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Immortal Talks- Book 1 is now available exclusively on Read top stories published by Immortal Talks. Immortal Talks- Book 1 is now available exclusively on The book starts with two monks secretly observing a group of tribal people in a forested mountain. It appeared that the jungle dwellers were talking to something .

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Immortal Talks book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The book starts with two monks secretly observing a group of tribal. See the Glog! Download Ebook Immortal Talks (- Book 1) PDF: text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU - Interactive multimedia posters. Depending on your preferences, reading eBooks is convenient compared to having a book. You save space and money. Besides, with eBooks, you can read .

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And, in a good portion of those cases, children know things about the deceased person that, allegedly, they could not have known otherwise. Paul Edwards has also accused Stevenson of asking leading questions towards his own preconceptions Edwards, Moreover, reincarnation runs into conceptual problems of its own.

If you do not remember past lives, then it seems that you cannot legitimately claim that you are the same person whose life you do not remember. However, a few philosophers claim this is not a good objection at all, as you do not remember being a very young child, and yet can still surely claim to be the same person as that child Ducasse, Population growth also seems to be a problem for reincarnation: according to defenders of reincarnation, souls migrate from one body to another.

Yet, the number of bodies has consistently increased ever since the dawn of mankind. Where, one may ask, were all souls before new bodies came to exist? Mediums and Ghostly Apparitions During the heyday of Spiritualism the religious movement that sought to make contact with the dead , some mediums gained prominence for their reputed abilities to contact the dead. These mediums were of two kinds: physical mediums invoked spirits that, allegedly, produced physical phenomena for example, lifting tables ; and mental mediums whose bodies, allegedly, were temporarily possessed by the spirits.

Most physical mediums were exposed as frauds by trained magicians. Mental mediums, however, presented more of a challenge for skeptics. William James was impressed by one such medium, Leonora Piper, and although he remained somewhat skeptical, he finally endorsed the view that Piper in fact made contact with the dead. Some parapsychologists credit the legitimacy of mental mediumship Almeder, Parapsychologists have also gathered testimonies of alleged ghost appearances, especially cases where the spirit communicates something that no person could have known for example, the location of a hidden treasure , and yet it is corroborated.

This evidence seems far too anecdotal to be taken seriously; it does not go through the rigorous control that such a claim would require. Electronic-Voice Phenomena Some parapsychologists have tried to record white noise generated by vacant radio stations, and in places where it is known that no person is present Raudive, Allegedly, some of those recordings have produced noises similar to human voices with strange messages, and these voices are believed to come from ghosts.

Skeptics claim that such messages are too vague to be taken seriously, and that the tendency of the human mind to find purpose everywhere, promotes the interpretation of simple noises as human voices. These are described as near death experiences Moody, Some parapsychologists claim near death experiences are evidence of life after death, and some sort of window revealing the nature of the afterlife.

Skeptical scientists, however, have offered plausible physiological explanations for such experiences. Carl Sagan considered the possibility that near death experiences evoke memories from the moment of birth: the transit through the tunnel would evoke the birth canal, and the sensation of floating in the air would evoke the sensation of floating in amniotic acid during gestation Sagan, There are still other physiological explanations.

These experiences can be induced by stimulating certain regions of the brain. In moments of intense crises, the brain releases endorphins, and this may account for the peaceful and relaxed sensation. The experience of going through a tunnel may be due to anoxia lack of oxygen , or the application of anesthetics containing quetamine.

Encounters with religious characters may be hallucinations as a result of anoxia Blackmore, Some patients that have undergone near death experiences have allegedly provided verifiable information that they had no way to know. Some parapsychologists take this as evidence that patients float through the air during near death experiences and, during the ordeal, they are capable to travel to other locations. This evidence is, however, anecdotal.

And there is contrary evidence: Researchers have placed computer laptops with random images in the roof of emergency rooms, so that only someone watching from above could know the content of the images, but, so far, no patient has ever accurately described such images Roach, Extrasensory Perception Parapsychologists have designed some experiments that purport to prove that some people have the ability of extrasensory perception or ESP Radin, If this ability does indeed exist, it would not prove immortality, but it would seem to prove dualism; that is, the mind is not reducible to the brain.

The best formulated experiment is the so-called Ganzfeld experiment. Person A relaxes in a cabin, her eyes are covered with ping-pong ball halves, and listens to white noise for fifteen minutes. This is intended to promote sense deprivation. In another cabin, person B is shown a target image. Afterwards, subject A is shown the target image, along with three other images. Parapsychologists claim this is evidence that something strange is going on as it defies the expectancy of chance , and their explanation is that some people have the ability of extra sensory perception.

