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Author Topic: [Light Novel] [English] Hataraku Maou-sama! 【PDF】 Volume 8 MEGA. Logged. Translating Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan Spin-off Volume 1 - [31%] Translation in Progress (Mountain of Pigeons). Hataraku Maou-sama - Volume 01 [Yen Press] - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File The tube-like object in his hand emitted a blinding white light. Hataraku Maou-sama Volume 4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11 PDF. corporate ladder and become the ruler of Earth, one satisfied customer at a time!.

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Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume / Chapters List Volume pdf · ‹ Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume · up · › Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume ›. Hataraku Maou-sama! Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume · Hataraku Maou- sama! Volume · Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume · Hataraku Maou-sama !. Author Topic: [Light Novel] [English] Hataraku Maou-sama! Since February , ASCII Media Works has published 14 volumes. The Demon Lord and one of his generals, Alsiel, escape through a portal to modern Tokyo.

The "Demonic Highness" being lectured remained seated, unable to formulate a response. There's still some money in my wallet. Do you think that would be the best thing for your health? It was stuffed with a vast array of boxes and packaging from a certain famous fast-food chain. When we finally make our triumphant return, hopefully you won't require a mobility scooter! Ten years as a human being may not seem very long, but it is.

A was not shown underneath the long robe he wore, from his appearance, he would look like an Ancient Greek person. Whether it was based on complexion or health, the man was much better than Satou, he also looked strong, and not to mention, he was also younger. But even the eyes of the frozen red seabream sold at the supermarket, are even more lively than mine.

Born from the Tree of Life, the spheres which built the worldSephira, their guardian, Gabriel, mocked himself while shrugging. Oh my? After returning to the compartment he borrowed, Gabriel hurriedly picked up the device which was ringing from where it was placed next to the computer. As long as he used the device which this world had, the mobile phone, he would be able to conduct a more accurate mental transmission, this was Gabriels recent new discovery.

Gabriel, who taken a fancy to this, ordered his subordinates from the Heaven Troops to stay in Japan, stay in nearby internet cafes, and keep in contact, however, the one who called this time wasnt them.

Hataraku Maou-sama - Volume 01 [Yen Press]

Oh, youre already here. Yes yes yes, its my fault for not producing results, Im so sorry. Gabriel shrugged, and from his tone, it did not feel like he was reflecting on it at all. Is the war over there alright? Oh my, you didnt cause it huh. Then, where are you? Oh, there. Let me say this first. That is no obelisk, thats a building humans work in. Yeah, just wait on the roof there for a while. Ill go there to get you. Without any motivation, Gabriel hung up the phone.

Now then.. Those red eyes which were originally more lifeless than those of a seabream were now shining because he seemed to look forward to the current development of the situation.

As an angel, I still wish to work for the sake of justice after all.

Maou pdf novel hataraku 1 light volume sama

Ever since ancient times, the rose was seen as a symbol of beauty, and was loved by the people in power, that blooming beautiful flower could always be seen in human history. That villa which was given the name of this queen of flowers, naturally has that corresponding magnificence and beauty, and accumulated a long history, it is a place where an important customer known as a king can rest his body and gain tranquility.

Therefore, for an angel worshipped by many to visit this apartment with a history equivalent to the rose, queen of all flowers, ruled by a solemn master, which was able to provide a place for a king to stop and rest, was something which was perhaps, to be expected. However, the Villa Rose was still a physical object of Earth, and its capacity was not sufficient to receive an existence from the Heavens.

Shone upon by the light of the angel, a huge hole appeared in Villa Rose which led to the destruction of the Eden, and announced the end of the stable life of the king. The period of our outing isnt that long, but it isnt that short either. The king looked at the wall of Villa Rose which should have a huge hole caused by the angel.

In reality, it should be considered short, since we didnt even work for half the time of the original schedule. The servant beside the king also raised his head to look at the villa.

