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Read "Malory Towers Collection 4 Books " by Enid Blyton available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. For new girl. (Malory Towers Collections and Gift books) (English Edition) de Enid Blyton na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais. Malory Towers has 6 entries in the series. Book 7. Enid Blyton Author Pamela Cox Author (). cover image of Summer Term at Malory Towers.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. The book has everything from midnight feasts and playing tricks on Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Enid Blyton died in but remains one of the Advanced Search · Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Children's eBooks. Malory Towers is a fictional Cornish seaside boarding school which features in a series . i was searching for free books of enidblytonand your site came on the.

Shelves: enid-blyton , series , cornwall , school , malory-towers Book 3 for my Malory Towers Challenge, or rather of me reading through the Malory Towers books chronologically. The story opens as usual with Darrell preparing to return to Malory Towers, where her sister Felicity will be joining her next term. Her friend Sally is in quarantine, and they must take along Zerelda Brass, a new American student, along as they drive down. She also appears a lot more grown up than she is because of this inviting disapproval from the teachers, though admiration from Gwendolen Mary. While we do see what the usual cast of characters get up to, the focus of this one is the three new girls, their temperaments and problems, and how Malory Towers and the girls and indeed teachers they meet there change their approach to life, and to school. This instalment, as I said, concentrates more on the stories of the three new girls.

She isn't heard of from Form 3. Violet Violet Form 1 Violet is described as a shy and colourless child who is much left out of things because she never seemed to have interest in them. She is rarely heard from and only seen in the first book when she walks in with Mary-Lou, who sees her fountain-pen smashed. She appears to like gardening in the first book 'First term at Malory Towers' — when Gwen is plotting a mean plan against Mary-Lou, Darrell and Alicia, she appears in the school garden watering plants.

Rebukes Darrell for being harsh to Mary-Lou. Also known for her ability to handle money for clubs and charities. Her most notable storylines included befriending Ellen Wilson despite Ellen initially being verbally abusive towards her in the second form and later defending Ellen against Alicia during a massive row that broke out after Alicia falsely accused Ellen of theft without proof.

Malory Towers, 4: Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

While generally on good terms with Alicia, she is one of the few girls in the form who is not afraid to stand up to her on occasions when Alicia is being unreasonable. She was the head girl of Darrell's third form; however, this fell into jeopardy after she failed to report that Mavis had not come to bed and instead played truant and gone to a concert in a nearby town, and Mavis was later found to have collapsed at the roadside about five miles away Jean had been worried that she would herself get in trouble for telling tales if she reported Mavis, and failed to make the distinction between "sneaking" and reporting wrongdoing.

Miss Grayling threatened to strip of her position, but Jean's support of Mavis through her illness redeemed her and Miss Grayling agreed to let her continue as head girl. In the fourth novel, she is said to have passed the school cert and is in a higher form. After Darrell saves her when Gwen holds her under the water in the pool for way too long in the first book, she becomes her companion and rather likes her and Sally.

Enid malory blyton ebook towers

When Darrell is accused of smashing her pen, that night she thinks "Something's not quite right, Gwen changed into slippers instead of her shoes, so I'd better have a look. Sally and Darrell accept Mary-Lou and take her on a friend. She likes Daphne because of her charming looks and ways. Eventually becomes one of school's biggest successes and leaves to train as nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Katherine Katherine Form 1 Head of the First Form in the first book, but goes straight up to the Third Form at the start of the second book. It is implied that she was kept from going up to the Second Form to be Head Girl, but no more is heard from her after the first chapter of the second book. Ellen Wilson Ellen Form 2—4 A scholarship girl who, in fact, wasn't very clever.

She was overworked from studying for the scholarship she had headaches, becomes snappish and irritable and had no real friends. Despite Ellen being very nasty to her at times, she eventually formed an unlikely friendship with Jean, who took pity on her after she became ill shortly before the exams, and publically defended Ellen during a row with Alicia. Her works in Malory Towers were not up to standard, and the fear of failing the exams after her illness made Ellen decide to cheat.

After this was discovered by the headmistress Miss Grayling, Ellen was given a second chance. In the third book, she was moved up to the form ahead of Darrell, and was seen to be more cheerful and friendly after this.

Jean and Ellen were reunited in the fourth book, when Jean passed her School Certificate a year early, and was also moved up a form. Daphne Millicent Turner Daphne Forms 2—5 Gwen's former 'best friend', whom Gwen sucked up to because she was beautiful and, as she claimed, a millionaire. Mary Lou also liked her and helps in her French. Although at first Daphne was only using Mary Lou to help her French work, she gradually felt a genuine liking for her. In the end of the second book, she saved Mary Lou's life, who had gone off to post Daphne's parcel during a storm and was almost thrown off a cliff; after which Daphne was discovered to be a liar as she wasn't a millionaire , and a thief too poor to download nice things, she stole them from her classmates.

