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Benko is to accept the gambit – the main line of this book. I this line I suggest. 6 Bg7 instead of 6 Ba6, an idea which I came while analysing the opening with. Donor: bostonpubliclibrary. Edition: 1st Collier Books ed. External-identifier: urn: acs6:benkogambitaccep00gufe:pdf:eec1b3c7-eebf-4f5b-a Mastering the Modern Benoni and the Benko Gambit - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. chess.

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7 Ignorance is Bliss: 4 Мf3, 4 Лc2, 4 Мd2 and 4 Нg5. 8 The Outsiders: 4 f3, 4 a4, 4 b3 and 4 e4. 9 Dйjа Vu: Benko Gambit Motifs in Other Openings. Benko Structures. În the Benko Gambit there is no pawn structure more common than the classical structure: Black's ideal development. II. Black is usually. This structure is the most important structure you will face when you are playing the Benko. Gambit. Whether a bishop or a king is on g2. (after e4, ¥xf1, ¢xf1 and.

By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practising of vital skills just as much as the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge. The Benko Gambit is a popular choice for those who like to seize the initiative as Black. For the price of a pawn, Black gets tremendous queenside pressure and puts White on the defensive early in the game.

Qa5 Bb6 Qa6 Rxd5 the rook can't be taken, otherwise a white knight will make it to c7 I certainly considered the move, but I had to admit to myself that I couldn't remember any further, so I tried to look at the position completely afresh.

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This led to me playing the rather bizarre novelty White gets some okay compensation, but not enough. Play continued Bxb5 Nfd5 Perhaps stronger would have been Ne4 Nxd5 Nxd5 Qxa2!

Qd4 reaching this bizarre position: click for larger view Both sides are well behind in kingside development and have exposed kings, but it turns out white's is in more danger, and I should have been beaten fairly quickly from here. In the end I was lucky to struggle into an ending down a piece, but with an extra pawn and an initiative, and the game was eventually drawn.

Moral: A rook sacrifice as a novelty should usually be avoided! I think there are some good ideas behind this opening in theory but often I don't get the best reults with it in practice. This line is not a frequent guest in top level tournaments.

Modern Benoni

Black has numerous replies and we will examine them one after another, starting from minor lines. By exchanging the b4-pawn, White not only eliminates Black's space advantage on the queenside but at the same time he brings his rook into play and frees the c3-square for the knight.

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On the other hand, Black's activity on the queenside is temporary. As it becomes clear from my analysis, White manages to hold the center while Black's a6-knight remains misplaced.

The continuation Usually, in such kind of positions, Black is not advised to go for b7-b5 before completing the development. That is why one of our main ideas would be to attack Black's overextended queenside by playing a2-a4, provoking the b5-b4 advance.

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Later on, White could transfer his b1-knight to the weakened c4-square. According to my analysis, White gets an advantage in all the lines. My examination confirms this evaluation. At this point, I provide the reader with a choice.

The Modern Benoni And The Benko Gambit by Robert Bellin - Free PDF books - Bookyards

Bxc4 exd5 7. I am convinced that with a precise play, White maintains a slight edge. Despite the fact that the arising positions are extremely complicated, Black's play is much more difficult.

That is why he should know very well what he is doing. Bxc4 g6 7. Nf3 Bg7 8.

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My conclusion is that White's chances are slightly preferable.