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Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The Gathering Storm Towers of Midnight A Memory of Light. A. Memory of. Light. ROBERT JORDAN. PDF [Download] A Memory of Light: 14/14 (Wheel of Time) Robert Jordan For Trial by Robert Jordan Paperback. Pub Date Pages. A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon. Sanderson. The Wheel of Time, started over 22 years ago, is finally finished. And its.

But then she arrives at Lakeview Hospital, where she meets Mona, the live wire; Gabriel, the saint; E. Desai, a quiet force. And when a crisis forces the group to split up—sending her back to the life that drove her to suicide—Vicky must find her own courage and strength. She may not have any. Discussion Questions Key Idea and Details 1. Why is Vicky so sure at the end of chapter one that she will try to kill herself again?

The Field of Merrilor[ edit ] Rand al'Thor prepares a meeting of all the nations on the Field of Merrilor, to persuade them to fight in Tarmon Gai'don. Mat returns to Ebou Dar to locate Tuon , only to find the city crawling with assassins sent by one of her generals.

The Aiel , persuaded by Aviendha 's post-apocalyptic visions during Towers of Midnight, demand to be subject to the treaty, as arbiters of any dispute. When Elayne Trakand remarks that peace cannot be maintained if the Seanchan are exempt, Rand agrees to persuade their cooperation, and appoints Elayne commander-in-chief of the armies formerly under himself.

The War[ edit ] Elayne dispatches her forces to four different campaigns, whereof Caemlyn is to be retaken by Andoran and Cairhienin troops; Egwene commands an army of Aes Sedai to reinforce Kandor, whilst Lan Mandragoran and the resurrected nation of Malkier hold Tarwin's Gap.

Rand himself will lead the Aiel to face the Dark One. The campaigns turn to disaster when Graendal , now renamed Hessalam, prompts the commanders to err.

The Wheel of Time

Rand gains the support of the Seanchan by persuading Tuon in Ebou Dar that his authority, as the reincarnation of Lews Therin , supersedes hers. The Seanchan march to battle with Mat as one of their generals.

In this he is assisted by Lanfear ; but wounded by Slayer and forced to retreat. Rand and Egwene learn that enemy agents have seized some of the Dark One's seals. Elayne's forces burn Caemlyn to force the Trollocs to pursue; but they are pursued also by a new force from the north, and saved by Logain and his loyal Asha'man.

At Tarwin's Gap, the defenders are forced into rout; while in Kandor, Egwene and the Aes Sedai are unexpectedly outflanked by the nation of Shara , under Demandred. Realizing that Mat's foxhead medallion makes him the only competent general immune to hostile 'Compulsion', Egwene gives him command of their forces, and Mat rallies the survivors at the Field of Merrilor. The Last Battle[ edit ] To lure Demandred into risking his resources, Mat stages a public quarrel with Tuon, and the Seanchan depart the field.

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Perrin continues pursuit of Slayer. At Shayol Ghul, Graendal opposes the Aiel.

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When Demandred challenges the absent Rand, Gawyn Trakand attacks him directly and is mortally wounded. Later, his elder half-brother Galad Damodred is severely wounded in the same effort; but wounds Demandred before retreat.

Mat's command post is attacked directly by Sharan forces, and Siuan Sanche is killed in the defense. Gareth Bryne loses reason and dies soon after. Elayne is waylaid by several Darkfriend Guardsmen, who arrange a duplicate of Elayne to be seen dead. Faile's contingent arrive at Merrilor, but are almost immediately betrayed. Faile seizes the Horn of Valere capable of recruiting deceased heroes , which she gives to Olver.

Still, Sanderson gets a lot more right than wrong, and again, I've enjoyed Sanderson's Wheel of Time books more than most of Jordan's. Sanderson's done right by Jordan, his fantasy series, and its many, many fans.

I'd still say the Wheel rolled much further than it needed to, but at least in A Memory of Light it comes to a stop in a decent location. Oh, you need a general? It was aggravating at first, but it worked out well enough. Fights Slayer. Fails to kill Slayer. Wakes up. Finds Slayer again. Fights Slayer again.

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Kills Slayer this time. Clearly Sanderson was just trying to keep him out of the way until the end, i. But seriously? A nap? That's pretty annoying. It was more like a consolation prize.

Still, the less Nyneave the better, I suppose, because she's the worst. That sums up so much of A Wheel of Time for me.

Like, I wouldn't want to hang around him, because he'd be constantly grumbling about how awesome his life is. I don't know if it's an age thing, or just me.

A Memory of Light

Anyone else change their point of view on him? Also, read through Memory of Light and see which characters are more concerned with who looks more important than who in meetings as opposed to saving the world. It's all women, every single time. Basically, of the main characters, only Egwene died, and she'd gone from likeable character to the Aes Sedai-est of the Aes Sedai, which is to say, callous and manipulative and uncompassionate.

After 14 books, with the stakes as high as they were, I was really, really expecting more deaths, and I'm kind of irked we didn't get them. That whole transference-into-Moridin thing was complete bullshit.

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Not only does it negate most of the sacrifice he made, it means rand ends the story running away from all his friends except the three hot chicks who have all agreed to have sex with him and family thinking he's dead. Again, I have no idea if this was Jordan's plan or not, but I think the book - and the series - would have been much better if Rand had just died. And not in a fun Game of Thrones way.