Im relieved actually. Like this, I can continue to stay at home. The parasite being provided by the king expressed this without any motivation. Even though there is a saying that once you stay in a place for a long time, youll see it as the Capital, but looking at this, there really is a feeling of Im back.

It means that once you stayed at a place for a long period of time, youll develop feelings for it such that no matter how poor the conditions of the place are, you would still see it as the Capital city, the best place. The inquisitor living in the room next to the king said to herself with feeling. But, I didnt expect that it will be restored to its original state in four days. The junior at the kings workplace looked at the villa in awe.

This really defies common sense, such a huge hole can actually disappear without a trace in four days. The nemesis of the king rebuked this calmly. Home, become pretty? The child who treated the king and the nemesis of the king as parents asked the king.

Novel pdf 1 maou sama light volume hataraku

Sigh, even though everyone should have a lot to say, but I want to ask the landlady one thing! Villa Rose, also known as Villa Rosa Sasazuka. The one who planned to conquer Ente Isla, the king of demons, SatanMaou Sadao looked at the sixty year old wood constructed two story apartment situated in Tokyo, Shidownloada district, Sasazuka and said loudly, Why do we have to move everything out, this place hasnt changed at all, right?

The outer appearance of the apartment which included the Demon Fortress was restored to how it looked a few days ago, quietly sitting in a corner of the residential area of Tokyo, Shidownloada district, Sasazuka, simplying depicting the passing of time. The Yesod is born from the Tree of Life, and one of the Sephira which form the world. The Demon Fortress situated in room of Villa Rosa Sasazuka in Tokyo, Shidownloada district, Sasazuka not only ended up getting a hole which made it unstable for habitation, the inhabitants of the apartment had to leave the place because of the renovation works.

Even though the inquisitor living next to the Demon Fortress, Crestia BellKamazuki Suzuno decided to stay in the apartment belonging to the Hero Emilia, also known as Yusa Emi, but for Maou, who met with his workplace temporarily closing because of refitting works and the renovation of the apartment, he lost his home and workplace at the same time. Under the arrangements of the apartment landlady Shiba Miki, Maou decided to go to a beach house at a beach in Chiba, run by Shibas niece, to stay there and work for a period of time, so the Demon General AlsielAshiya Shiro and Lucifer, who had become Urushihara Hanzo, followed Maou to Chiba.

Emi, Suzuno and Sasaki Chiho, a high school girl who was the only one who knew about the true identities of Maou and Emi as well as the foreign world despite being a Japanese person, also followed them to Chiba. At that place, they met the Demon Minister Camio, who was originally in charge of watching over the Demon World, and from him, they heard about the large shift in the situation in Ente Isla and the Demon World, and they also learnt the truth that the Earth was also filled with many mysteries and so on.

However, for Maou, as the Demon King, the most important thing was that the beach house which he was supposed to work at for half a month, literally disappeared in less than four days. Even though Maou, Ashiya and Urushihara did get a salary which was higher than Maous half a month of income in the end, but for the work to end much earlier than agreed, Maou found it difficult to hide his disappointment at this fact.

The message which Camio passed about the situations of the division of the Demon World, and that the humans of Ente Isla were starting wars in order to obtain Emis Evolving Holy Sword, Better Half, caused Maou and Emi to become heavy hearted.

At the same time, during this incident, the group discovered evidence that the person who had caused chaos in Japan, the previous comrade of the Hero as well as Suzunos superiorthe highest ranked priest in the Church of Ente Islas Western Continent Olba Meyers, had been controlling things from the shadows. If more trouble occurred around Maou and the rest when they were in Japan, they might face danger with regards to their food money after next month.

This is what happened on the first week of August, when the group should have been working at the beach house, Ooguro-ya. Alright, lets go up, Ashiya. Urushihara, you have to direct us properly. Alright alright, be careful not to take a wrong step. A few cardboard boxes and appliances were placed on the front yard of Villa Rosa Sasazuka. Even though they had to move these things into the rooms next, once Ashiya knew that extra fees had to be paid to hire movers to carry the furniture to the second floor, he rejected this additional cost.

