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The Lion in Winter. Henry's Castle at Chinon, France. Christmas, Act I. Scene i. Alais's Bedroom. Alais .. elegant wool gown. The Lion in Winter: A Play [James Goldman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Insecure siblings fighting for their parents' attention;. King Henry II of England has three sons by Eleanor of Aquitaine. He wants the kingdom to stay united after his death, but all three sons want to.

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file:///C¦/TEXTS/Scenario/[/05/12 ]. The Lion In Winter. By James Goldman (). Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn. EXT. ON A HILL. James Goldman's historical play The Lion in Winter depicts the The Lion in Winter concerns the interpersonal dynamics and political. 05ON STAGE:ThE LiON. iN WiNTEr 06ThE GOLDMAN. YEArS 09 hENrY AND ELEANOr. 13 NiXON'S NiXON 14 ArTiSTic. cONvErSATiON 19 FAMiLY: A cAST .

James Goldman's historical play The Lion in Winter depicts the interpersonal relationships among members of the English royal family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of the year Though it was not particularly well received in its debut as a Broadway play in , Goldman's screenplay adaptation of The Lion in Winter, which was released in , won him an Academy Award Oscar. The Lion in Winter concerns the interpersonal dynamics and political wrangling of King Henry; his wife Eleanor, whom he has kept imprisoned in a tower for the past ten years; and their three sons, who are vying for the privilege of being named heir to the English throne. Eleanor, who has been let out of prison to celebrate Christmas with her family, favors Richard as heir, while Henry favors John. To complicate matters, the young King Philip II of France has arrived to remind Henry of a treaty he signed many years earlier, promising to marry his heir to Philip's sister Alais. However, Alais has been Henry's mistress for the past seven years, and Henry is hesitant to marry her off to any of his sons.

How about eternal peace? Now there's a thought. No one ever says "poor John.

The Lion in Winter

Richard: Let's strike a flint and see. Henry II: The day those stout hearts band together is the day that pigs get wings. Eleanor: There'll be pork in the treetops come morning. Henry II: Now see here, boy Philip II: I am a king - I am no man's "boy! Because you put your ass on purple cushions? Phillip II: [makes to leave] Sir. Henry II: Oh, Phillip. Come now, you haven't got the feel for this at all. When I bellow, bellow back! Henry: I want to reach a settlement. I left you with too little earlier.

Phillip II: Yes, nothing is too little. Henry II: I'm sorry you're not fonder of me, lad. Your father always said, "Be fond of stronger men". Phillip II: No wonder he loved everyone. Henry II: I've come to offer you peace. Phillip II: [smiles] Piss on your peace.

Henry II: Your father would have wept. Phillip II: My father was a weeper. Henry II: Fight me and you'll lose. Just look at you — great, heavy arms, but every year they get a little heavier. The sand goes pit-pat in the glass. I'm in no hurry, Henry. I've got time. Henry II: Suppose I hurry things along. Suppose I say that England is at war with France. Philip II: Then France surrenders. I don't have to fight to win. Take all you want — this county, that one — you won't keep it long.

Henry II: What kind of courage have you got? Phillip II: The tidal kind — it comes and goes. Phillip II: You — you made my father nothing. You humiliated him, beat him down in every war, bellied with his wife, you played mock the monk — and you made him love you for it. I was there. His last words were to you. Henry II: He was a loving man and you've learned nothing from him.

Phillip II: I've learned how much fathers live in sons. A king like you has policy on everything. Tell me, what's the official line on sodomy? How stands the crown on boys who do with boys? Henry II: Richard finds his way into so many legends. Let's hear yours and see how it measures up. Phillip II: I was 15 when he found me. He took me hunting. I had fallen from my horse, and I awoke to Richard touching me. He asked me if I loved him — "Oh, Phillip, do you love me?

You cannot imagine what that "yes" cost me. Imagine snuggling up to a chancred whore and pulling your lips back into something like a smile and saying, "Oh yes, I love you and I find you beautiful. It wasn't like that! Phillip II: [coldly] Oh, but it was. Richard: [hurt] You Phillip II: [amused] Never. John: A knife! He's got a knife! Eleanor: Of course he has a knife, he always has a knife, we all have knives! It's and we're barbarians! Henry II: I want no women in my life. Princess Alais: You're tired.

Henry II: Well I'm off. Eleanor: To Rome? Henry II: That's where they keep the Pope! Henry II: We're in the cellar and you're going back to prison and my life is wasted and we've lost each other Eleanor: It's the way I register despair.

There's everything in life but hope. Henry II: We're both alive Henry II: I hope we never die. Eleanor: So do I. Henry II: Do you think there's any chance of it? Prince Richard: [the sons - in the dungeon - think they hear Henry approach] He's here. He'll get no satisfaction out of me. He isn't going to see me beg. I only took you for your dowry. You were seven How was I to know? What's the matter, lad? Is that for me?

