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Read "Arranged" by Katy Wong available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. ason Cohen was like the guy from typical books;. Read “Arranged”, by Katy Wong online on Bookmate – Jason Cohen was like the guy from typical books; rich, popular, sexy – the 'it' guy, but as the girl he had. Katy Wong Arranged - Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. ason Cohen was like the guy from typical books; rich, popular, sexy .

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Vanessa Halt didn't know that everything was arranged ever since she was born. They didn't tell her, until now, when the strangers came into. The Night of Engagement; Getting It Back; Full Moon; 4 Day Trip; First Kiss Of the Year; Imprint. 14 Pixel. Home Katy Wong Arranged · Close book. Content. Arranged book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Jason Cohen was like the guy from typical books; rich, popular, sexy - the.

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In 38 of these publications ie, two—thirds , the contribution of the students was substantial enough to justify lead authorship. Based on these research results, our students took part in 12 international conferences in global health, where they made 34 oral presentations.

These meetings were typically organized by the World Health Organization, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or other leading global health institutions. Six students took part in these internships to date. A complete lists of activities and students is presented in the following sections. SSC2, SSC4 or BMedSci student projects published or accepted for publication — Table 1 presents a complete list of student publications, to the best of our knowledge and memory.

The name of the contributing student is underlined in each publication. What are the clinical indicators of PCP? Is caffeine useful in the prevention of apnoea of prematurity? She was force to marry to this unbelievable handsome guy. Hating him at first, but as time pass, she got to know him and his family better.

Shockingly, she found herself falling for him, hard on him. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews.

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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 11, Aya Hamza rated it really liked it. Nice one: Amazingly expressed how Vanessa fell in love with Jason! Jason had a really good character, I felt bad at first that Vanessa didn't love him although he tried his best to make her happy. The moment Vanessa threw the ring from the window, I wished I could slap her! She hurted Jason so much.

The 4-day trip Jason arranged for her birthday made me wish I were Vanessa: View 2 comments. Nov 07, Zimple Kabariya rated it liked it. Mar 02, Sherly Nee rated it liked it. I like this type of story but it's just too similar with Twilight story where we only switch the family of main man character to werewolf instead of vampire. It makes me keep imagining every scene in those scenes in Twilight and can even predict what's going on next. It felt like a kiddo book Trust me, it will help.

I looked at him in disblief. Should I even have trust this doctor? Is he really the best pediatrician? I have another patient waiting for me. He gets up and exists. He left the medicine on the table next to me. I have something important to say to you. You better hurry and get your things packed!! She quickly looks up and shoved the papers that she was filling out in her little brown bag that she carries everywhere.

When we stepped outside, I shield my eyes from the blazing sun. I blinked several times before my eyes adjust to the brightness. We got into the car and mom started the car. It was silent all the way from the school to our house. The atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward and tense. My mom drove around a corner and I could saw our house. It was just another ordinary house that anyone could be passing by.

But today, it was different. Outside of our house, there were 2 long limos. My mom stopped the car a few blocks away from our house. I heard my mom sigh softly before I turned to her.

Tell me now, mom! What is THIS? She paused, deciding whether she wanted to break it to me now or later. How does he know my name? I thought, crossing my arms. How about you, Mr. But there was something in her eyes that told me that something bad is about to happen.

Who is she? Is she a supermodel? I thought. I thought, staring at him for 5 more second. I can tell that his type, girls just take a look at him and they would fall for him madly. I looked at the boy again to see that his mother is whispering something in his ear. I only caught a word; love. That boy's eyes are still on me, eyeing my body like seeing if my body was a type of body that he likes.

I didn't dare to look at him and I didn't like him already. Again, I sense something between them. They have a connection. I know when she says how should I say this, honey? I looked at my father and he was rubbing the soft spot between his index finger and thumb finger. He always does that when he is nervous.

Should I say? And by the name Jason Cohen , I know exactly who he was - the super sexy guy in my living room. But I didn't look at him; I was too confused to look at him. I stared at my mom for a moment to make sure she is not joking. My mom has a funny personality, but this got to be a joke. This shouldn't be a type of thing that she should be joking about. This is so sudden and random.

