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This page aims to document which existing ebook readers could nonfree firmware (else the peripheral will be disabled in hardware); e-paper display .. Coolreaders Cool-er; DittoBook DittoBook; Elonex eb; Explay TXT. A list of ebook readers from smaller companies in varied markets, and ereaders still as the HanLin models, but with different variations of firmware installed. Cool-er has their own online store with about , ebooks, but check the. In effect, Adobe is killing eBooks and e-readers. never going to receive the firmware update to read protected ePub or PDF Files. the Entourage Edge, Cool-ER Reader and others, whose companies have gone bankrupt.

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Hello there I am new here and My coll-er has frozen. I have tried to re-install the firmware with the battery in and with it out. The computer wont. Cool-ER Firmware. codeMonkey , AM. Since the CoolReaders site has gone down, I've uploaded a copy of the latest Cool-ER firmware to. Cool-er ebook reader manual - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Insert firmware loaded SD card into slot on via USB cable.

Free eBooks More eBook Readers There are a growing number of regional ebook readers from smaller companies on the market. Some are only available in certain countries and most are similar versions of other ereaders in different markets. Some of these lesser-known devices provide consumers with more options, and open up the potential and competition for advanced technology and more quality reading devices to choose from in the near future. Like the BeBook, they have the same hardware as the HanLin models, but with different variations of firmware installed. It offers a text-to-speech feature, weighs 6 ounces, and comes in six different colors.

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The Bloodline Feud by Charles Stross. Scott Reply February 1, at 4: David Reply February 1, at 6: I posted some side by side pics of the old and new software on this post at XDA. Nathan Reply February 1, at David Reply February 11, at 7: Yu Reply March 13, at David Reply May 1, at 6: Here is a link to the method I used: Michael Demers Reply April 29, at 5: I lost access to books I downloadd on my Nook Glowlight Plus after the latest software update.

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You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource. The chips could be disabled by soldering some of their pins or by removing them with a hot air gun. This requirements can be lifted on devices with the following System On a Chip, if they were made before July NXP I.

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Easily available new and second hand. Battery being new or still in good conditions. Creating a specific distribution for such devices would require someone to maintain it. This enables to use most of the Android applications and alleviate the need for custom software that works with buttons only.

Requires cross compilation: Once Sony switches over to the new form of encryption, unless the Jetbook Lite firmware is updated to support it, they wont be able to read the new books. Thinking of signing up for the adobe Creative Cloud? Some of these horror stories might change your mind. I think the shock is because this was a rapid, unilateral decision by Adobe. However the Adobe DRM is part of the infrastructure that ebook companies and customers rely upon.

And books are far more than just another commodity like Twinkies or carburetors. They are integral to our culture and people have strong feelings about them.

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The ebook market relies on trust. We trust that the e-books we download today will be easily accessible five years from now. Shameer, you talk about downloading with a reader. What about downloading on the computer per ADE?

I wonder how long it will take for a workaround to strip the DRM will be found. This article finally made me pay attention and looked into getting rid of the DRM on the books I already bought.

Even without this new ultra powerful encryption adobe DRM and site for that matter is incredibly restrictive. Imagine if you bought a car and only the manufacturer was allowed the fix it and they charge you three times the price of the mechanic you prefer to go to or you download a telly and the store tells you can only use it for the streaming service they provide put you wanna use it to watch a movie by one of there competitors.

I hope authors and publishers start to see that this will eventually bite them in the ass.

Firmware cool-er ebook

So I have to find work arounds for those obstacles too. On 4 Feb same day this post wend live Adobe announced that they are delaying the implementation of program discusssed.


The only online req is hard to implement since it is not always possible to be within the telecomms range. The new drm will be hacked. The only way to keep the drm working is to tie a book to a store profile, i.

DRM protected despite what they say — than I have spent time actually enjoying reading. Thanks for destroying one of the great little joys of life you losers.

And who the hell do you think you are that you can dictate what devices we can read on??? Quick Shipping on all Orders. Call or SMS We Accept PayPal and Stripe. You are here: Michael Kozlowski. Share Reddit