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This book is available as a print version and as a PDF version. You are currently to design and build good DSLs, so it can act as a primer for. DSL language. DSLs in Action introduces the concepts and definitions a developer needs to build high-quality domain specific languages. It provides a solid foundation to the . Domain-specific languages (DSLs) for software engineering are custom- and .. cation. For the former, for each action we provide an implementation as a model- .. cnt upload/editor/File/public/AMPLE WP1 Dpdf.

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DSLs in Action introduces the concepts you'll need to build high-quality domain- specific languages. It explores DSL implementation based on JVM languages like Java, Scala, Clojure, Ruby, . eBook $ pdf + ePub + kindle + liveBook. Request PDF on ResearchGate | DSLs In Action | Your success—and sanity— are closer at hand when you work at a higher level of abstraction, allowing your. PDF | Over the last three decades, an increasing number of It involves Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and automatic code generation.

Your success—and sanity—are closer at hand when you work at a higher level of abstraction, allowing your attention to be on the business problem rather than the details of the programming platform. Domain Specific Languages - little languages implemented on top of conventional programming languages - give you a way to do this because they model the domain of your business problem. DSLs in Action introduces the concepts and definitions a developer needs to build high-quality domain specific languages. It provides a solid foundation to the usage as well as implementation aspects of a DSL, focusing on the necessity of applications speaking the language of the domain. After reading this book, a programmer will be able to design APIs that make better domain models. For experienced developers, the book addresses the intricacies of domain language design without the pain of writing parsers by hand.

Unix shell scripts[ edit ] Unix shell scripts give a good example of a domain-specific language for data [4] organization. They can manipulate data in files or user input in many different ways. Domain abstractions and notations include streams such as stdin and stdout and operations on streams such as redirection and pipe.

These abstractions combine to make a robust language to describe the flow and organization of data.

Ghosh D. DSLs in Action [PDF] - Все для студента

The language consists of a simple interface a script for running and controlling processes that perform small tasks.

These tasks represent the idioms of organizing data into a desired format such as tables, graphs, charts, etc.

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These tasks consist of simple control-flow and string manipulation mechanisms that cover a lot of common usages like searching and replacing string in files, or counting occurrences of strings frequency counting. Even though Unix scripting languages are Turing complete , they differ from general purpose languages. ColdFusion Markup Language[ edit ] ColdFusion 's associated scripting language is another example of a domain-specific language for data-driven websites.

This scripting language is used to weave together languages and services such as Java,.

DSLs in Action

The language is now officially open source and can be downloaded from their website. FilterMeister[ edit ] FilterMeister is a programming environment, with a programming language that is based on C, for the specific purpose of creating Photoshop -compatible image processing filter plug-ins; FilterMeister runs as a Photoshop plug-in itself and it can load and execute scripts or compile and export them as independent plug-ins.

Although the FilterMeister language reproduces a significant portion of the C language and function library, it contains only those features which can be used within the context of Photoshop plug-ins and adds a number of specific features only useful in this specific domain.

MediaWiki templates[ edit ] The Template feature of MediaWiki is an embedded domain-specific language whose fundamental purpose is to support the creation of page templates and the transclusion inclusion by reference of MediaWiki pages into other MediaWiki pages. Software engineering uses[ edit ] There has been much interest in domain-specific languages to improve the productivity and quality of software engineering.

Domain-specific language could possibly provide a robust set of tools for efficient software engineering. Such tools are beginning to make their way into the development of critical software systems.

The Software Cost Reduction Toolkit [5] is an example of this. The toolkit is a suite of utilities including a specification editor to create a requirements specification , a dependency graph browser to display variable dependencies, a consistency checker to catch missing cases in well-formed formulas in the specification, a model checker and a theorem prover to check program properties against the specification, and an invariant generator that automatically constructs invariants based on the requirements.

Domain-specific language

A newer development is language-oriented programming , an integrated software engineering methodology based mainly on creating, optimizing, and using domain-specific languages.

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Domain specific languages.