What is this about? And, ummmm, you know, you were really weak, you could have passed away, but this special doctor decided to help us. Why are you telling me now?! Why didn't you explain this when I asked you about the medicine, when I was 8?! My anger was boiling in my blood and I feel like screaming any moment.

She put a hand on my shoulder. I stepped away from her hand, to let her hand fall. I should have told you, but it was only for your goods. I didn't care and it was too much. I threw the door open and ran outside. I could feel my eyes burned, not only from the sun's blazing rays. I continued running and running and running, not know where I was going, but I know I have to get away from that house.

She lied to me all along! She kept it all a secret. She did everything for me. She doesn't care about my feeling! She never cares! I thought and my tears fell one by one. I slapped his finger away. I kicked him several time and he moved every time. He eventually gave up and sat on the swing next to me. When I was starting to feel really bored, I got up and walked home.

I want to walk home, so I looked behind my shoulders and saw that he was following me. Or do you want me to spell the word alone for you. And you could at least walk on that street and still watch me. I didn't wait for him to answer and I continue to walk. I walked along the tree. I extend my hand to touch the bark of the tree. I walked all of the way home. I walked up to the house, but I stayed on the outside. I could hear their conversation.

I figure it was Jason's mom. I couldn't take it anymore, so I threw the door open and their conversation stopped. They stared at me. You want me to go. I am going to go now.

You want to focus me to do something that I never wanted. I understand mom and dad.

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Mom, you know I wanted to be a single for the rest of my life. I told you that. I have told you, why are you forcing me now? She responded, but I didn't have the heart to listen. I stomped up the stairs and into the room. I locked the door and cried in silence by the door. Someone knocked at the door and I screamed, "Go away! I don't want to see you! I don't care if it was my mom or dad, or is it the guest.

I certainly don't care if it was Jason the bastard. I grabbed my suitcase, I knew that they were still down there, I could hear they voice. I knew if I go down there again, we would have an argument again. They have planned everything out already and I bet there would not change their mind no matter what happens.

When everything was packed, I make sure the door was locked. I threw myself on the bed and fall sleep. I looked next to me and saw Jason, I sighed. I looked on my other side and nobody was there. Just me and Jason. I rolled my eyes. I slapped it away and murmured, "Whatever. You are so annoying. He turned towards me and smirked. He slowly leaned in, enough for me to smell him.

He smelled like cologne and shampoo mixed together and said "Because I like you. He leaned back and I stared at him blankly. I blinked several time to snap back to reality. His smirked grew bigger when he notices. I scowled at him. When the ride end, we got off and headed for the exist, along with Mr. A guard led us to a limo.

And I notice that we were the only ones on the plane and walking out in the airport lane. I raised my eyebrow. Or are we royalty? Or are we rich or your family is just like that? In the car, Mrs. Cohen talked about the wedding all of the way. I didn't listen most of the time. All I know is that the wedding is an early autumn wedding and it will be hold 2 week after the full moon.

The maids quickly came out and grab the luggage, ok, let's say about 9 maids. The mansion was big and beautiful, but the strange thing about the mansion was that it is next to the forest. The mansion was totally different from the forest setting. I stared at the mansion and the forest for a moment. Now you are consider one of the Cohen's! When our hands met for the first time, I slapped it away, sending him death glare.

His hand was warm, soft and welcoming, but every part of him was forbidden to me. This room is about 10 time the size of my room!! Man, how rich can they be? I shoved him weaker than I thought, because he only took one step back. I walked over to the closet and push all of his clothes to one side and grabbed my clothes and hanged everything up on the other side.

I walked over to the drawers and grabbed his things and put it in the lower two drawers. The top two drawers are for me. I put my bras, panties and swimming suits on the top drawer and the lower drawer for personal things. I told you, 'stay away from me'. And you clearly don't know the definition to that, so I decided to have a separation.

Cohen sat down. I got a closer good at him.

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He was handsome and charming. His looks reminds me of the asshole Jason - blond hair with leafy green eyes. I was planning on tell you anyways. I am planning to prescribe you a new medicine. Cohen explained. He took it and poured one out. A pill with red liquid on one side. He shook it for a moment and studied it.

