriage created both freedom and anxiety among the population. A Swedish suffragette, Ellen Key was in the forefront to form opinions that reached the population. In addition, she also became a friend to the Swedish journalist and writer Hjalmar Soderberg. In this way, Key influenced Soderbergs social knowledge and writing. Most likely she had an impact on his novel Doctor Glas, which he worked on during their long acquaintance. Moreover, several of the Nordic novelists during the period, were introduced to the writings of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Doctor Glas is modestly successful, with a good practice and some close friends. But, as he writes in closing the penultimate entry of his diary, he feels: He has clear ideas about life and needs and desires: We want to be loved; failing that, admired; failing that, feared, failing that, hated and despised.

Pdf doktor glas

At all costs we want to stir up some sort of feeling in others. Our soul abhors a vacuum.

Pdf doktor glas

At all costs it longs for contact. Love passed Dr. Glas by. His one brush with it ended in tragedy. His professional success hardly makes up for this: His frustration is compounded by a society he sees as rotten to the core -- and his limited ability to affect any sort of change, to act.

Glas is often approached by women asking for abortions, a situation that always angers him -- even more so when he is then confronted by the consequences.

The focus of the novel, however, is on a different if related problem: But it would only be an excuse, a lie. She can no longer bear the act -- but just with him. Helga Gregorius is, as she admits to Glas, in fact having an affair. Glas is easily swayed in support of the wife who doesn't want to fulfil her marital obligations, but his efforts at intervening -- at least at first -- meet with only modest success.

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The lustful reverend likes to get his way. Glas also ruminates on life and love in his journal, and mentions other events and conversations. Not only does the abortion debate get covered, but Glas also has some firm opinions about euthanasia: The day will come, must come, when the right to die is recognised as far more important and inalienable a human right than the right to drop a voting ticket into a ballot box.

Doctor Glas - Hjalmar Söderberg

And when that time is ripe, every incurably sick person -- and every 'criminal' also -- shall have the right to the doctor's help, if he wishes to be set free. There's a rallying cry for euthanasiasts everywhere! Of course, Glas -- who carries around cyanide-pills he concocted, just in case Doktor Glas is fraught with morality.

The characters aren't simple, good people -- they are real people, and as such they are fairly ugly and they do ugly things.

Death and the maiden

The central puzzle is why Glas murders the priest. He chooses to ignore her, and there are more factors in play. Glas has always found sex disgusting.

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The girl he loved as a young man died in a tragic accident shortly after he kissed her for the first time. And so many of his female patients have begged him for abortions. He has consistently turned them down, but he's wondered more and more often if he's been right to do that. Somehow, sex and death have got mixed up in Glas's cold, analytical mind.

Doktor Glas

The book is the diary he starts keeping as he tries to disentangle things. He scrupulously weighs up the pros and cons of his various choices, discusses the morality of the situation, plans carefully to minimize the chance of being discovered, considers whether he's likely to suffer pangs of remorse. But after he's killed Gregorius, he still doesn't really know why he's done it.

He rereads his notes, and decides he probably did the right thing, but he's not sure.

Pdf doktor glas

All he can see is an infinite web of cause and effect stretching out into the past. He wishes he hadn't investigated it so carefully. The book, too, has its own web of causes and effects.