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La vida inmortal de Henrietta Lacks [Rebecca Skloot] on A Vida Imortal de Henrietta Lacks The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksPaperback. In , Henrietta Lacks died at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (Bal- timore, USA) due to . Skloot R. A vida Imortal de Henrietta Lacks. Companhia das Letras. 4 days ago Request Full-text Paper PDF .. do(s) Útero(s) e a obra literária “A vida Imortal de Henrietta Lacks”, escrita pela jornalista Rebecca Skloot.

She was a black tobacco farmer and mother of five, and though she died in , her cells, code-named HeLa, live on. They were used to help develop our most important vaccines and cancer medications, in vitro fertilization, gene mapping, cloning. Later their medical records were released to the press and published without consent. Because I wrote a book about Henrietta Lacks and her family, my in-box exploded when news of the genome broke. The answer is no. Imagine if someone secretly sent samples of your DNA to one of many companies that promise to tell you what your genes say about you.

The answer is no. Imagine if someone secretly sent samples of your DNA to one of many companies that promise to tell you what your genes say about you. Now imagine they posted your genetic information online, with your name on it. Some people may not mind. But over all, the scientific community was surprisingly silent on the issue. And a few scientists decided to prove it. Minutes later, it produced a report full of personal information about Henrietta Lacks, and her family.

The scientist kept that report confidential, sharing it only with me. Until recently, few people had the ability to process raw genome data like this. Now anyone who can send an e-mail can do it. As Francis S. More than a year and a half ago, the N. The proposal generated public comment but nothing changed, and science continues to move forward with speed, potential and outdated regulation.

And what control should gene-sharing family members have? The persistently high levels of these inactive or active gonadotropins cause a clinical picture of hypogonadism.

Symptoms and signs include adrenal insufficiency. The differential diagnosis of androgen excess may be difficult because of the myriad of causes of androgen excess. Deficiency of the pituitary hormones may be selective. About a third of female testosterone is adrenal in origin. Further investigation reveals inappropriately low levels of respective pituitary hormones. Children with hypopituitarism often present with short stature and delayed puberty. Causes of hypopituitarism include tumors adenoma.

Clinical features include truncal obesity. Endocrine Immunoassays2. The protein hormones. For instance. This is especially true for esoteric tests. In endocrinology. In addition. Antibodies used in immunoassays are classified as either monoclonal or polyclonal.

Because of this. Because of their heterogeneous structural diversity. Protein hormones undergo posttranslational modification. The testes. Causes of acute adrenal destruction include adrenal hemorrhage. The progressive loss of the adrenocortical hormones. Other causes of adrenal insufficiency include tuberculosis.

Other confounding issues include variability in the hormones themselves and their metabolites and assay standardization and configuration.

Antibodies are needed that can distinguish between these sex steroids that can differ from one another by as little as the presence or absence of a single atom. Factors that determine the efficacy of a specific immunoassay antibody to detect the analyte of interest include antibody variability. Chronic primary adrenal insufficiency. Depending on the epitope to which the antibody is directed and the avidity with which the antibody binds to its epitope.

Because the testes also secrete excess estrogen and the gonadal response to this hormone is intact. Testicular Feminization Syndrome In testicular feminization syndrome. The reproductive manifestations. Different antibodies directed against the same antigenic site can vary in the strength.

In immunoassays. It is important for these antibodies to be specific by interacting only with the compound of interest and having minimal cross-reactivity with undesired compounds.

Exogenous sources of glucocorticoids originate most commonly from chronic long-term glucocorticoid therapy. This heterogeneity further increases the difficulty in achieving antibody specificity to the analyte of interest. Monoclonal antibodies have identical interactions.

Primary adrenal insufficiency results from the destruction of entire adrenal cortex. Since most immunoassays are designed to have optimal precision at the assay midpoint. Identification of the complex causes of infertility is important for appropriate treatment. Immunoassay Performance2. Conclusion Infertility is a common disorder today. The precision of an endocrine assay is especially important near its analytical sensitivity.

Bias between methods could lead to a diagnostic dilemma whereby the physician must determine whether the change in results is either analytical or biological. Because of immunoassay issues.

Analytical specificity. To further complicate the issue. LH and FSH are compared to her estradiol levels and her menstrual history.

Several hormones. Many hormones are released in a pulsatile fashion.


Discordant Results2. Factors which assist in determining the clinical utility of an assay include assay accuracy. Depending on the timing of collection and the occurrence of the pulsatile spikes.

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For hormones. The limit of detection. For those assays. For hormones with diurnal variations. Because many hormones have very complicated reference intervals. Cross reactivity experiments are important when compounds are present that could interact with antibodies because of structural similarity to the analyte of interest.


In increasing the reportable range. It is important for any assay to yield reproducible results. Many hormones. The assay reportable range is the set of results that can be reliabily reported without dilution. Information regarding these attributes is determined primarily through the method validation process. Endocrine Preanalytical Issues2. Note that these reference intervals assume that the patient has a normal sleep-wake cycle.

Detection of discordant results can be accomplished by analyzing the specimen by another method. Inspection of proficiency survey results illustrates the tremendous variability that different immunoassays can produce for the same challenge.

For these patients. Test Interpretation4 Often. The accuracy. The reference interval is the limits for laboratory results that define a patient population without disease. Because dilutions introduce additional error.

In some cases. Adrenal Disorders. Christenson RH. Crystal City. Demers LM.

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Cook JD. AACC diagnostic endocrinology. Adrenal Function. Thyroid Disorders.

Burtis CA. Professional practice in clinical chemistry: A review and update. WB Saunders. Noel S. Professional Practice in Clinical Chemistry: A Review. Hershman JM. Ashwood ER. Pituitary and gonadal disorders. Hypothalamic and Gonadal Disorders.

Reproductive endocrine function. Special topics in endocrinology: Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry. Dufour DR. Whitley RJ. Gronowski AM. Laboratory management of infertility.

Lea and Febiger. April July Johnson LJ. Pituitary function. Endocrine Pathophysiology: A Patient-Oriented Approach. Thyroid Endocrinology. New Orleans. New York: Gregory L. General endocrine function. Noel SA. Landau-Levine M.

Endocrine function. Outline Review: Clinical Chemistry. Padilla S. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Identification of the underlying cause of infertility, through physical history of each partner and subsequent laboratory testing, is important to ensure feedback loops.

The association of microbiota, HPV and cervical cancer

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