However, this experiment is not without critics. There may be sensory leakage perhaps the cabins are not sufficiently isolated from each other. The Technological Prospect of Immortality Most secular scientists have little patience for parapsychology or religiously-inspired immortality. However, the exponential growth of technological innovation in our era has allowed the possibility to consider that, in a not-too-distant future, bodily immortality may become a reality.

A few of these proposed technologies raise philosophical issues. Cryonics Cryonics is the preservation of corpses in low temperatures.

[PDF] Immortal Talks PDF By Shunya

Although it is not a technology that purports to bring persons back to life, it does purport to conserve them until some future technology might be capable of resuscitating dead bodies. If, indeed, such technology were ever developed, we would need to revise the physiological criterion for death. For, if brain death is a physiological point of no return, then bodies that are currently cryogenically preserved and will be brought back to life, were not truly dead after all.

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Most scientists are skeptical of the prospect of resuscitating already dead people, but some are more enthusiastic about the prospect of indefinitely procrastinating death by stopping the aging processes. Scientist Aubrey De Grey has proposed some strategies for engineered negligible senescence: their goal is to identify the mechanisms accountable for aging, and attempt to stop, or even, reverse them by, say cell repair De Grey and Rae, Some of these strategies involve genetic manipulation and nanotechnology, and hence they bring forth ethical issues.

These strategies also bring concern about the ethics of immortality, that is, is immortality even desirable? See section 3 of this article. Hence, even if the organic brain dies, the mind could continue to exist once it is uploaded in a silicon-based machine.

Two crucial philosophical issues are raised by this prospect. First, the field of philosophy of artificial intelligence raises the question: could a machine ever really be conscious? Even if we were to claim that a machine could in fact be conscious, the technological prospect of mind uploading raises a second philosophical issue: would an emulation of the brain preserve personal identity?

If we adhere to a soul or body criterion of personal identity, we should answer negatively. If we adhere to a psychological criterion of personal identity, then we should answer affirmatively, for the artificial brain would indeed be psychologically continuous with the original person.

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Immortal Talks (- Book 1)

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Talks pdf immortal

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The immortal Lord Hanuman arrives | Immortal Hanuman

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Talks pdf immortal

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Immortal Talks

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Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind. Noonan, Harold. Personal Identity. Parfit, Derek. Reasons and Persons. Pascal, Blaise. Hackett Publishing. Perry, John. But, instead he thought of selling this knowledge for money. Such a low level knowledge can be used in daily life, management, etc. Got this as gift.

Why would anyone want to read something like this is really doubtful. Am not sure what author and publisher was thinking. Pathetic and full of nonsense.

Good souls, bad souls and time travel is most idiotic thing I have ever read. The only takeaways from the book are common sense and obvious things. Not recommended. Mar 15, Kunal Agarwal rated it really liked it. Initial chapters is somewhat similar to The Secret and last 2 chapter's idea is in sink with Bhagwad Gita, but story felt totally hypothetical Would recommend to read it once and try to understand it.

There are lot of deep and hidden meaning in explanation. May 17, Vanathi A rated it it was amazing. One awesome book that brought in peace when I needed it the most. It really really helped me sleep peacefully at night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after a long time: View 1 comment. Feb 14, Anantha Narayanan rated it liked it.

One read is not enough. A delicate topic, confused interpretation while reading for first time. Not suitable for people who don't believe in atma.

Unfortuantely the word soul is used instead of atma, which is a totally different meaning. Since stories hour instant analogy, whereas some others have to be force fit. However I don't subscribe to the thoughts in the book related to cursed souls, dream world, etc.

A good read though. Will be reading it second time soon this year. View 2 comments. Jun 15, Tungasri Chaudhuri rated it really liked it. To begin with let me tell you , this is not a religious book.

The author talks about how being with nature is being with the Divine. It runs through topics like intuition ,T strings , rebirth , rituals , knowledge and life in general. Read it, if you are lo To begin with let me tell you , this is not a religious book. Read it, if you are looking for a meditational read. No one has the exact explanation of topics like rebirth or intuition. So read it with an open mind , if you do.

Found answers to many questions. Mar 28, Justin Joseph rated it it was amazing. Touched me. Blessed by this book. Waiting for more It was an incredible experience going through every single word in this book.

