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complete naat book naat on mobile book naat on computer book naat mobile naatain urdu naats naat in urdu hamad hamad o naat hamad o naat in urdu. Famous Naats is Not a New Name for Lovers. is Proud to publish her Book ” Famous Naats”. Records 1 - 35 of 35 Book Added. 10/31/ Name Tasbeeh e Naat by Raja Rasheed Mahmood Naat Vol Image. File Size .. fanoose Image.

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Islamic books library, where you can download online islamic books in pdf with more than 35 languages, read authentic books about Islam. Zoq-e-Naat. حضرت علامہ صائم چشتی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ کا اردو پنجابی نعتیہ کلام انٹرنیٹ ایڈیشن پیش خدمت ہے علامہ صائم چشتی رحمۃ اللہ علیہ کی دیگر. Read urdu books on category- NAAT. Nigar-e-Rahmat. Urdu Shairi Mein Naat Volume Auj Volume Auj Volume

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Pdf naat books

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Pdf naat books

You are prohibited from participating in political activities while using the Materials or the Website. The trader, Narayana Das, settled at Janiya near Barpeta and took to agriculture. A man of the world otherwise, he soon flourished and became a provider to Sankardev and his devotees.

He came to be known popularly as Thakur Ata. Patbausi[ edit ] After a great deal of moving, Sankardev settled at Patbausi near Barpeta in the Koch Kingdom and constructed a Kirtanghar house of prayer.

Damodardev , a Brahmin, was initiated by Sankardev. Damodardev was entrusted by Sankardev to initiate Brahmin disciples.

A Sattra was also constructed for him at Patbausi itself. Later Damodardev became the founder of the Brahma Sanghati sect of Sankardev's religion. Among Sankardev's literary works, he completed his rendering of the Bhagavata Purana and wrote other independent works.

He continued composing the Kirtan Ghosha, further translated the first canto of the Ramayana Adi Kanda and instructed Madhavdev to translate the last canto Uttara Kanda , portions that were left undone by the 14th century poet Madhav Kandali.

He wrote four plays: Rukmini harana, Parijata harana, Keligopala and Kalidamana. Another play written at Patbausi, Kansa Vadha, is lost.

At Patbausi, he had lent his Bargeets numbering around to Kamala Gayan. But unfortunately, Gayan's house was gutted and most of the borgeets were lost.

Shan e Kainat (Urdu punjabi naat book) Allama Saim chishti. pdf

Since that incident Sankardev stopped composing Bargeets. Of the , 34 remain today. Second Pilgrimage[ edit ] Sankardev once again left for a pilgrimage in with a large party of disciples that included Madhavdev, Ramrai, Ramaram, Thakur Ata and others. Thakur Ata had to return after just one day's journey.


Madhavdev had to take entire responsibility of logistics. He on the request of Sankardev's wife Kalindi urged him to return from Puri and not proceed to Vrindavana.

Sankardev and the group returned to Patbausi within six months in Koch capital and Bheladanga[ edit ] On receiving repeated complaints that Sankardev was corrupting the minds of the people by spreading a new religion Nara Narayan , the Koch king, ordered Sankardev's arrest, and Sankardev went into hiding.

Pdf naat books

At the debate with the court pundits that followed, Sankardev was able to refute all allegations against him. The king declared him free and furthermore honored him with a seat close to the throne.

Sankardev began to attend Naranarayana's court regularly, and received the freedom to propagate his teachings. Chilarai was instrumental in keeping Sankardev safe and supporting his work.

Many of Sankardev's literary and dramatic works were completed in his domain with his patronage and protection. Sankardev acknowledged his appreciation in his play ' Ram Vijaya '. Sankardev shuttled between Kochbehar the capital and Patbausi his seat. He was often hosted by Chilarai, and on his request agreed to have the images of the childhood days of krishna at Vrindavan woven on cloth. He engaged the weavers of Tantikuchi, near Barpeta, to weave a forty-yard long tapestry panel.

Sankaradeva provided the designs to be woven, chose the various colours of thread to be used, and supervised the weaving. It took about a year to complete and, deriving its name from its theme, came to be known as the Vrindavani Vastra.