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The resulting film is Gasland, a visionary and sometimes darkly comic mystery and showdown, Gasland . uploads//06/ AT THE. LING Gas Land Analysis, UH Hilo. Abstract. presented in Josh Fox's documentary, Gas Land, and its .. uploads//11/ 5. Josh Fox has responded to every claim in "Debunking Gasland" put forth by here:

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Debunking GasLand. Josh Fox makes his mainstream debut with documentary targeting natural gas – but how much of it is actually true?. Debunking Gasland, Part II. Steve. Team Lead. Three years after the release of Gasland – a film panned by independent observers as “fundamentally dishonest” . The documentary "Gasland" brought the term "hydraulic fracturing" a seven- page rebuttal to the film, called "Debunking Gasland". But Fox responded with his own detailed defense of the movie "Affirming Gasland (pdf).".

The documentary "Gasland" brought the term "hydraulic fracturing" into the nation's living rooms. With its sharp and sustained criticism of gas drilling, it highlighted the growing debate that has come with a boom in the country's domestic energy production. And it's been nominated for an Oscar. After a gas company offers to lease the land for drilling, he takes off in a beat-up Toyota to interview people harmed by gas drilling. The oil and gas industry has not been as supportive as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Dear audience, press, and peers:. Charles Robert Redford, Jr. Read the Gasland Part II full movie script online. At United Explanations we are passionate about documentaries, and as far as we can tell, so are our readers. Free movie scripts online for reading and downloading. Josh Fox' s Gasland and activities surrounding it.

The movie making is good,. JULY Affirming Gasland A de- debunking document in response to specious and misleading gas industry claims against the film. The flaming faucets documented in Gasland are the product of natural gas migration into water supplies in most cases due to fracking right next door. A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life- changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.

Idaho gave away the State to the gas companies in the form of legislation in favor of the gas companies. FilmJabber is your source for film and movies.

Gasland pdf debunking

Visit energyindepth. Movie Scripts starting with G. Gasland Part II, scheduled to air on HBO on 8 July, aims to expose the money and political power driving the rush to gas — although it does. Our backyards and how communities loose their way in gasland and are. E- mail the Gasland trailer to 10 friends along with this action list. This is a movie where the trailer.

Buy Movie; Screenings. There' s been similar concerns in the US, which were recently documented in the prize- winning film Gasland,. No quotes approved yet for GasLand.

Pages with script errors; Pages with broken file. Three years after the release of Gasland. Script gasland hello and welcome.

US doco sparks gas debate. Gasland Trailer Transcript. Played by Julia Roberts in the movie. At the start of the documentary, we' re in the. A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a.

Not Evil Just Wrong - the true cost of global warming hysteria. Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows.

Joint Landowners Coalition Of NY Inc. - Gasland the Movie

The document presented in Gasland was a draft of a lease that. Anti- fracking movement with his incendiary documentary " Gasland. Examine the information that a movie,. There are no authors named on the document " Debunking GasLand, " but you can learn a bit about who they are here. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing GasLand near you. The only reason we know anything about the fracking chemicals is because of the work of Theo Colborn For example, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has a list pdf of some of the chemicals used on its website.

But the information wasn't as readily available in when Theo Colborn started researching the chemicals pdf being injected into wells in western Colorado where she lives. As for chasing down trucks, the website for her group, the Endocrine Disruptor Exchange, states that to research the ingredients used in gas drilling, the group has sifted through numerous sources of information, including accident and spill reports.

In , EPA had published a draft of its fracturing study that listed fracturing fluid ingredients gathered from material safety data sheets and the Bureau of Land Management.

Affirming Gasland

Little-known at the time, it listed ingredients such as benzene, 2-butoxyethanol "2-Be" and diesel fuel. It also noted that early fracturing technology involved injection of napalm. Pennsylvania's DEP released its list of chemicals in March It was updated and posted to the agency's website in June New York's Department of Environmental Conservation published a more detailed list in a study pdf page Energy In Depth cites its source as information gathered in Some state government lists lack important information or give vague names for potentially hazardous chemicals Greenwire , June 21, The most complete public disclosure is in Wyoming, where the state's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission began last year to demand that drillers disclose each chemical that they are putting in each well Greenwire , Dec.

Even there, though, the state allows companies to withhold the name of some chemicals, if they can prove that the information constitutes a "trade secret. The fracking itself is like a mini-earthquake. In order to frack, you need some fracking fluid -- a mix of over chemicals. That might be the size of the smorgasbord that drillers can choose from. But in any given "frack job," the figure is more like a dozen. A quick review of the detailed disclosures being filed in Wyoming shows a range of between eight and 14 different chemicals mixed with water and sand for each "frack job.

Fracturing companies spend a lot of time and money on that small fraction. The chemicals involved can be as mundane as ice cream thickener and as toxic as benzene. Many of those toxins are harmful in tiny quantities. As for whether fracturing creates a "mini-earthquake," Anne Sheehan, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Colorado, said, "I don't think that's really exaggerating.

In , a geothermal project in Switzerland was shut down when a study found earthquakes generated by the project would likely cause millions of dollars in damage each year. The deep underground injection of drilling waste causes more seismic activity, Sheehan said. Some are looking at underground injection as they search for the cause of an earthquake "swarm" in Arkansas, which has unnerved residents but caused little damage.