Cohen said, "In the mean time, you take this pill. He hand me a bottle of pill. It was different. Instead of liquid on one end, the whole pill was silver.

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Just plain old silver. You'll understand later. We are going to have meetings if you want to. Cohen said, but I just shook my head, even though I have thousands of questions.

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Meanwhile, you take this pill, every other day for every meal. Cohen explained, still looking at the old medicine, "If you need anything or have any problem, just look for me in my laboratory. I guess I haven't done it fast enough, because Jason turned pale. But he was so much stronger than me. He quickly snatched the medicine from my hand and held it too high for me to reach. He got off of my and I tried tippy - toeing, but I still could reach the medicine.

Jason continued to hold it high up. He studied the bottle and he turned even paler. Was that my imagination??? But did his eyes turned sliver???? Like the color of the medicine??? I shook my head and ran out of the door trying to find Jason. I ran down the hall until I heard shouting. It is not too early. She has to know about it. By the high pitch voice, I know it is Mrs. Cohen exclaimed, "Listen to me! I will decide when I want to tell her and I decide when she should eat the medicine - which is today.

And I don't think it is too early. Then, the next time I know is that the door swung open and I was falling sideways. The fall seem slow, like it was on purpose for me to see everything.

And this time, I swear I am seeing what I am seeing. And this time I was believe what I saw. Jason's eyes were silver, instead of deep green and when I was fall, Jason made one swift move and he caught me with one arm. My eyes widen to stare into his eyes, but just like one swift of movement, the eyes changed back to green.

I peeled my eyes away from his 'so called green eyes' and looked at the arm that was hold me. Everything seem so slow. Everything, so slow for me to see all of the details, until I broke it. I got off of Jason's arm and straighten myself up.

I saw at him. He was holding my old medicine in my hand.

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Than I looked at him eyes again and took a step back. My mouth was dry, hard for me to speak with my voice is stuck in my throat. I continue staring at him, not saying anything. Cohen spoke, but I don't dare tear my eyes off Jason, in case I see another thing.

I stared at him. I have a feeling it has something to do with my birth and who I am.


I got a feeling they were keeping a secret from me. As much as I want to say 'yes', I said, "No. If it is something about my birth or who I am, I am going to find out. I want to know it, that's me! I just want to scream at them to tell me, because this was taking forever, until Mr. Cohen started talking, "I guess we have to tell her. Cohen said and I turned towards her, who has stayed quiet for a while.

I am feeling like I am back to being a child, believing that there was magic powers and mythical creatures in the world. Cohen continued. Ok, they are rich and everything, but they seriously having problems telling me that I am a werewolf?!

You have problems and I don't mean mental problems, but inner - self problems. I was trying to flow with this 'cool' story that I was listening to. When you were born, your power was too strong, causing your body to be tired. Your power was so strong that you couldn't control it yourself, the power was wild. You lose a lot of energy like that and you soon became weak.

You are a werewolf and we all are. Cohen said and stared at me. I stared into her eyes. And the next thing that happen, scared me so much, I nearly lost my breath. I stared into Mrs. Cohen's electrical blue eyes and it turned to silver that next second I blink. I gasped, but as fast as it came, it went away in left them a blink of an eye.

I froze; my heart was doing no good on slowing down. My heart pounded twice as loud in my ears as before. Now your power is well - control.

Cohen continued talking like she has never showed me, "The new silver pill is a pill that wakes your inner self up. I shakily got up and Jason held my arm, but I shake it to tell him to let go. I am talking to dad about this. I hate how he always touches me and I hate how he is being so kind like he don't notice my coldness.

I headed towards the bathroom, but the moment I was about to close the door, the door flew open. There was loud giggling and I was nearly knocked over. I swear this is the craziest thing that happened to me. One of the maiden stepped forward and started undressing me. The bathroom was silence and you could hear a pin drop from the basket that a maid was holding. We can't just sit around and do nothing. We get paid for this. We are your personal make - up artist, personal spa worker, make - over agent, personal cloth maker, dress preparer.

The first dinner with the king, queen and prince. We are all of them. Jason's voice echo in my head. Now I get what Jason means. I really want to find out the true and I don't want to pretend like I am listening to a fantasy story. I just want them to tell me that this whole thing is not true. We have to get you ready for the big night. Everything was set up; the bathtub was filled and full of bubbles.