Therefore, it had turned into Maou pulling from the top, Ashiya pushing from the bottom, Urushihara standing on the front yard looking at the stairs to provide the directions, the situation where the three of them worked together to move the large electrical appliances to the second floor.

For two males not well versed in transporting furniture to carry heavy furniture, and challenging the stairs which caused the Hero with the Holy Sword to misstep and fall down, it can be said that it required courage exceeding the amount possessed by the Hero.

But if the fridge cannot even be moved to the second floor of the apartment after gathering the King of demons and Demon Generals, then they can forget about conquering the world. Anyway, I already cleaned up the room a bitplease be careful. Chiho poked her head out from the Demon Fortress upstairs. Even though Chiho volunteered to tidy up the place after the lighter items such as clothes, clothes drawers, dinnerware and so on were moved upstairs, but she seemed to think that Maou and the others would not allow her to help to move the electrical appliances, so she watched Maou and the rest worriedly.

Move faster, theres still someone waiting behind! On the other hand, Suzuno who was staying at the front yard of the apartment, looked at the stairs with an unhappy look on her face, and urged the three people mercilessly. Compared to Maou and the others, Suzuno owned more pieces of furniture and electrical appliances, a clothes cupboard made from Paulownia wood to contain the Kimonos, a family sized fridge which looked too big for someone living alone, a heavy vanity made from cherry wood and so on, they were all items which people will worry about breaking once their hands slip, posing a heavier mental burden compared to the items belonging to Maou and the rest.

However, Suzuno also simply rejected the suggestion to employ the help of the movers to move them to the second floor.

Even though she used there are other guys here to help in order to dismiss the movers, but because of this, including the fridge in Maous room, the two males were mentally prepared to properly move these furniture and electrical appliances upstairs.

Even if they borrowed Emis strength, transporting these things is still a difficult job. Then again, from a common sensical point of view, it would be impossible for just two females to move all of the furniture in Suzunos room upstairs.

Who would have expected that the debt incurred at the beach house Ooguro-ya would be paid back at this time. When thinking that one careless movement would drop or damage these valuable furniture, even if they arent Maou, their blood will still run cold.


Demon King-sama! What are you daydreaming about! Ashiya, who discovered that Maou was distracted, shouted this frantically.

Ah, s, sorry,then Im going to lift it up okay, you support it properlyoof! Maou, standing on the common stairs pulled the fridge upwards and lifted it up a little. Alright, Im going to exert some strength!

Ashiya grabbed the handles at the side, and used all his strength to push the fridge up on step from the ground. Ashiya, move to the right a little, if not, you might get stuck in the corner. Hm, its alright like that now. Urushihara franctically moved around and underneath the narrow stairs, giving directions after confirming the surroundings, as for Maou and Ashya, they adjusted their posture, and with much difficulty, they moved the fridge up one step.

At this point, the three of them were sweating. G, good, were going to continue moving upwards now! Un, understood! Continuing with this pace, there are only twelve steps left! Were going to go up one more step, get ready! Maou, you grazed the wall! After a series of crick-cracks and bam-bangs, the Demon King and Demon General worked together, going up the stairs step by step to transport the fridge to the Demon Fortress.

Maou-san, do your best! Chiho shouted from the top of the stairs, cheering for Maou. Seriouslyif we just paid the yen, it wouldnt become like this Urushihara said in a fed up manner from downstairs. Only for this time, I agree with Lucifer. Emi, who watched her two enemies moving the fridge in a strenuous manner from afar, sighed deeply.

So, Bell, you dont really intend to ask them for help, right? Emi asked as she looked at Suzunos furniture. Suzuno shook her head in reply. Of course I do not intend to do such a thing. As long as I ask Chiho-dono to help watch the surroundings, for this bit of luggage, I can carry them up by myself. Just moving a normal fridge was already pushing the limits of two large men, so what can the petite and slender Suzuno do about the large family sized fridge.

