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Help Lyra, Faye's daughter, find the unique Clockmaker and escape from a strange dimension in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air!. The epic Dream Chronicles saga continues in this award-winning adventure series! Ten years have passed since Dream Chronicles: The. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, often shortened to Dream Chronicles 4 or The Both editions feature the optional double-mode game, while the Collector's .

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Complete Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector's Edition Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Overview of full game with annotated. Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition is just one click away! Click the download It button below to continue your download. download It. Services provided by Big. download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air - Collector's Edition [Download]: Read 4 Everything Else Reviews -

It is always notable for its felicitous gameplay where both the graphics and the challenge are well-done. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water keeps up the old Dream Chronicales traditions of gameplay, with some minor hidden object elements mixed in Read more To start with, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is mainly for those who are craving for prior installments in the series. This premise is an absolute nostalgic look back where you can visit the locations from the previous chapters again. There are even locations with all the same settings and surroundings that add nothing new to the plot. However, none of these locations will make you doing the same things.

All objects that players are able to pick up will serve a purpose, whether they are used in that scene or not. A lot of times in this game the pieces players pick up may only be used as they get to the next scene. Some items may not become visible in a scene right away, players must perform other tasks first before they become visible. One of the biggest improvements The Book of Air has over its predecessors is a system of hints for locating difficult items. Although it is still possible to get hung up on some of the game's more taxing brainteasers, players will no longer find themselves stuck trying to find items thanks to a recharging magnifying glass 'hint power' that can be used to reveal an object's location.

But if there are not any, the power of hints is not used. There are two difficulty modes to play, Casual and Challenge. Each mode has the same puzzles but their complexities are different. At the beginning, the game offers players the option to play in either Casual or Challenge Mode, and if they want the game to offer the slightest bit of resistance they would pick the former.

While Casual Mode offers simpler puzzles and the ability to skip them if players get stuck long enough, Challenge Mode offers slightly harder puzzles, but will not let players skip any.

Players cannot change the difficulty once they have chosen it. Now they can be used to decode fairy words "Decipher" , make hidden fairy things visible "Reveal" , transmute gold into wood "Transmute" , illuminate dark rooms "Illuminate" , and create thunder or rain "Thunder".

Dream Chronicles – The Book of Air Collector’s Edition

In order to activate Dream Jewels, players need to fill them with Dream Pieces which are thrown throughout. And they can also use the "hint power" to find Dream Pieces. At the end of the game, players earn a high score. The faster how players can complete the game, the more Dream Jewels and Dream Pieces they can find, the fewer times they skip puzzles, the better score they will earn. When players play again under the same name, some of the key items themselves will be in different places the second times around.

The Book of Air spans several distinct areas that can be traveled to by airship once players discover the correct coordinates for a location and use colored stones to fill up the fuel device.

There are 14 main scenes and six large areas featured in the game:. On the eve of the 18th birthday, a half-fairy half-mortal girl named Lyra had a strange dream. All her friends and family were there tonight to celebrate that special event, and Lyra's grandfather Tangle had prepared an amazing gift for her.

But then Lyra heard a whisper, and everyone quickly disappeared. Waking up from that dream, Lyra finds herself alone in her beloved Town of Wish as she is being trapped in a parallel dimension which is very similar to her original one. She finds the Clockmaker in his hideout and thankfully, he agrees to help. On arriving to the Wind Music Island, Lyra is notified by Tangle that the music eons in this island were once created by fairies , who also used to live there. Lyra finds his notification confusing, though she gradually understands that fairies are responsible of what have been happening to her: But still she have known her fairy roots yet, as Tangle keeps it from her.

After finding all three keys, Lyra returns to the Clockmaker's house and finishes her mission there. She is able to head back to her original dimension, also questioning the adventure that she has taken. But instead of welcoming Lyra with sunshine and daylight, her Town of Wish becomes dark and full of thunders.

Lyra wonders what will await for her next. In the bonus chapter, Lyra has a new dream. She was in the Town of Wish, her family was calling for her, but Lyra couldn't hear them over the sound of rushing water. Her body became light as if she had been floating. Lyra held her breath and fell deeper into that strange dream.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector's Edition Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

Once again, she finds herself alone in another unrecognizable place, a small office in the Barge City, and looks for a magical map. When the publisher PlayFirst's blog staff interviewed with the game's producer Ryan Sindledecker, he gave players an in depth look at Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air.