Mary Lou stood up for her, and encouraged the other second formers to let Daphne stay- which they did. The two becomes best friends and later forms a threesome with Mavis in the fourth book. Arrives in third form. Is a Tomboy, an only girl with seven brothers, who adores her horse, Thunder.

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She also insists on being called Bill. Rude to teachers, disobedient,she can't stay out of trouble for the love of her horse, Thunder. Becomes a close friend of Miss Peters after the teacher helps save Thunder from serious colic.

Becomes friends with Clarissa Carter, also a good rider and horse enthusiast. Mavis Allyson Mavis Forms 3—6 First introduced in the third book, Mavis is a talented and well-trained singer. At first, she was very conceited with her singing talent and was always saying, "When I'm an opera singer Later in the book, she got ill and lost her voice- because of this she learns to be sensible and not be as boastful.

She becomes friends with Zerelda at the end of the book. However, Zerelda left and she hung with Mary Lou and Daphne afterwards and was accepted by the others. She got her voice back in the middle of the fourth book, but was no longer conceited. Darrel tried to get her and Daphne to befriend Clarissa and help her escape Gwendoline's clutches but they were both unsuccessful in their attempts since Gwendoline had poisoned Clarissa against both of them.

Was the chief singer in the Fifth Form Pantomime and also trained other less experienced singers. Left the term previous to Darrell's final one to go to a music college. Clarissa Carter Clarissa Forms 4—6 Clarissa is a small, unattractive girl with glasses and braces who has a heart problem and also loves horses.

Recovers her health and improves her appearance by losing glasses and braces.

She befriends Wilhelmina 'Bill' Robinson. Brings her own horse Merrylegs to school the next term and rides with Bill and Thunder. Her weak heart is where Gwendoline got her idea to fake heart problems and get out of the school cert comes from. June Johns June 1—6 Appeared within the last three books of the main Malory Towers books, she is Alicia Johns' cousin and has all of Alicia's bad points and very few of her good.

Bold, cheeky and feisty June loves to play tricks, has a very quick brain and a sharp tongue, with a great talent in swimming and tennis, although she doesn't seem to take any of these seriously.

Her sports talent was spotted by a new sixth former, Amanda Chartelow, in the sixth book.

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Amanda decided to train June, but June disliked Amanda and after a row with her, quits her training. She later saved Amanda's life, who was swimming in the dangerous sea nearby and was almost killed by the currents. Amanda later thanks June, and June realised that they have both been foolish over the trainings. June decided to work on her sports seriously and made it to the second teams in swimming and tennis.

She promised Alicia to 'carry the standard of Malory Towers high' when Alicia leaves the school. Felicity Rivers Felicity 1—6 Was introduced since the first book, but she came to Malory Towers only in Darrell's fourth year. She is very like Darrell, though much shyer. At the beginning of her first term in Malory Towers, she befriends the quick-witted, amusing June Jones. Darrell disapproved of Felicity's friendship with June as she neither like nor trusts June.

In the fourth book, June got Darrell and the fourth formers in trouble, and Felicity, angry and disgusted, abandoned June and befriends Susan instead.

When June was almost expelled in the fifth novel for writing poisonous anonymous letters to a fifth former, Moira, Felicity sympathises with her and asked the fifth formers to talk to Miss Grayling, the headmistress, to let June stay. In the sixth book, she seems to be on friendly terms with June again, and they formed a threesome with Susan.


She was very like Gwendoline- lazy, spoilt and conceited. She also hated games, swimming and walks, like Gwen. Darrell, and some other fifth formers decided to pair her off with Gwendoline but Gwendoline didn't like her.

Moira Linton Moira Forms 5—6 Moira was left down in the fifth form and can be rather domineering. Head girl of the fifth form, and the self-appointed producer of the pantomime, she was very unpopular.

When June Johns was discovered to have written poisonous letters to her, and was about to be expelled, Moira stood up for the first former and gained more admiration and liking from the other girls ever since.

She is also interested in sports, and forgets to be domineering when discussing about them. She helps Darrell, who was the Sports captain in the fifth form, and in the sixth form, helps Sally. The other girls detested her martyr ways and called her Saint Catherine. The Estimate Delivery Date is when your order is expected to arrive at your chosen delivery location. Once you have submitted your order you will receive confirmation and status update emails.

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