The make - up was set up on the sink, the towel, bathrobe and slipper were ready. I was starting to relax, letting all of the stress out, but again, the maid came in giggling. I sighed. The maid gather around me and started there job. They were taking my hair and washing it with this green thing and rubbing it with these green leaves. Another started messaging my shoulders and putting these long, black oval stones on my shoulders.

My muscular was starting to relax a little, it was good. Than another maid, grabbed my hand and started messaging my arms, hand and finger. Another maid was messaging my feet and using these cool, ooze that makes your feet feels good. I was glad I am not ticklish there, I really like this whole thing, but I don't know their names.

I nodded. Than at the next second, they started chatting again. They act like I have never asked for their names. These girls could probably talk all day long. At some point of the conversation, I would catch a few words. Well, that is what I've heard.

She is new to the work place and he was her tour guide. That must be so romantic. I frowned, I felt like it was an insult, like they must separate human and werewolves. They also act like I am not here, even though I am not fully human. But he doesn't agree with it.

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And in the world of werewolf, it is forbidden for werewolves to marry human. Cohen could take care of everything. We have to hurry!!! The dinner is almost starting!!! We only have 1 hour and a half to get ready!!!

We have plenty of time left. I looked in the mirror. I looked different, instead of just night black hair, my hair was shiny and it looks soft. I even looked more relaxed than usual. I felt like it was magic that washed over me, making me beautiful in just a second.

I smiled at the girl in front of me. It was hard to believe that girl was me. The maid didn't even have the time for them to look at me in the mirror; they just worked and worked and worked - still talking. I didn't even listen to what they were saying this time. I was just staring at the mirror, who become more and more beautiful each second.

They helped me put on a light dress that aren't too fancy. Than they helped me put on my make - up. I really don't walk on heels. There was this one time when I was trying to walk on heel, but I end up twisting my ankle. I stared at him for a few second, before he got up and helped me to my seat. I felt weird. I felt like I don't belong here with everyone. I never felt so elegant and fancy in my life.

She snapped her finger's and all of the maidens came in with trays of food in their hand. The maiden laid the trays down and I took a good look at the food. They were beautifully arranged and my mouth watered a little. I realized how hungry I was and my memories of this afternoon were forgotten. Cohen, "You didn't even touch the food yet and 2 minutes passed. You have to eat something before eating your medicine. Cohen said and I started eating. Cohen said, "Jason's brother is coming over, 3 days from now.

His name is James. I turned at him and looked at him. He was still wake away. I bet he was always up this last at night. I really didn't mean what I said, but I didn't care. I could hear Jason undress, but I dare not to open my eyes.

But when I feel the bed sink a little, my eyes flew open. I will never fall asleep.

I never slept with someone in my life and I never will. Remember when I was younger, saying I will stay a single forever. Fine than, I am moving to another room. I grabbed a pillow when there was a knock on the door. Cohen chuckled, "Vanessa, you will get used to it.

Just sleep together for one night and I am sure you will get over it. By the them , I knew right away it was the girls. She left the room.

I grabbed my clothes that Sunny was complaining about and throw it on. The dress was hard to take off. I put the dress on the hanger and got into bed. A few minutes later, Jason lay down next to me. I moved as far as I can to get away from him. I clutched the blanket in my hand and my heart beat fast.

I didn't say anything. He silently got up and left the bed. I watched him at the corner of my eyes, as he went to the closet and grabbed another blanket and pillow out.

He went to the sofa and lay down. Then, there was a long silent. I guess he fell asleep. I couldn't sleep even when I was sleepy before. The maiden made a heavy breakfast for me, I don't even think I could finish it.

I quickly ate it anyways, shoving it in my face. The looked at me and said, "You are suppose to be sick after you eat the medicine.

It is a pill to wake your inner self up. Cohen said, "The werewolf is probably deep asleep.

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This never happen before. Cohen said and rubbed his chin. I don't think it is possible that it could happen, because it has to wake up. But in your case, the pill before the new one that I have prescribe, it for your wolf to calm down. We have to make the wolf fall asleep, because you don't know how to control it. The inner you is very wild and you can't control it.