I love Christmas. What difference does my dowry make? Let Philip have it back. It isn't much. I can't. The vexin is a little county, but it's vital to me. And I'm not. It's been my luck to fall in love with landed women. When I married Eleanor I thought, "you lucky man. And you adored her. Memory fails. There may have been an era when I did. Let's have one strand askew. Nothing in life has any business being perfect. If I say you and I are done, we're done. If I say marry John, it's John.

I'll have you by me, and I'll use you as I like. Ah, Christmas The hot wine steams, the yule log roars, and we're the fat that's in the fire. She'll be here soon, you know. She still want you to be king?

We are not as friendly as we used to be. If I'm supposed to make a fuss and kiss her hairy cheek, I won't.

What you kiss, little prince, is up to you. I'm father's favorite. That's what counts. You hardly know me, Johnny, so I beg you to believe my reputation. I am a constant soldier, a sometime poet, and I will be king. Just you remember Why John? John doesn't care for you at all.

We love each other deeply. None of them has any love for you. Because we fight? Tell me all three want the crown. I'll tell you it's a feeble prince that doesn't.

They may snap at me and plot, and that makes them the kind of sons I want. I've snapped and plotted all my life. There's no other way to be a king, alive and all at once. I'm going to fight for you. Oh, fine. How was your crossing? Did the channel part for you? It went flat when I told it to. I didn't think to ask for more. How dear of you to let me out of jail. It's only for the holidays. Like school, you keep me young. Here's gentle Alais. No, greet me as you used to. Fragile I am not.

Affection is a pressure I can bear. Oh, but I do have handsome children. John, you're so clean and neat. Henry takes good care of you.

And Richard. Don't look sullen, dear. It makes your eyes go small and piggy Is Philip here yet? Not yet. Let's hope he's grown up like his father Simon pure and Simon simple If I had managed sons for him instead of all those little girls, I'd still be stuck with being queen of France, and we should not have known each other.

Such, my angels, is the role of sex in history. Thatwill be Philip. Where's Henry? Upstairs with the family whore. That's a mean and tawdry way to talk about your fiancee. My fiancee. Whosever fiancee. I brought her up, and she is dear to me and gentle. He still plans to make John king.

Of course he does. My, what a greedy little trinity you are Two of you must learn to live with disappointment. Ah, but which two? Let's deny them all and live forever. Tusk to tusk through all eternity. Ah, my boys. The king of France and I will shortly have a tactile conversation, like two surgeons looking for a lump. We'll state positions, and I'll make the first of many offers.

He'll refuse it, naturally. I'll make a better one, and so on through the holidays until I win. For the duration of this joyous ritual you will give to your father your support. Welcome to chinon. Ah, that's better. I was told you were impressive for a boy of. All the others here you know. I gather you're disturbed about your sister and her dowry.

Sixteen years ago you made a treaty with us. Our position comes to this: That you will either hold the marriage or return the vexin. Alais marries Richard, or we'll have the county back at once. That's clear, concise and well presented. My position Two years ago, the queen and I That makes Richard very powerful.

How can I give him Alais too? The man she marries has you for an ally. It's their wedding or the vexin back. Those are the terms you made with Louis. True, but academic, lad. The vexin's mine.

By what authority? It's got my troops all over it. That makes it mine. Now, hear me, boy. I am a king. I am no man's boy. A king? Because you put your ass on purple cushions? You haven't got the feel of this at all, lad. Use all your voices. When I bellow, bellow back.

I'll mark that down. This too: We are the world in small. A nation is a human thing. It does what we do, for our reasons. Surely if we're civilized, we can put away the knives. We can make peace. We have it in our hands.

Pdf in winter the lion

I've tutors of my own. Will that be all? Oh, think. You came here for a reason. Don't you want to ask me if I've got an offer? Have you got an offer? Not yet, but I'll think of one. Oh, by the way, you're better at this than I thought you'd be. I wasn't sure you'd noticed. Well, what shall we hang Would you say, father, that I have the makings of a king? A splendid king. And would you expect me, father, to give up without a fight?

Of course you'll fight. I raised you to. I don't care what you offer Philip, I don't care what plans you make. I'll have the Aquitaine and Alais and the crown. I'll not give up one to get the other.

I won't trade off Alais or the Aquitaine to that walking pustule! No, your loving son will not. Did you hear what he called me? Clearly, dear. Now, run along. It's nearly dinnertime. I only do what father tells me. Go and eat. Did I say something wrong? I'm always saying something wrong. And don't pout. I'm not pouting. And stand up straight! How often do I have to tell you?

And that's to be the king. And I'm to be his chancellor. Has he told you? John will rule the country while I run it, that is to say, he gets to spend the taxes that I raise. How nice for you.