Taking about coming up with the new features, Ryan shared that the developer, Kat Games came up with all the new features, including using Dream Jewels as powers. With each Dream Chronicles game, Dream Jewels were used differently. In The Book of Air there was a need to add these powers and a need to have a new use for the Jewels and they just fit together perfectly. Art director at the developer KatGames, Pablo Vietto, explained the ideas behind "Airship" artwork that KatGames wanted to make a "very rustic and compact interior where they could place everything necessary for the navigation of the airship.

Meanwhile, adding comments about "Streets of Wish" artwork, Vietto expressed that he wanted to "keep the essence of the Wish village from the first Dream [ Chronicles ] , respecting the roofs and cupules in green tonalities. According to Vietto, some other details, like the iron works and lights, were inspired by works done by Hector Guimard , a French architect and one of the most important ones during Modernism.

Pablo Vietto returned to talk about designing artworks in the game. Talking about "Wind Music Island" artwork, Vietto said that KatGames needed an extravagant scenario showing antique constructions made with rocks and natural things around, like coral.

The sculptures and instruments resulted from a combination of the natural forms coming from coral, other sea elements and the figure of a woman which is always present in their style. For the first time in the Dream Chronicles series, players can hear characters' in-game voices.

On June 15, , PlayFirst updated for the second time the Dream Chronicles official brand page on their website with an interactive map. By clicking on notable spots on the map, players can get more details about all important places which have appeared in the Dream Chronicles series. The invitation included one and a half hour to preview the game, a trip to the California Academy of Sciences , a tour around their office, and time to speak with a panel of the local Dream Chronicles team about the inspiration, story, and future of the Dream Chronicles series.

The Book of Air was first presented limitedly as a beta version on March 12, for the publisher PlayFirst 's players. The Book of Air , these hallmarks of the series are taken to new heights, with the addition of features that will delight both the casual and expert player.

Fans will not believe where the story of this new trilogy takes them. Both editions feature the optional double-mode game, while the Collector's one also includes an extra location, seven mini-puzzles, some concept artworks, six wallpapers , the game soundtrack, a detailed walkthrough, a PC screensaver , and a sneak peek actually some artworks at the fifth game The Book of Water.

The Book of Air was another commercially successful Dream Chronicles game, peaking at number-one on seven major casual game charts: Games ; number-four on site.

On May 5, , a high-definition version of this game was available via App Store for iPad device, [4] and the latest version was updated on April 20, It is the first game in the Dream Chronicles series to be released under the iOS platform. Unlike its predecessors, The Book of Air was earned mixed to positive reviews from casual game critics. Have fun! Solve puzzles, search for a way out of a strange dimension, and restore time to return home!

This walkthrough was created by Margie B. Walkthrough Menu General Tips Chapter 1: Wish Chapter 2: The Crater of Time Chapter 3: Tree House Village Chapter 4: Wind Music Chapter 5: Water Collector Bonus Chapter: There are 5 main chapters and 1 bonus chapter.

There are 2 Modes in the game, Casual and Challenge. In Challenge Mode, you will not be able to skip any puzzles and some of the puzzles will be harder than in Casual Mode.

This walkthrough provides you with solutions for both Modes. You can click randomly in the scene without any penalties. The Locate Power in the lower left can help you find inventory items.

This power must be charged before it can be used. You can look at your score at the end of the game, along with the number of Dream Pieces you collected along the way. Your final score and ranking will be affected by the amount of time it took to complete the game, how many puzzles you skipped, the amount of Dream Pieces you collected and the amount of times the Locate Power was used. Left-click on an inventory item to pick it up; right-click on an inventory item to return it back to the tray.

An inventory item with a number next to it can be used several times. The inventory items and the Dream pieces should be in the same location the first time you play the game. If you choose to replay under the same name some of the items may be in alternate locations.

The Dream Journal will be located in the lower right corner of the scene. Click on the Pause Button in the lower left to bring up the Menu. Click on the lower left and right edges of each page to flip through all the chapters. Place the Colored Stones in the slot in the lower right corner. You can click on one stone or several matching stones at a time to eliminate them. However, it is in your best interest to make bigger matches because the bigger the match the faster the fuel tank will fill up.

If you run out of stones before you fill up the tank, return to the area in which you found the Colored Stones and pick up another batch. Once the tank is full you will hear a bell and you will not be able to click on any stones.

Dream Pieces can be found anywhere, on a page, a puzzle board or on the ground. There are Dream Pieces to collect in the game. Each Dream Jewel has a new power. Here are the description of all the Dream Jewels in order of appearance: Decipher Dream Jewel — Use this jewel to translate fairy text wherever you find it. You have unlimited usage with this power. Reveal Dream Jewel — Use it to find secrets on pages and maps.

