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Death Note is a Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The story follows Light Yagami, a teen genius who stumbles across a mysterious otherworldly notebook: the "Death Note", which belonged to the demonic Shinigami Ryuk. A Death Note is a supernatural notebook used by the Shinigami to sustain their life, as well as a principal figure in the Death Note series. While appearing as. MANSHU Death Note Light Notebook with Ball Pen Kira Cosplay with Feather Pen: Other Products: Office Products.

Includes instructions in the book on how to 'kill' people. The perfect back-to-school gift or for cosplay! Measurement is 8. Slivery 'Death Note' logo embossed on the cover. Review by Ashley My Death Note came yesterday and I was overally impressed with it, but when I wanted to download it and was reading other people's reviews; I didn't get all of the information I wanted to know. So I will now post everything that I wanted to know when downloading one, just incase anyone else is in the same circumstance I was in. The book cover is a thin rubber covering with the words "Death Note" emblazoned onto the front of it.

A middle school student carrying both the first two volumes of the manga as well as their own Death Note was caught in In January , a middle school in Kentucky had a Death Note scare when a parent found a note with the name of their son and some of his fellow students, as well as one faculty member.

In a very tragic case from , a Russian teenager committed suicide when she leapt off her apartment building from the 13th floor. After the incident, parents tried to get a national ban on Death Note , even pleading to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

Note book death

No ban was ever placed. A dismembered corpse was found in a park by two pedestrians. The case went unsolved until , when Belgian police arrested four men suspected of the crime. Two of them eventually confessed, and are now serving a year sentence.

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But why the reference to Kira? In short, the suspects simply said they were fans. Entertainment Death Note Share Subscribe.


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Death Note Notebook

In those earlier incarnations it made sense that a teen with supernatural murder-ability would want to style himself with the name "Kira," which is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the English killer. But once the book changes hands to some white kid in Seattle, and that kid is using "Kira" just to throw the feds off his scent, that's little more than an "intentional misdirection" aimed at fans of the original Death Note.

Note book death

Is director Adam Wingard's take on the series the latest example of "whitewashing," that dreaded entertainment industry crime? For a storyline centered around the idea that people can die as soon as their names and faces are known to the public, trotting out those same names, now attached to American faces, probably wasn't the best move.

10 Times Teens With Death Notes Scared the Hell out of Adults

The antihero who gains possession of the deadly notebook is still named Light, his investigator rival still goes by the alias "L," and the spiny-headed trickster deity who pulls all the strings remains Ryuk now completely divorced from his origins as a Shinigami, an ancient Japanese god of death. But hey, Japanese audiences reportedly weren't terribly put out by the Scarlett Johansson-led Ghost in the Shell, and good things can still come from cultural transplants see: The Departed.

So don't let the ickiness of this new Death Note distract from its true identity as a sloppy gutter thriller that makes less sense because it's been divorced from its origin.

Note book death

The movie is a bored demon who bores his audience right along with him. Wingard has a strong reputation in horror circles for his inventive genre spins You're Next and The Guest. Then last year he directed Blair Witch, another meek franchise reboot he seems to be carving a niche for himself, since his upcoming slate includes a new take on South Korean thriller I Saw the Devil and another Godzilla movie.

Perhaps wary of the criticisms they'd be facing here, Wingard and his three screenwriters open their Death Note with visions of an American high school: football, cheerleaders, bullies who grab at backpacks.

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The new Light is a frosted-tipped goth played by Nat Wolff Paper Towns , an actor whose demeanor is a bit too goofy-goober to sell the character's underlying darkness. The lethal notebook falls to Light out of the sky, along with some convenient instructions: write down the name of a person and think of their face to kill them. Throw in a creative cause of death for good measure —will it be a Final Destination-style chain reaction or a reprise of The Happening's awkward suicides?