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If You Care About Your Happiness Stop Doing These Things · Michael Thompson in P.S. I Love You · Jul 1 · 8 min read. Summary. Leo, Toni, and their children are an ordinary American family living in a suburban house. Leo met his wife when she was selling children's. These files are related to are these actual miles by raymond carver full text free. Just preview or download the desired file.

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(–). Are These Actual Miles? of the criters in this anthology, Raymond Carver is one of the very few to hate decoted himself to the art of the short story. DESCRIPTION. A short story, "Are these actual miles" by Donald McLeoniafaluigi . Recommended. 93 Million Jason MrazDocuments. In Are These Actual Miles by Raymond Carver we have the theme of appearance , infidelity, trust, consumerism, honesty and materialism.

Toni, who came into the relationship with children, and Leo, who had no children of his own, had a comfortable consumerist life that now seems to be in disrepair. Knowing that seductive tactics will yield best payment, Toni fixes herself up and goes to sell the car. The two characters successfully avoid the unwholesome possibilities this transaction will likely demand, and through the course of a single night, they must come to terms with the state of their lives. Toni confronts her ill-will toward Leo who presumably got them into the situation , and the car salesman becomes an escape from her life for the night. Leo falls apart at home alone, drinking scotch and whiskey, and realizes how vulnerable he is to the possibility that Toni will abandon him for something better. Carver is a minimalist and condenses a lot of meeting into short, percussive sentences.

The compositions of Will You Please Publishers Weekly included in its first issue of a notice of the new collection, calling it "Downbeat but perceptive writing about the inarticulate worlds of Americans Bethea's analysis of the collection focuses on the unreliability of the narrators in Will You Please The waitress notices his strange manner of speaking, commenting positively on every aspect of the massive meal.

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She describes the physical struggle of the fat man, his "puffing" and overheating. I feel it. As he is in the house across the hall, the husband Bill begins to enjoy the voyeuristic experience of exploring his neighbors' things, sampling the food in the fridge, and even trying on their clothes. After the wife Arlene spends an absent-minded hour in her neighbors' home, she returns to tell Bill that she has found some pictures he should see. They seem puzzled at the incident, that has been happening "one out of every two to three nights" for the last three months.

As she scrapes waste food into the garbage, she sees a stream of ants coming from underneath the sink, which she sprays with bug killer. When she goes to bed, the man is asleep already, and she imagines the ants again. She gets up, turns all the lights on, sprays all over the house, and looks out the window, aghast, saying " She is surprised to see him, but he reassures her and orders a coffee and sandwich.

While he drinks his coffee, Earl overhears two men in business suits making crass comments about his wife. As she bends over to scoop ice cream, her skirt rides up and shows her thighs and girdle. Earl leaves and doesn't turn round when Doreen calls his name. The next day, Earl suggests Doreen think about going on a diet. Surprised, she agrees, and they research different diets and exercise.

She agrees to try. As she loses weight, people at work comment that Doreen is looking pale. Earl insists that she ignore them, however, saying "You don't have to live with them.

Are These Actual Miles By Raymond Carver Full Text Free

As Doreen bends down, he asks the man next to him what he thinks, to the latter's shock. Another waitress notices Earl staring and asks Doreen who this is.

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He's my husband", she says. Upon checking the number, she hesitates, and asks the man's name. He tells her to throw the number away. They gorged on food, Toni insisted on buying her children the luxurious items that she could not have herself when she was a child. They subscribed to all kinds of clubs, a book club, a record club; they bought a very expensive pedigree dog that got run over by a car a week later.

When they did not have the cash, they bought on credit. Now the couple is bankrupt.

They have a court on Monday after which they will start over. The latter must be sold immediately for cash, sooner than some of their creditors puts a lien on it. Toni is naturally the one who will go to sell the car. She takes a whole afternoon preparing for the deal, putting on all-new clothes and carefully fixing her hair and make-up. She knows the ropes and knows that a dinner and a drink are a part of the deal.

Carver, Raymond. "Are These Actual Miles?". :: Anglistika

Leo waits for his wife to call and tell him how things are going. He drinks heavily throughout the evening. He fixes himself a meal and watches TV. Domestic violence is thus taken to new levels in this volume, at the same time as character development is kept at a minimum.

