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than the white marble bowl, her wet hair dark as a shadow. country, our king an exile, our queen a vengeful alien plotting with our old enemy of. France. The White Queen. Home · The White Queen The Great White Queen. Read more White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for Alice. Read more. Beautiful eldest daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville - the White Queen - the young princess Elizabeth faces a conflict of loyalties between the red ros.

I wish to God I could stop d reaming. I am so tired; all I want to do is sleep. I want to sleep all the day, from dawn until twilight that every evening comes a little earlier and a little more drearily. In the daytime, all I think about is sleeping. But in the night all I do is try to stay awake.

The White Princess. Pocket Books, Mass Market.

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After the death of King Richard of York, a heartbroken Elizabeth is forced to marry the new king Henry to secure the safety of her family. Henry proceeds to rape her, telling her that they will only marry if she can bear him a child. She conceives and he promises to give her a coronation after the baby is born. She gives birth to a boy they name Arthur and Elizabeth is given the title of Queen of England.

The White Queen

Elizabeth begs him to free Teddie, as the tower is where her two brothers Richard and Edward had died. News of a pretender prince worries Henry as all of the York heirs were proclaimed dead.

White queen pdf the

The rebels call for Teddie and claim that he has escaped the tower. Even when Henry parades Teddie around the city, the rumors do not stop.

White pdf the queen

Finally they capture the pretender prince and learn his name is Lambert. The King is merciful to Lambert, but promises to punish the people who taught him. This time, the prince is from France and calls himself Richard.

White queen pdf the

Elizabeth has two more children, Margaret and Henry, as the rebellion continues in England. Henry goes to war against France and the latter asks for a peace treaty, agreeing to hand over the pretender prince. However, the prince escapes France. Meanwhile, Henry and Elizabeth learn that her mother has been secretly providing money and correspondence to a fake prince.

White pdf the queen

He sends her to the Bermondsey Abbey. Edward foils their plan and reconciles with Warwick and George to consolidate his power, but not before Warwick executes Elizabeth's father, Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers and brother, John Woodville.

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Elizabeth vows revenge. Warwick marries his elder daughter Isabel to George and rebels again, luring Edward into an arranged uprising where he plans to kill Edward. The plot fails, and Warwick and George flee to France. Isabel gives birth during the journey, but the child dies.

Warwick marries his second daughter Anne to Edward of Lancaster , son and heir to the deposed king Henry VI , to secure Warwick's new alliance with Henry's exiled queen, Margaret of Anjou. Warwick invades England.

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory

Caught off guard, Edward is forced to flee to Flanders with Elizabeth's brother Anthony. Warwick arrests Jacquetta on charges of witchcraft, but she is soon released on the orders of her old friend Margaret. Jacquetta joins a pregnant Elizabeth and her children in sanctuary in Westminster Abbey , where they are left unmolested by Warwick.

Elizabeth gives birth to Edward's son, also named Edward. Returning to England, Edward is reunited with George and first defeats the forces of Warwick, who is killed, and then Margaret's army.

The White Queen - PDF Free Download

Her son Edward of Lancaster is killed on the battlefield, and Edward murders the captive simpleton Henry VI to end the Lancastrian claim to the throne once and for all. England is at peace, but a covetous George continues his plotting to undermine Edward's rule.

Their younger brother Richard marries the widowed Anne Neville, and disapproves of Edward's choice to broker peace with France rather than fight for English holdings there.

Isabel's death drives George over the edge, and his plots and slanders against Edward and Elizabeth result in his conviction for treason. Despite the protestations of their mother Cecily , Edward has George executed.