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'The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible. It is a record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and. This App includes the complete ebook of the The Book of Mormon by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Smith and the complete audio version. The Church has released an audio version of the Book of Mormon, Bible, Having an official LDS Chinese Mandarin audio Book of Mormon.

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Scripture audio book downloads including the KJV Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, and other LDS scriptures, manuals, and resources. All free downloads. Much like a regular book, an audiobook allows listeners to access separate chapters through an index. This format allows listeners to move between chapters. Official scripture audio from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The scriptures teach the principles of the gospel and are the basis of our faith. For this reason, they are translated into many languages. Selections from the Book of Mormon are available in 21 other languages. The full book is currently being translated in 1 languages, and published online incrementally. Deseret English and Hebrew selections were previously published, but these are out of print. The full Doctrine and Covenants is available in 62 languages. The Doctrine and Covenants is currently being translated in 5 languages, and published online incrementally.

They leave Jerusalem, and make camp in the desert.

Language Availability of Latter-day Saint Scriptures

The group spends many years traveling through the Arabian Peninsula. At length they arrive at the coast, where they construct a ship, and launch into the Indian Ocean en route to the Promised Land.

Inspired by his readings, Nephi teaches about Jesus Christ, and the redemption of humanity. Lehi, on his deathbed, blesses his family and counsels them to be faithful stewards of the land.

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The two camps separate; the Lamanites stay in their original territory, and Nephi and his followers travel elsewhere. Nephi continues to write and teach using the brass plates as his primary source. At length, a Nephite named Mosiah is warned by God to leave the land of Nephi with whoever would follow him.

Mosiah and his followers leave, and eventually end up at Zarahemla, where they meet a separate population, the Mulekites. They establish a community, but their lack of records cause their society to degrade.

Several generations later, they are joined by Mosiah and his followers, who had left the land of Nephi. Mosiah, being the custodian of the Nephite records, is appointed as king, and the two groups merge, and are all known as Nephites. Recolonization of the Land of Nephi The explorers who left from Zarahemla, led by a man named Zeniff, arrive at the land of Nephi, but only find Lamanites there.

Zeniff negotiates with the Lamanites, and they agree to let him settle the land with his people. Zeniff rules his people and his son, Noah, succeeds him, but rules in sin and wickedness. A prophet named Abinadi calls him to repentance, but Noah executes him.

They arrive at the border of the Lamanite territory, and go their separate ways. The early ministries of Ammon and Aaron are highlighted.

Ammon goes to a place called Ishmael, where he gains the local King's trust, and teaches him the gospel. The King and many of his people are converted. Aaron, after some hardships, makes his way to the land Nephi, where he also is successful in converting the chief King and many of his people.

All the Lamanite converts assemble, but the unconverted Lamanites, furious with the indoctrination campaign that the Nephite missionaries were undertaking, wage a war on the Nephites and the Lamanite converts. The sons of Mosiah lead their converts out of the land of Nephi, and they are given a city in Nephite territory, Jershon, to settle.

The Nephites devise a new form of government comprised of judges, subsidiary judges and a chief judge. Without much delay, there is insurrection, and some factions try to overthrow the government and reestablish a king.

The church begins to decline, so Alma gives up his position as chief judge to be a full time minister for the church.

He goes to many different Nephite cities, preaches to them, and sets the church in order. The sons of Mosiah return to Zarahemla with their Lamanite converts, and they help Alma in additional local preaching labors. Smith's first published description of the plates said that the plates "had the appearance of gold". They were described by Martin Harris, one of Smith's early scribes, as "fastened together in the shape of a book by wires. A portion of the text on the plates was also "sealed" according to his account, so its content was not included in the Book of Mormon.

In addition to Smith's account regarding the plates, eleven others stated that they saw the golden plates and, in some cases, handled them. These statements have been published in most editions of the Book of Mormon.

Book official of mormon audio

Smith enlisted his neighbor Martin Harris as a scribe during his initial work on the text. Harris later mortgaged his farm to underwrite the printing of the Book of Mormon. In , Harris, prompted by his wife Lucy Harris, repeatedly requested that Smith lend him the current pages that had been translated.

Smith reluctantly acceded to Harris's requests. Lucy Harris is thought to have stolen the first pages. After the loss, Smith recorded that he had lost the ability to translate, and that Moroni had taken back the plates to be returned only after Smith repented.

Audio Chapters from Chinese Book of Mormon

Smith later stated that God allowed him to resume translation, but directed that he begin translating another part of the plates in what is now called the Book of Mosiah. In , work resumed on the Book of Mormon, with the assistance of Oliver Cowdery, and was completed in a short period April—June Smith said that he then returned the plates to Moroni upon the publication of the book. The Book of Mormon went on sale at the bookstore of E. Grandin in Palmyra, New York on March 26, Since its first publication and distribution, critics of the Book of Mormon have claimed that it was fabricated by Smith and that he drew material and ideas from various sources rather than translating an ancient record.

Book official of mormon audio

Fair Mormon maintains that all of these theories have been disproved and discredited, arguing that both Mormon and non-Mormon historians have found serious flaws in their research. We include the full version of the Edition of the Book of Mormon on this wonderful DVD, in both its scanned form, and digitized form, along with the full 26 hour rendition of the audio book version of the Book of Mormon. Make sure you check out our other listings.

Our library is ever expanding. Overall, we believe our product provides the best value out there. We provide more for less! Catalog Number and disclaimer Catalog TCA-F28 If you download another item with this same catalog number, you will get two identical items.

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