The protagonist Bill and his friend Jerry decide to take a Sunday afternoon off from their families. On their way driving home, the men encounter two women biking, and later follow the women onto a hiking trail. This random act of violence is shorn of any cause-and-effect explanation. Almost immediately after the publication of this minimalist collection, Carver began revising and expanding several of its stories for inclusion in later volumes.

Overall, however, the violent scenes involving women in the later stories are similar to those in the earlier ones, yet with the significant difference that women achieve a degree of control in changing their lives. Women who are caught up in frustrating lives are not portrayed as victims of those situations. The couple make up at the end of the story, which is the beginning of a new year.

The violence in Cathedral thus shows women engaging in outbursts that seem necessary catalysts to move from one phase of life to another. He stretched out on the ground, weeping…. The woman then moves on with her life, and the rest of the story is a portrayal of the passengers she encounters in the waiting room and on the train. By putting these words in the mouth of the officer, Carver shows an awareness of the ubiquitous menace of domestic violence in contemporary America, and stories from this period show how women do not accept the status of victim.

Hendin has analyzed how both verbal skills and physical retaliation are methods frequently used by women in their fighting back against a system which they transform in the process. These stories depict such strong women who take their lives in their own hands, making both men and the general public aware that they do not acquiesce to playing the role of the weaker sex. The whole neighborhood is gathered on her lawn as firefighters carry out the dead children. As I hope to show, however, Carver expanded it into one of his most complex stories about gender and violence.

It is narrated by a woman, Claire, who is the wife of one of the men who discover the corpse. The Green River Killer case was not solved until , though the 49 or more murders of young women took place two decades earlier, between and 7. The perpetrator, Gary Leon Ridgway, sexually molested and killed his victims, in most cases leaving their naked bodies in or near the Green River south of the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State.

In the longer version, which is the focus of this discussion, we see Claire struggling to make sense of her life in the context of this triple level of menace, and Carver contextualizes this as specifically gendered and linked to the positions of men and women in his contemporary society. Carver applies the techniques of juxtaposition and suggestion he had honed in his minimalist phase, at the same time as he adds depth to character exploration.

The next morning, Saturday, they cooked breakfast, drank lots of coffee, more whisky, and then split up to fish, two men upriver, two men down. That night, after they had cooked their fish and potatoes and had more coffee and whisky, they took their dishes down to the river and rinsed them off a few yards from where the body lay in the water.

Stuart then drives home to Claire, but does not tell her of the find until the next morning, as he is eager to have sex and sleep. In his revisions Carver includes passages that make clear how Claire is disturbed by the fact that Stuart had wanted sex the same day as he left the corpse, as well as every day after.

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This does not elicit any immediate response from Stuart, though he tries throughout the story to prevent his wife from internalizing the drama of the dead young woman. They killed a girl…cut off her head and threw it in the Cle Elum River. She and I went to high school together.

It happened when I was a girl. In the longer version, her journey is expanded to include more detailed episodes of menace to Claire. She is on a long stretch of mountain highway alone, bordering the Naches River, when a green truck with a male driver starts trailing her.

When she slows to let him pass, he stays behind her, but finally does pass, tooting his horn and waving at her.

He looks at my breasts and legs. The skirt has pulled up over my knees. His eyes linger on my legs, but I sit still, afraid to move.

And Claire has learned from the news that the suspect of the murder drove a green car and had likely raped his victim; though this is a truck, the symbolism in the identical color of the vehicles is suggestive. He also allows Claire to explore the meanings of her own situation by expanding the passages where we follow her stream-of-consciousness. Most conspicuously, we learn that Claire has earlier had a stay in a mental institution precipitated by inexplicable headaches The following related passage is absent from the short version; while she is at the funeral she imagines the journey down the river, the nude body hitting rocks, caught at by branches, the body floating and turning, her hair streaming in the water.

Are These Actual Miles.pdf

Then the hands and hair catching in the overhanging branches, holding, until four men come along to stare at her. I can see the man who is drunk Stuart? Does anyone here know about that? I look around at the other faces. There is a connection to be made of these things, these events, these faces, if I can find it. My head aches with the effort to find it.

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She is trying to make sense of her place in the family as well as in the larger community, and by being so concerned with the dead woman, her efforts extend to the lot of women in general and more specifically to the fate of women who are victims of random or serial killings.

Both are narrated by a married American woman with one child who has been diagnosed with mental illness. Both husbands have patronizing attitudes toward their wives, and will not listen to their worries, which are expressed in strikingly articulate terms in both texts.