In reality, the fractures created by the procedure and kept open by the introduction of proppants such as sand are typically less than a millimeter thick. Fox's animation of fracturing differs from this industry-sponsored video. This depiction on the "Gasland" website is more dramatic than the graphic in the film.

It shows fractures reaching up to the water table, though the text below says that they are separated by about 7, feet. It also states that water problems typically stem from poor cement well casings, which is different from fracturing. It is difficult to replicate his exact figure from the information, but it is squarely within the range.

That study estimated that the number of truckloads to construct a well pad and fracture one well is between and 1, truckloads. The average of those figures is 1, The Energy In Depth critique mocked the idea that every "frack job" would take the same number of trips.

Fox says that he averaged the figures.

Gasland pdf debunking

For one well pad with eight wells drilled on it, the New York study estimated between 5, and 8, truckloads, for an average of 7, The Marcellus Shale Coalition's website, says each frack job involves "an average of trucks coming and going" to the site.

It does not list a specific number of truck trips. Fox cites these truck-trip figures in the midst of his segment on drilling in western Wyoming, not Pennsylvania or New York. The Bureau of Land Management's environmental studies for that area estimated that building a multi-well well pad, drilling the first well and "fracking" it would require 2, truck trips. That assumed it would take 45 or more days to drill a well. Companies are now getting them done in fewer than 20 days. But not all states have such rules.

ProPublica, a news organization that has run a series of articles sharply critical of drilling, analyzed a report pdf on pit liners that is frequently cited by industry. It found that while 23 states require pits to be lined with natural or artificial liners to keep fluids from seeping directly into the ground, at least four states do not.

ProPublica also noted that 17 states do not require that pits be kept at a distance from streams and rivers and that 17 states do not explicitly forbid pits from intersecting the underground water table. And fewer than half of the states surveyed have a specific cleanup standard when waste fluids or pits do spill. And yeah, each of these species is endangered and has suffered a significant decline of their populations since And the sage grouse in that area do not migrate.

The sage grouse, hard hit by oil and gas development, is on the decline. Subdivisions and wind power turbines are also a problem. Last year, federal officials determined sage grouse met the qualifications for protection under the Endangered Species Act. But they said there were too many other species that were in more dire straits and too few resources to protect them.

The Fish and Wildlife Service deemed sage grouse "warranted but precluded" rather than threatened or endangered. The number of deer in the Sublette County mule deer herd has declined 7 percent since , according to BLM. But on the Mesa where drilling rigs mingle with prime wintering habitat for deer, the number of deer rebounded 25 percent since after several years of decline.

BLM officials note that there are other factors affecting deer in the area, including drought and residential development. The pronghorn population has increased, according to BLM. But a panel rejected the inquiry, stating that although hazardous materials were being injected underground, EPA did not need to investigate. Researchers not enforcement personnel were looking into whether drillers contaminate groundwater when they inject hydraulic fracturing fluid into underground sources of drinking water.

The study did not cover all types of drilling, only production of methane gas from coal beds. EPA's Office of Water, not a panel, determined not to pursue further study.

Pdf debunking gasland

Bush appointee. The EPA study determined that fracturing may release potentially hazardous chemicals into sources of drinking water but said there was no reason to study it further. The study determined that fracturing posed "little or no threat" because the water is sucked back up out of the ground and the hazardous chemicals would likely be diluted or biodegrade on their own. It gained inspectors and permit staff after increasing fees for the processing of Marcellus drilling permits.

The cut was to the state-funded portion of the DEP budget, said Jan Jarrett, president and CEO of PennFuture, a state-focused environmental group, but the agency gets money from other places such as federal grants and user fees.

The " staff" figure seems to correlate to the number of statewide positions lost. The agency hired 37 new employees in and announced in January that it would begin hiring 68 new people.

Fox has noted that the film was completed shortly before the 68 new positions were announced. EPA and state regulators have pointed the blame for the September at coal mine drainage, not wastewater from drill sites.

Groundtruthing Academy Award Nominee 'Gasland'

EPA's preliminary report in December said a bloom of toxic algae wiped out almost all fish, mussels, salamanders and aquatic life along 43 miles of the creek that snakes back and forth along the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border. The salty conditions that allowed the algae, EPA reported, were tied to mine treatment discharges high in "total dissolved solids. EPA said it was working to develop standards to protect aquatic life from mine wastes.

It said officials hoped the standard could be expanded to cover Marcellus Shale drilling wastes and coalbed methane wastes. I smell hair. He had just cupped a lighter to his kitchen faucet. As water started to dribble out flames shot out of the faucet and filled his sink with flame. It's one of the most dramatic moments in "Gasland. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission told pdf Markham, "There are no indications of oil and gas related impacts to your water well.

But she doesn't accept it. She tells Fox that state officials told her, "There's nothing wrong with the water that can be affected by oil and gas production in your area. I mean, obviously, we have a problem here. The Ellsworths settled with a gas company and Colorado officials replugged a year-old well located near their well that the agency considered pdf to be a possible source of or conduit for migration of gas from drilling. Fox has said that because of the settlement with the gas company the Ellsworths are now prohibited from discussing the situation.

Dissatisfaction with state-level regulation is common among critics of drilling, who want to see more U. EPA regulation. Methane is not harmful in drinking water. But in a confined space it can accumulate and explode.