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View and Download HP Compaq dx hardware manual online. Microtower Business PC. Compaq dx Desktop pdf manual download. Also for: Nvut . View and Download HP Dx - Microtower PC hardware reference manual online. Microtower Model Business PC. Dx - Microtower PC Desktop pdf. Hp Hp-Compaq-DxMicrotower-Pc-Setup-And-Install hp-compaq- dxmicrotower-pc-setup-and-install hp pdf.

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Monitor (sold separately). QuickSpecs. HP Compaq dx Microtower Business PC. Overview. DA - North America — Version 7 — 19, . Microtower. Processor. Intel Celeron Processors. Intel Celeron Processor ( GHz, KB L2 cache, MHz FSB). Intel Celeron Processor. Manuals or user guides for your HP Compaq dx Microtower PC. Note: Use the most current version of the reader for viewing these PDF user guides by .

HP Standard Keyboard 5. Terms and conditions vary by country. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. Processor numbers differentiate features within each processor family, not across different processor families. See: and for details. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features of Windows Vista will run on your computer. Customers buying these downgraded systems are expected to purchase at least 25 licenses annually.

Global coverage Note 2 ensures that any product purchased in one country and transferred to another nonrestricted country will remain fully covered under the original warranty and service offering. One-year onsite and labor are not available in all countries. NOTE 1: Terms and conditions may vary by country. Other warranty variations may be offered in your region NOTE 2: On-site service may be provided pursuant to a service contract between HP and an authorized HP third-party provider, and is not available in certain countries.

Global service response times are based on commercially reasonable best effort and may vary by country. Toll-free calling and 24 x 7 support may not be available in some countries. Memory upgrades are accomplished by adding single or multiple DIMMs of the same or varied sizes.

This chart does not represent all possible memory configurations.

Upgrading graphic card

Regardless of the power-on state, voltage is always supplied to the memory modules as long as the computer is plugged in to an active AC outlet.

Adding or removing memory modules while voltage is present may cause irreparable damage to the memory modules or system board. HP recommends dual-channel symmetric configurations for maximum performance. For best performance, add the same amount of total memory to each channel and do not mix speeds. For dual-channel symmetric performance, the total amount of memory in each channel must be equal.

If speeds are mixed, speed will default to the slowest DIMM. Not all memory configurations possible are represented below. NOTE: For systems configured with more than 3 GB of memory and a bit operating system, all memory may not be available due to system resource requirements.

HP dx2400 - Microtower PC Hardware Reference Manual

No driver is required for this device. Native support is provided by the operating system. This tab shows the current configuration of the computer.

From the Survey tab, there is access to several categories of information about the computer. Other tabs provide additional information, including diagnostic test options and test results.

Use HP Insight Diagnostics to determine if all the devices installed on the computer are recognized by the system and functioning properly. Running tests is optional but recommended after installing or connecting a new device. You should run tests, save the test results, and print them so that you have printed reports available before placing a call to the Customer Support Center.

You can also download the tool from the HP Web site as follows: 1. Go to www.

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Enter the product number for example, dx in the text box and press the Enter key. Select the specific product. Select the OS. Click the Diagnostics link. Select the proper language and click Download. Beeps Meaning Recommended Action 1 short, 1 long Bad memory or memory configuration error Check that the memory modules have been installed correctly and that proper modules are used.

For systems with a graphics card: 1.

Reseat the graphics card. Power on the system. Replace the graphics card. For systems with integrated graphics, replace the system board. Upgrade the BIOS to proper version.

HP Compaq dx2400 Microtower PC User Guides

Change the processor. Turn off the computer and any external devices, and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet. Remove the access panel. Replace the access panel, external devices, reconnect the power cord, and then turn on the computer.


To reduce the risk of personal injury from electrical shock, hot surfaces, or fire: Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and allow the internal system components to cool before touching. Remove all removable media, such as diskettes or compact discs, from the computer. Turn off the computer properly through the operating system, then turn off any external devices.

Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet and disconnect any external devices. Ensure that the hole for the screw is aligned with the hole in the chassis and tighten the screw 2. To remove a bezel blank: Remove the front bezel.

Dx2400 mt pdf hp

Press the two retaining tabs towards the outer left edge of the bezel 1 and pull the bezel blank inwards to remove it 2. Page Replacing The Front Bezel Replacing the Front Bezel Insert the three hooks on the left side of the bezel into the slots on the chassis 1 and rotate the bezel on from left to right 2 so that it snaps in place.

These memory sockets are populated with at least one preinstalled DIMM.

Pdf hp dx2400 mt

Page Installing Dimms with the least amount of memory describes the total amount of memory assigned to dual channel and the remainder is assigned to single channel. For optimal speed, the channels should be balanced so that the largest amount of memory is spread between the two channels. If one channel will have more memory than the other, the larger amount should be assigned to Channel A. Page 23 Open both latches of the memory module socket 1 , and insert the memory module into the socket 2.

Match the notch on the module with the tab on the memory socket. Page 25 Remove the computer access panel.