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Therminol 66 is a reliable high temperature, liquid phase heat transfer fluid. Pumpable at low temperatures and offering high temperature thermal stability. SAFETY DATA SHEET. Therminol® 66 Heat Transfer Fluid. Version. PRD. Revision Date: 12/04/ SDS Number: SDSUS / Z8 / Therminol® 66 synthetic heat transfer fluid offers outstanding high-temperature performance to °F ( °C), including excellent thermal stability and low.

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Therminol 66 is a high performance highly stable synthetic heat transfer fluid offering extended life and very low top-up rates result- ing in reduced running costs. Eastman Therminol® 66 heat transfer fluid offers outstanding high-temperature performance to °C (°F), including excellent thermal stability and low. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET. THERMINOL® 66 HEAT TRANSFER FLUID. Therminol 66 is the world's most popular high temperature, liquid phase heat transfer.

Therminol - Wikipedia ; Therminol is a synthetic heat transfer fluid produced by Eastman Chemical Company. Polychlorinated biphenyl in Therminol[edit]. Prior to , Monsanto marketed a series of polychlorinated biphenyl- PCB -containing heat transfer fluids Therminol 66 Liquid Phase Heat Transfer Fluids ; Therminol 66 is a liquid phase heat transfer fluid that is pumpable at low temperatures and offers high-temperature thermal stability. Therminol 66 Heat Transfer Fluid - Proven performance for high

These data are based upon samples tested in the laboratory and are not guaranteed for all samples. It delivers efficient, dependable, uniform process heat with no need for high pressures. The high boiling point of Therminol 66 helps reduce the volatility and fluid leakage problems associated with other fluids.

While Therminol 66 has a relatively high flash point, it is not classified as a fire-resistant heat transfer fluid. Consequently, the use of protective devices may be required to minimize fire risk.

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The insurer of your property should be consulted relative to this matter. Operation at or below these temperature maximums provide long service life under most operating conditions.

66 pdf therminol

Solutia recommends that systems utilizing Therminol 66 fluid should be blanketed with an inert atmosphere. Inert gas blanketing minimizes fluid oxidation and helps maximize fluid life.

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A system pressure relief device also should be provided. Therminol 66 is non-corrosive to metals commonly used in the design of heat transfer systems. Actual fluid life is quite dependent on system design and operation. As fluid ages, the formation of volatile low-boiling products and high-boiling compounds may result. Volatile products should be vented from the system to a non-hazardous area away from personnel and sources of ignition.

66 pdf therminol

The high-boiling compounds are generally soluble in the fluid. Significant overheating or fluid contamination will accelerate this decomposition and may result in separation of the high-boiling compounds as solids tar, coke, etc.

These solids could be detrimental to the operation of the system and, when detected, should be removed. Heat transfer fluids are intended only for indirect heating purposes.


In primary power and heat transfer loop, therminol — 66 is used as a fluid. Therminol 66 is the world's most Views Read Edit View history. Therminol 66 is a PDF Exergetic performance assessment of an integrated If your access is via an institutional subscription, please contact your librarian to request reinstatement.

Explaining the Nanoscale Effect in the Upconversion Pubblicazioni - InResLab ; In the proposed scheme the solar energy is collected by a newly designed low cost PTC of 20m2 with a single tracking axis and is concentrated on an opaque pipe collector in which flows as thermal fluid Therminol 66 oil. An oil-free scroll expander coupled with a 2kW electrical generator is used to convert fluid energy into electrical energy.

Cogeneration is performed by accumulating the waste Review of heat transport properties of solar heat transfer The present article reviews the test techniques for some of the important heat transport properties of oils such as viscosity, density, specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity mainly used for characterization of heat transfer fluids.

USA - Activation of copper-silicon slurries for the However, to minimize the operational cost, the intention is to find the HTF with minimum pumping power.

66 pdf therminol

However, benzene production from pyrolysis gasoline is based on a similar process Eastman, a , hence in this study it is considered as a proxy for the organic Therminol oil 66 production.