Introduction & Overview of The Lion in Winter

It's not as nice as being king. We've made you duke of brittany. Is that so little? No one ever thinks of crown and mentions Geoff. Why is that? Isn't being chancellor power enough? It's not the power I feel deprived of. It's the mention I miss. There's no affection for me here. You wouldn't think I'd want that, would you?

I have a confession. Only you You never cared for me. I did and do, believe me. Henry's bed is Henry's province. He can people it with sheep for all I care, which, on occasion, he has done. Rosamund's been dead for seven years. Two months and days. I never liked her much.

He found miss clifford in the mists of wales Liking what he found, he scrutinized her many years.

Pdf the winter lion in

He loved her deeply, and she, him. And yet, my dear, when Henry had to choose between his lady and my lands It's so easy. After all the years of loving care, do you think I could bring myself to hurt you?

The Lion in Winter

Eleanor, with both hands tied behind you. She is lovely, isn't she? Yes, very. Who could I have chosen to love There's no one. Time hasn't done a thing but wrinkle you. It hasn't even done that. I've borne six girls, five boys How am I possible?

There are moments when I miss you. That's my wooly sheepdog. Do you doubt it? So, wee Johnny gets the crown. I've heard it rumored, but I don't believe it. Losing Alais will be hard, for you do love her. It's an old man's last attachment, nothing more. How hard do you find living in your castle? It was difficult in the beginning, but that's past.

I find I've seen the world enough. I'll never let you loose. You led too many civil wars against me. And I damn near won the last one. Still, as long as I get trotted out I'm famished. Let's go in to dinner. Arm in arm. And hand in hand. You're still a marvel of a man. And you're my lady.

It's an odd thing, Eleanor. I've fought and bargained all these years I've something else to live for now. I've blundered onto peace. On Christmas eve. Since Louis died, while Philip grew, I've had no France to fight. In that lull, I've found how good it is to write a law I tell you, there is nothing more important in the world.

Now the french boy's big enough, and I'm sick of war. Do you still need the vexin, Henry? It's as vital as it ever was. My troops there are one day away from paris. That's a march of miles.

I must keep it. Henry, dear, if Alais does not marry Richard, I will see you lose the vexin. Well, I thought you'd never say it. I can do it. You can try. We have a pack of barons we should look the loving couple for. Can you read love in that? And permanent affection. My Richard is the next king, not your John.

I know you, Henry. I know every twist and bend you've got, and I'll be waiting round each corner for you. Do you truly care who's king? I care because you care so much.

Don't fight me, Eleanor. What would you have me do Give me a little peace. A little? Why so modest? How about eternal peace? Now, there's a thought. If you oppose me, I'll strike you any way I can. Did you ever love me? That will make this pleasanter. Well, I've come. I'm here. What was it you wanted? Just to talk. We haven't been alone, the two of us, in You look fit.

War agrees with you. I keep informed. I follow all your slaughters from a distance. Do sit down. Is this an audience, a good-night hug with kisses or an ambush? Let's hope it's a reunion. Must you look so stern? I sent for you to say I want your love again, but I can't say it to a face like that.

My love, of all things. What would you want it for? Why, for itself. What other purpose could I have? You will tell me when you're ready to. I scheme a lot, I know. I plot and plan. That's how a queen in prison spends her time. But there is more to me than that. Can't I say I love a son and be believed? If I were you, I'd try another tack.

I've no dammed up floods of passion for you. There's no chance I'll overflow. You're a dull boy, dull as plainsong. La-la-la, forever on one note. I gave the church up out of boredom. I can do as much for you.

You'll never give me up, not while I hold the Aquitaine. You think I'm motivated by love of hills and dales? I think you want it back. You're so deceitful, you can't ask for water when you're thirsty. We could tangle spiders in the webs you weave. If I'm so devious, why don't you go? Don't stand there qulvering in limbo.

Love me, little lamb, or leave me. Leave you, madam? With pure joy. Departure's a simple act. You put the left foot down, and then the right. Hush, dear. Mother's fighting. Father's finished working out the treaty terms.

How nice. Where is your father? Ah, there you are. Well, have you put the terms to Philip? Not yet, but we're shortly granting him an audience. I hope you'll all attend. Are we to know the terms, or would you rather tease us? Not at all. The terms are Whatever you've got goes to me. And what's the nothing Geoffrey gets?

The Lion in Winter

My God, boys, you can't all three be king. All three of us can try. That's pointless now. I want you to succeed me, Richard. Alais and the crown I give you both. I've no sense of humor. If I did, I'd laugh. I'm your favorite. I'm the one you love. I'm sorry, John. I can't help myself. Could you keep anything I gave you?

