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ICSC European Retail Property School. Retailing Concepts & Visual. Merchandising. 10 July Julia Langkraehr, Retail Profile. Berlin, Germany. Visual merchandising today is not only limited to floor window display; it covers all dynamic techniques and are becoming the visual merchandising trend, not . Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research ISSN An International Peer-reviewed Journal Vol, Visual Merchandising: Does.

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Perfect Visual Merchandising – Guidelines for practical implementation. 2. Table of All types of visual merchandising can be achieved with Visplay systems. PDF | Visual Merchandising is a significant aesthetic practice that helps a company and retailer to create the brand image at POS. Visual. Specialists in Visual Merchandising, displays and store environments. • One Stop Shop – Design, implementation, consultancy and training. •Variety of clients .

Work directly from a 2D plane and get dynamic virtual realization of your store in 3D. Integrate your furniture Import your furniture with 1 click , across from the 3D software when you designed them. Detection of rods and flat surfaces is automatic and easy storage in your shop. Import Sketch or Photo Instantly import your products from the sketches of the designer, or cropped photos from your packshots. The dimensions are met and your products can be folded or hanging in your shop.

Signs may also be used to target a specifc market segment such as youth, women, senior citizens, singles, etc. Where many signs compete for customers atention, design and logo become even more important.

They should be unique, noticeable and readable.

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When prepar- ing a sign to draw the customers atention, consider size, shape, materials, letering, height, placement and struc- ture. For example, among several rectangular signs in close proximity to one another, construct an oval or circular sign that will stand out.

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Also consider a signs relationship with its surroundings. A sign may look good on an individual store front, but very unatractive when viewed in conjunction with other buildings on the street. Simple, brief, well-designed, well-letered and easy-to- read signs will convey a feeling of welcome.

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Design graphics appropriate for the nature of the business, and create a message that is clear and simple. Focus on one or two key words to describe the business.

A clean, clear message will have more impact.

Signs with unlit or missing light bulbs, faking or faded paint, or cracked and peeling backgrounds can hurt the overall store image. A shabby or dilapidated sign implies a lack of concern with the business image, and a sloppy, poorly managed business. The different colors express our versatility and the leaves represents the freshness.

From the dawn of civilization Humans believes that the circle is the Heavenly sigh, because it is perfect. That is why we chose our logo to be Circle.

Project Objective: To create window and interior display in shops and departments. To accrue knowledge about decoration of any Brand Retail shop. To be familiar with the raw materials of a Brand Retail shop. To know what kind of product is needed in which season.

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To know about the Fashion and Style. To judge the market and take strong decisions about the product and shop. To prepare ourselves to cope up with various kinds of situations. To work under presser.

(PDF) Visual Merchandising: Does it Matter for Your Brands | Waqar Hassan -

To conduct research based on life style, trends, as well as, regional attributes. To maximize the space and layout of store and using best advantage of available space. To prepare the promotional events and dismantling. To know how to give feedback. To understand presentation.

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To set up a model store and implement design and plans. Methodology of the Project: We sit and discuses about the Presentation. We focus and break down the works. Make sure the work is done well before deadline.