However, Emi replied in this manner Thats true. She did not doubt it at all. As the two of them were talking, Maou and Ashiya finally successfully moved the fridge to the common corridor of the second floor without dropping it.

In the heat of the August summer, the two people were already covered in sweat. Hey, its not time to rest yet, the washing machine hasnt even been moved yet! The nagging from Urusihara below was really annoying. Maou-san, Ashiya-san, theres only a little more to go, do your best! As usual, indeed, only Chiho sided with the two of them.

Chi-chan, can I trouble you to bring over some empty boxes? When they packed earlier, Ashiya had took a few cardboard boxes from the supermarket, therefore Chiho did what Maou asked, and passed over two empty cardboard boxes which had contained clothes to him. Ashiya, move it forward by a littlegood, this padding is behind.

Maou placed the cupboard box underneath the fridge in the corridor. Now then, were going to start pulling now, ready Next they started to slowly pull the fridge to in front of the porch. So Maou had put down the cupboard box beforehand in order to prevent the bottom of the fridge from scratching the floor. In the end the two people reached the gates of the Demon Fortress which they had missed, also in front of the main door of room , and in one go, lifted the fridge over the threshold before finally returning it to its original fixed position.

After plugging it in, the interior of the fridge started to produce cool air which did not lose to the heat of the summer. Good good, seems like its not broken Maou touched the door of the fridge, and said to Ashiya, covered in sweat and looking very tired, Hey, we have to transport the washing machine next, if we rest now, well be scolded by Emi and the rest. Al, alright, my, my arms are shaking. Ashiya wiped the sweat on his forehead, and with Maous chiding, raised his head and prepared to leave the room, however, when they were about to leave the porch Wah!

Su, Suzuno-san? At the same time, they heard Chihos shout as well as the sound of something heavy being placed on the floor. What is it, Chi-chanhuh?

The object in front of Maoueyes made him feel a sense of disbelief. The washing machine of the Demon Fortress which had been sitting in the yard up until just now, was already properly placed next to the drainage pipe in the corridor.

And on the other side was the wide eyed, tongue tied Chiho, as well as Suzuno, calmly shaking her hands. If we followed your pace, it would be dark by the time we finished moving everything. Suzuno creased her forehead, covered in sweat because of the sun, and said this nonchalantly. Maou and Ashiya, who poked their heads out from the room, looked at the washing machine and Suzuno in turn.

Th, this, you, by yourself? Thats right, what about it? Maou gaped in shock, completely tongue tied, while Ashiya subconsciously hid hands which were shaking because of the heavy work.

Maou and Ashiya were completely unable to imagine the image of Suzuno, who was petite and slender and wearing a fluttering Kimono, walking up the stairs of Villa Rosa while carrying a washing machine by herself.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Er, erhm, Su, Suzuno-san, ea, easily Chiho, who was rarely flustered, suddenly started to stammer. Chiho-dono, there is no need to be so surprised.

To me and Emilia, something of this standard is nothing. After casting a sidealong glane towards Maou, Ashiya and Chiho, who were all to shocked to speak, the straw sandal wearing Suzuno swiftly went down the stairs with a thump thump thump.

Suzuno walked passed the equally wide eyed, tongue tied Urushihara, and walked towards the fridge belonging to her own room. Only to see her easily pick up the fridge like she was carrying an empty Styrofoam box. Hey, Demon King, Alsiel!

Youll cause Suzuno to be unable to enter the corridor if you stand there, quickly get out of the way! Emi spoke, reminding Maou and Ashiya who were upstairs, and the two people who were shocked speechless obediently backed up into the room.

Chiho slowly backed up as she watched the fridge approach her. Chiho-dono, my apologies, can I trouble you to open up the door of my room? Ah, al, alright. At the request of the fridge, Chiho opened the door of room without any objections. My thanks. The fridge bowed lightly, and entered room together with a Kimono wearing female. Thinking about it, that Suzuno Maou watched this scene and said to himself in a daze.