Spiritual topics can tend to get dry sometimes but the author has made a wonderful attempt at explaining advanced concepts about life, death, karma, reincarnation, and love through stories that anyone could easily understand. The best part is, it just doesn't nail any specific topic into readers mind, or forces you to believe any particular dogma, but instead present Touched me. The best part is, it just doesn't nail any specific topic into readers mind, or forces you to believe any particular dogma, but instead presents various concepts, through stories, which would help any spiritual seeker to look beyond what is in front of their eyes and look at the world through a different set of eyes.

Style is good and cited examples is making the reader to accept the core content.. Good one in philosophy and was never boring till the end. A few concepts like the soul exchanges seem to be a little vague. Overall it's a book of great valuable messages for life. Oct 28, Suraj Labade rated it it was amazing.

This book explains, complex concepts in simpler way. My many confusions got cleared. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Yet to read. Jul 24, Anuja rated it it was amazing. It is about questioning everything - including what you think you know for sure, your beliefs, what you think is your identity and finally who you believe you are.

Because if she is the Shunya, the nothingness, then even Lord Hanuman does not exist. This book reminds me of a story: A long time ago, lived a well-known Buddhist Master who would insist, that the final barrier to our attaining God was the word and idea of "God.

And one day the local priest came in a huff to argue the matter out with the Buddhist Master. He told the Master "But surely the word 'God' can lead us to God? The local priest got confused. How can a solution be a problem? In olden days, people would travel by donkeys. So the donkey will take you to the doorstep of your house.

It will not take you inside the house. You have to get down from the donkey and walk in yourself. Similarly, if you come to your house by car, you have to get down from the car and enter your house. You cannot drive your car into the house. That, however, still means separation.

Apr 03, Vinay Gadia rated it liked it. A book that talks about the voluntary path of the soul, the time-space-shunya continuum, the forking of parallel universes, the attachment to karma and the option of letting go, the concept of multiple souls adorning a body, soul-transfers, karma-desire light sparks that define a body - all via allegories, metaphors and personification done very beautifully.

This book is only part one of the series and hoping for more. The books forces you to think and be aware of the emotions that bind you. The A book that talks about the voluntary path of the soul, the time-space-shunya continuum, the forking of parallel universes, the attachment to karma and the option of letting go, the concept of multiple souls adorning a body, soul-transfers, karma-desire light sparks that define a body - all via allegories, metaphors and personification done very beautifully.

The book talks about walking the tunnel of reality that you desire by simply wanting it and the strings of time in shunya tunnels. However, it is not an answer. May 17, Meenu rated it it was amazing. Destiny changing book I have never came across a book like this one! It blew my mind off, which I apparently do not have. I am not this body, i am not this mind.

Read this if you encounter yourself thinking of the fundamental questions of your life.. Who am I? What is this place? Where is this place?

Why is my soul trapped in this body and world? Will I continue to live forever? Read reviews that mention must read lord hanuman immortal talks eagerly waiting amazing book looking forward spiritual path reading this book waiting for the next eye opener time and space well written good read awesome book highly recommend spiritual journey waiting for part jai shri story telling social media.

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Talks pdf immortal

Verified download. Soon after attaining immortality, Lord Hanuman had promised that he will vidit mortal disciples, every 41 years. He kept the eternal promise and returns once again to meet the new generation of his disciples. They have done thier part by maintaining secrecy and isolation from rest of the humanity. He begins his talks to impart the supreme knowledge which is going to empower them to fulfill thier desires immediately.

Some of them desire to become as power full as god, and rest of them desire to be free from the cycle of birth and death.

He unravels the mysteries of the universe in such a simple and engrossing way that even mischievous monkeys of the jungle are feeling enlightened. Unlike his previous visit, this time he had a larger objective set by his master. As a part of a divorce plan, a couple of mo ka from the modern society sneak into the jungle and try to mingle with his secret disciples.

This book is amazing. I have posted some pictures do have a look and dont forget to hit the helpful button. After reading thousands of books, spiritual texts I was finally ready for this Gem of Hidden knowledge. Who is this awesome author Shunya. But I think this says all.

It's for everyone. I am blessed to read this book. I bow down before Lord Hanuman infinite times and surrender myself willingly and completely The immortal lord hanumana comes every 41 tears to impart supreme knowledge to his disciples , the Mahtangs. The book is the based on the knowledge that lord hanumana imparted to his disciples.

Read this one to know more about our mythological world. Follow chaahat. This book is a journey. Journey of a mortal to achieve the gleam of immortal.

This is the journey where you want to go again and again. I would prefer this book for everyone who wants to take the ride of such journey. This book is one of a kind. Feel free to read it few times to understand if needed. Once you get the idea , you will feel inspired to try it.. Suddenly, your soul feels way lighter and relieved as if it is pure now