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BY PAUL ZANE PILZER Paul 10/12/05 PM Page 69 I wrote The Next Millionaires to explain where our economy has been, where it is. The Next Millionaires [Paul Zane Pilzer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book shows you: Why the Internet has barely gotten stared . PAUL ZANE PILZER CHAPTER 10 Staking Your Claim: The Next Millionaires. . next stage, similar opportunities to make wellness affordable to.

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Millionaires. The emerging industries of wellness and direct selling are combining to create the next generation of wealth. by Paul Zane Pilzer. The-Next-Millionaires-by-Paul-Zane-Pilzer (2).pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The Next Millionaires by Paul Zane Pilzer - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Uploaded from Google Docs.

Economic viewpoints[ edit ] Pilzer's book Unlimited Wealth criticized traditional economic theories as being based on scarcity: that the earth contains a fixed, limited supply of resources and the function of economics i. In , he testified before a United States congressional hearing and since then has promoted the idea that employees should have personal, portable health insurance coverage independent of their employment but funded pre-tax by their employer. From wrote five books on the economics of obesity, health insurance, preventative medicine, and wellness. Pilzer has been called the "father of Health Savings Accounts ". Uber and Airbnb aren't just half the price of the services taxis and hotels they displace, to the consumer they are twice as valuable. They have four children and live in Park City, Utah. Pilzer helped start Temple Har Shalom in Park City in and functioned as a lay rabbi leading services until a full-time rabbi was hired in

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The corporation has been decentralizing and dismantling itself, giving way to an environment of independent contractors. Where are the greatest opportunities today? Our economy and living standards have grown to the point where we not only expect to make a living, but we also expect to have the best possible experience doing it. Today, we demand a quality of life that gives Healthy Family, Healthy Economy, us not only survival, but also meaning and fulHealthy Society fillment. Another reason is that working from workday is spent just commuting to and from home is a more personally satisfying way to live.

More and the water cooler, gossiping and talking to more, we have come to realize we also want a other people. For these spend together. They really appremanufacturing business with employees. The ness today is both a more ciate the time we spend together. Your P is maximized by the number of waking hours you Here is a the only mathematical formula in my books: A simple, and others devote to the business and how much product you yet powerful tool that anyone can use to determine his or her sell.

To attain more To create wealth W , you need physical resources P harnessed wealth, you would want to focus on adding both more people to by technology T.

More than just explaining the wealth of nations, your business and the sale of more products. In retailing, during the s and home-based business.

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This is where the direct selling industry s, Sears and J. Penney attempted to grow by getting more sets itself apart from other business opportunities. Your T is your physical resources—more stores.

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If physical P distribution of the products and services you sell— you were born in the Stone Age, you probably died in the Stone manufacturing, inventory, ordering processing, accounting, ship- Age, with little or no chance to improve your T.

No wonder acquir- ping, etc. Moreover, since a direct selling compa- to get wealthy for most of human history. Consumers who buy supplies tion billionaires of yesterday.

Paul Zane Pilzer

For this pur- However, these online visionaries are Direct selling is actually the oldest pose, the one-story, big-box stores, with filling only a small percent of the critical form of selling. For most of human his- their focus on convenience and speed, dec- need in our economy for intellectual dis- tory, direct sellers were peddlers and the imated the multi-story department stores.

This is partly because their primary distributors of tools and tech- However, to be convenient and fast, the medium, the Internet, represents less nologically-based goods. They initially mass merchants left out a critical aspect of than one-tenth of total retail sales.

The Next Millionaires

But handled both intellectual and physical the buying transaction. They sell their customers exact- contact, which no computer can provide. Then, in the 19th ly what they already knew they wanted Direct selling is the perfect intellectual century, many direct sellers put down before they walked in the store.

This creates an enormous opportu- massive back office support operations. It nity, especially for people looking to start a only requires one person—you—willing home-based business.

Sure, one human being. The department stores of of the Internet entrepreneurs, Jeff Bezos, yesterday did this automatically. They the founder of Amazon.

Direct selling and wellness industry

The demise of these tion. This is because of new technology and recent changes in U.

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I call this intel- technology. Computers back then were ally get better health and retirement bene- lectual distribution. The 3 Direct selling is the most effective nally managed only by large businesses. And new Health Savings to Many of these 3. This is advantages as corporate employees. Most people think of IRAs as small, insignificant retirement accounts.

IRAs not only method of choice for all new products and individual users, and entrepreneurs are allow all the benefits of a traditional corpo- services. Direct sellers bring the best of able to implement their new technologies rate retirement plan, they also allow tax- both intellectual and physical distribution faster than large organizations.

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