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A few days ago I received my copy of Head First Java by Kathy Sierra and described a radically different approach to the textbook. .. The core Java library. Bert Bates is also a long-time Java developer and trainer with extensive Head First Javaassumes you're a programmer or at least have experience with scripting languages. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. are used to drive home key points and make ideas come alive, the Head First approach is as. Head First Java, 2nd Edition [Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates] on Don't get me wrong, this is a good book to the right person, but it is too advanced for a beginner of average This book is better than any Java college textbook.

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Head First Pages · · Similar Free eBooks. Filter by page count Before writing Head First Android Development, Dawn wrote three other Head First books. O'Reilly - Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design. What they're saying about Head First. Praise for Head First Java. Praise for other Head First books co-authored by Kathy and Bert. Head First Java combines puzzles, strong visuals, mysteries, and You'll learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics, including threads, network .

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages. You will find java based applications everywhere, from embedded systems to web applications. Android programming is built on top of java, that is used in billions of smartphones, tablets etc. So if you want to build your career as a Java professional, having good core java knowledge is a must. If you are good at Core Java, learning all other java based frameworks is not that hard. Best Java Books There are a lot of online tutorials that you can follow, but nothing can replace a good book. Here I am sharing 5 Core Java Books that you should read, I am sure that you must have read at least one of these books.

Each of them is an exercise in cleaning up the code.

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The third, and final section of the Clean Code is a single chapter that contains a list of heuristics gathered while creating the case studies covered in the previous section. Learning and getting started with Java is easy. However, writing effectual Java code requires robust knowledge of OOP principles.

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Clean Code helps in building that knowledge about the Java programming language. Deitel and Harvey M.

Ebook Head First Java 2nd Edition (PDF)

Steele Jr. Which Java programming book or books you consider the best? Let us know via the comments section below. Happy Java learning! Whatever the reason, the onus is on you to learn. All these factors make it more important than ever to have a way to learn--fast.

Head First Java, 2nd Edition [Book]

And that's whatHead First Javadoes -- by exploiting the way your brain works, it compresses the time it takes to really learn. Because its unique approach not only shows you what you need to know about Java syntax, it enables and encourages you to think like a Java programmer.

Mastering object oriented programming requires a certain way of thinking, not just a certain way of writing code. The latest research in cognitive science, neurobiology, and educational psychology shows that learning at the deeper levels takes a lot more than text on a page. Actively combining words and pictures not only helps in understanding the subject, but in remembering it.

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According to some studies, an engaging, entertaining, image-rich, conversational approach actually teaches the subject better. Head First Javaputs these theories into practice with a vengeance.

Chock full of mind stretching exercises, memorable analogies, and stories, humor and attitude that aren't just pasted-on distractions but that are used to drive home key points and make ideas come alive, the Head First approach is as effective as it is unique. It takes a pretty unique person to have developed such an innovative way to Learn Java. Kathy Sierra has been interested in learning theory since her days as a game designer.

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More recently, she's been a master trainer for Sun Microsystems, teaching Sun's own instructors how to teach the latest Java technologies.

She has been actively using the concepts inHead First Javato teach hundreds of trainers, developers and even non programmers.