When she first came here, didnt she effortlessly carry a box filled with udon Can, can it be that unlike her appearance, she is actually super strong Hey, I can hear everything, both you dull witted demons. After hearing Maou and Ashiya whispering to each other, Suzuno walked out of room unhappily and lectured the two people. This is only the strengthening of the muscles via simple holy magic. Shouldnt you guys know about this.

Oh, so it was that. In other words, their physical ability is strengthened via holy magic, and the highest level would be like Emis Heavenly Boots, able to even fly in the air.

This was originally a spell used by the doctors of the Church to boost the patients physical strength when they are undergoing treatment to ensure that the operation can proceed safely. In addition, for this spell, it was not just simply inserting holy magic into the body, if it exceeded the original capacity of the patient, not only will it waste the holy magic of the caster, it would even have the side effect of decreasing the other partys strength because of the breaking down of the spell, so it was not commonly used to increase the arm strength of the soldiers.

Therefore this technique can only be used by fighters which are highly ranked inquistitors who can use holy spells like the huge hammer Heavenly Iron which Suzuno had. Part of the holy magic which is seen as a miracle within the Chruch of the Western Continent was actually used to move a fridge and washing machine to the second floor, Maou couldnt help but think that some problem existed with this kind of inquisitor.

Ah, so as long as Maou-san and the rest also used demonic magic If they could do it, then they wouldnt have drowned in the sea of Choshi to begin with. Even though Maou planned to talk back to her immediately Papa was blowing bubbles the whole time.

Emi did not miss the mumblings which Maou said out of depression. It should be a literal meaning. Urushihara, who immediately entered the Demon Fortress after coming upstairs, answered this when he passed by everyone, even though Emi wanted to rebuke him, but because what he said was considered reasonable, Emi let it go by glaring at him unhappily.

B, but, that means Maou-san used all this power to protect Japan right! As expected of Sasaki-san, you really understand. Chiho interceded frantically and Ashiya nodded to show his approval. In addition, with regards to Malacodas incident, didnt you say that you want to share the responsibility? With Maou pointing this out, Emi was momentarily rendered speechless. So for us to have to strain ourselves to move the luggage this time, you have some responsibility as well!

What are you talking about! Those two things are totally unrelated! How is it unrelated! Bascially, what is that about, only you guys are suddenly able to use holy magic at will!

Hataraku Maou-sama Vol 5

If we have to use our power, then the consumption on our end is larger, you have to consider this as well! Until today, the inhabitants of the Demon Fortress still did not know that for Emi and Suzuno, through their comrade in Ente IslaEmeralda Etuva, they had received the concentrated holy magic drink Holy Vitamin.

Even so, for you guys to use demonic magic in this sort of place, dont you feel that its really sad? Theres no reason for Suzuno being allowed to use it while we cant, basically Anyway! As usual, Maou and Emi got into a pointless argument, and in the end, the one who stepped between them was a clothes cupboard made from Paulownia wood.


The both of you are obstructing things, standing there like that. Ah, sorry. S, sorry. Even though I do not wish to imitate Lucifer, but for parents to quarrel in front of the child, it seems to have a bad effect on a childs development.

After the Paulownia wood clothes cupboard did a rare action of teasing them, it passed between the speechless Emi and Maou and leisurely entered room So everyone, lets get along! Unsure if she read the atmosphere, Chiho followed up on Suzunos words and made a strange conclusion.

Maou and Emi looked at each other awkwardly, and after that, simultaneously decided to turn their faces from each other, ignoring the other party. Papa, Mama, no fighting okay. But, it really didnt change at all. Maou commented when he scanned the interior of the room once again.

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In order to survive, the Demon Lord takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald while Alsiel serves as a houseman. Vol 0 Without Illustrations http: