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,00 € / $ / £*. Add to Cart. eBook (PDF): Publication Date: January ; Copyright year: ; ISBN: See all formats and. E. Riedel: Allgemeine und Anorganische Chemie, 6. Auflage, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, New York, ISBN 3‐11‐‐X, First published: Januar Anorganische Chemie. Von E. Riedel. Verlag de Gruyter, Berlin XV, S., geb. DM – ISBN 3‐11‐‐9. Heinz Berke.

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Riedel, Erwin / Janiak, Christoph. Anorganische Chemie. [Inorganic Chemistry]. ,00 € / $ / £*. Add to Cart. eBook (PDF): 7. Aufl. Publication. Riedel, Erwin / Janiak, Christoph. Anorganische Chemie. [Inorganic Chemistry]. Series:De Gruyter eBook (PDF): 8th ed. Publication Date: February Riedel Moderne Anorganische Chemie. [Modern Inorganic Chemistry]. Founded by Riedel, Erwin. Ed. by Meyer, Hans-Jürgen. Series:De Gruyter Studium.

Dedicated to Professor Dr. Kurt Dehnicke on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday Abstract. Introduction several nitrosyl complexes metastable states have been discovered that can be excited and deexcited by The complex pentacyanonitrosylferrate II or nitro- irradiation with light. For further investigations of these metastable states, e. GNP offers ground state, N-bonded to the metal M [5]. The problem presented Albertstr. This is not a tri- E-Mail: janiak uni-freiburg.

Straka, M. Kaupp, Phys. These dxy NPA populations are 1.

Pdf anorganische chemie riedel

Liang, P. Sadler, Chem. Kaupp, R. Reviakine, O. Malkina, A.

Oxygen radical character in group 11 oxygen fluorides

Arbuznikov, B. The d-orbital participation in bonding for Schimmelpfennig, V. Malkin, J. Malkin, O. Malkina, R. Reviakine, A. Arbuznikov, M.

Pdf riedel anorganische chemie

Schimmelpfennig, I. Malkin, M.

Anorganische Chemie

Repisky, S. Hrobarik, E. Malkin, T. Helgaker, K.

Pdf riedel anorganische chemie

Malkina, V. Kaupp, Chem. The relatively large 6s population in Table 2, which Lett. Malkin, I. Kaupp, cyclam bonding in the title complex, should also be noted. In conclusion, our calculations confirm that the short- [16] A. Reed, L. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access.

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