Could you beat him in the field? You could. John, I won't be there. I'm losing too. All my dreams for you are lost. You've led me on. I never meant to. You're a failure as a father. You know that? I'm sorry, Johnny.

Not yet, but I'll do something terrible, and you'll be sorry then. Did you rehearse all this, or are you improvising? Good God, woman, face the facts. Which ones? We have so many. Power is the only fact. How could I keep him from the throne? He'd only take it if I didn't give it to him. No, you'd make me fight for it. I know you. You'd never give me anything.

True, and I haven't. You get Alais and the kingdom, but I get the thing I want most: If you're king, England stays intact.

I get that. It's all yours now Isn't that enough? I don't know who's to be congratulated. Kings, Queens, knights everywhere you look, and I'm the only pawn. I haven't got a thing to lose.

Lion winter the pdf in

That makes me dangerous. Who says, "poor John"? Don't everybody sob at once. My God, if I went up in flames, there's not a living soul Let's strike a flint and see. You're everything a little brother dreams of, you know that?

I'll show you, Eleanor. I've not lost yet. Well, mummy, if you want me, here I am. John's lost his chancellor, has he? And you've gained one. It's a bitter thing your mummy has to say. She doesn't trust me.

You must know Henry isn't through with John. He'll keep the vexin till the moon goes blue from cold. And as for Richard's wedding day The needlework alone can last for years. I know. You know I know. I know you know I know.

We know Henry knows, and Henry knows we know it. We're a knowledgeable family. Will Richard take me for his chancellor or won't he? Why are you dropping John? Because you're going to win. You will, with me to help you. I haven't yet. I can handle John. He'll swallow anything I tell him. I'll take him by the hand and walk him into the trap you set.

You're good. You're first class, Geoff. You'd sell John out to me, or me to John, or Not yet, mummy, but I'm working on it. I don't care who's king, but you and Henry do.

I want to watch the two of you go picnicking on one another. You have a gift for hating. You're the expert. You should know. Dear lord. You've loved me all these years. Oh, God forgive me. I've upset the queen. We need you. Help us. Be Richard's chancellor. Well, that's how deals are made. We've got him if we want him. He'll sell us all, you know, but only if he thinks we think he won't.

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Why did I have to have such clever children? What's the matter, Richard? It's a heavy thing, your nothing. When I write or send for you or speak or reach, your nothings come, like stones. Don't play a scene with me. I wouldn't if I could. I'm simpler than I used to be.

I had, at one time, many appetites. I wanted poetry and power and the young men who create them both. I even wanted Henry, too, in those days. Now I've only one desire left The only thing you want to see is father's vitals on a bed of lettuce.

You don't care who wins, as long as Henry loses. You'd do anything. You are Medea to the teeth, only this is one son you won't use for vengeance against your husband. How my captivity has changed you. Henry meant to hurt me. He's hacked you up instead. Men coveted this talon once.

Henry was when we met, and I was queen of France. He came down from the north to Paris with a mind like Aristotle's We shattered the commandments on the spot.

I spent three months annulling Louis, then in may, in spring, not far from here, we married But in three years' time I was his queen, and he was king of England. Done at I can count. There was no Thomas Beckett then, or Rosamund And then young Henry came, and you Had I been sterile, darling, I'd be happier today. Is that designed to hurt me? What a waste. I've fought with Henry over who comes next, whose dawn it is Look at you.

I loved you more than Henry, and it's cost me everything. What do you want? I want us back the way we were. No, that's not it. All right, then. I want the Aquitaine. That's the mother I remember. We can win. I can get you Alais. I can make the marriage happen, but I've got to have the Aquitaine to do it. I must have it back. It's mine, and I'll never give it up. Shall I write my will, "to Richard Would you believe me then?

Where's paper? Paper burns. I love you. You love nothing. You're incomplete. The human parts of you are missing. You're as dead as you are deadly. Don't leave me. You were lovely once. I've seen the pictures. Don't you remember how you loved me?

We were always hand in hand. Here's how it felt. As hot and coarse as that? This won't burn. I'll scratch a will on this. Remember how I taught you numbers You do remember. I taught you dancing, too, and languages The sun was warmer then, and we were every day together. William, tell the french king I'll see him in the parlor. Yes, my lord. In half an hour. Half an hour.

Of course, you know there's not a word of truth to Henry's terms. If that's a warning, thank you. What if it's an offer? What if angels sat on pinheads? What if I were king? It's your game, Geoff. You play it. I made this for father. All the pieces work. It took months. I'm not a fool. Now, here's my plan. I read three languages. I've studied law. What plan? We've got to make a deal with Philip. Because you're out, and Richard's in.

And what kind of deal? A war. If we three join and fight now, we can finish Richard off. You mean destroy him? And mother too? And mother too. Now, do we do it? Is it on? I've got to think. You haven't time. We are extra princes now. You know where extra princes go?