Transmute Dream Jewel — It can transform gold items into wood. Brilliance Dream Jewel — You can light up any dark room using this power. Thunder Dream Jewel — Use it to make thunder, lightning and rain appear. Chapter 1: Wish Wait for the box to drop from the sky. The statue has been destroyed; pick up the pieces marked in red. Reassemble the statue by starting from the bottom and working your way up. Please look at the screenshot for the solution B. Enter the classroom C after the puzzle has been completed.

Zoom into the chalkboard D in the back of the scene. Click on the note E on the left side of the board. Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel G on left to decipher the words on the board, it states: Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel to reveal the symbols or letters on the page.

You must click on the symbols or letters in the lower left corner to fill in the spaces on the right side of the page. In Casual Mode the symbols will remain green when at least one of the symbols has been entered correctly. In Challenge Mode the symbols will remain green after all the symbols have been entered correctly. After the puzzle has been solved, a symbol will appear on the right page. You must place that symbol on the dials above the locked cabinet according to the directions on the left side of the page.

You can enter the symbols one at a time or wait until you have all of them to place them. The symbols at the end of the puzzle are random; therefore you must look at the symbols in your game to solve the puzzle. The screenshots will show you the solutions for Challenge and Casual Mode. This Solution is for Book 1 in Casual Mode. This Solution is for Book 2 in Challenge Mode.

This Solution is for Book 3 on Challenge Mode. Zoom into the board on the left. Enter the codes found in the books after each puzzle was solved. A map will appear and disappear right away. Exit the board. Zoom onto the cabinet on left. The solution for Casual and Challenge Mode will be the same; the only difference is that in Challenge Mode the jigsaw pieces will be smaller.

The Map will be added to inventory after the puzzle has been solved. The Chalkboard Zoom into the chalkboard. Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel to decipher the words. Find the words of the symbols on the left in the word search on the right.

Click on each letter to highlight and form the correct words. You can click on the symbols on the left to see what each symbol represents. The correct word will appear at the bottom of the screen. The positions of the words may be different for everyone but the words themselves are always the same. The solution for Casual Mode is as follows: Place the MAP on the right side of the wall J. Go outside to the Courtyard.

Place the items back on the airship to repair it. You should place the Deflated Balloon on the airship last. Go back inside the airship. Zoom into the map on right. Pass your mouse over the area and the coordinates for the Crater of Time appear in the lower right corner M.

The random coordinates for this example are: The coordinates will be different for everyone, check your game for the solution. Exit the map. Zoom into the Control Wheel N. Read the NOTE in the lower left. Click matching colored stones to eliminate them. You can click on one stone or multiple ones. The bigger the group you eliminate the faster the fuel will fill up. Once the lever is full of fuel, exit that scene.

Chapter 2: There are several numbers written in the snow. The sundial casts a shadow on the number VI. Zoom into the bottom door. Click on the smallest button marked in green to make the hand move and click on it again when the hand reaches 6. Go through the door. Click on the locked door.

Edition air chronicles the collector dream book of

Go through left door. All gears must be touching in order for them to turn. There are several ways to solve this puzzle; the screenshots shows you one way. This solution is for Casual Mode. This solution is for Challenge Mode. To decipher the message, click on the letter you want to use and click on the line in which you want to place it.

Letters placed correctly will turn green; incorrect ones will turn red, remove them by clicking on them. As you guess each word, it will fill a blank space on the right side of the page. Instructions will appear on the right after all the words have been deciphered. The Solution is: Dear guest, If you wish to speak with the Clockmaker, first you must: Synchronize the dimensions for communication by entering the right combination on the wall of this room.

Book the collector air dream edition of chronicles

The current page will be your reference for what is needed once you complete all the words. Reconstruct all the broken mechanisms bell, pipes, and speaker. Ring the bell. Exit the puzzle. Zoom into the back wall. Turn the disks to match the position shown in the Guest Book. The gears will turn once the puzzle has been assembled correctly. Ring the bell D for a speaker and a periscope E to appear; click on them to begin speaking to the Clockmaker.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

Give the Clockmaker the correct answers to advance the storyline. The correct answers in order of appearance are: Yes, I need to get back to my own dimension. Where are they? That sounds difficult but I will do my best. Very well. I shall return. Exit on left and enter door on right. Use the Reveal Power to make the pieces appear.

Dream Chronicles – The Book of Air Collector’s Edition

Place the pieces on the board; correct pieces will lock in place. The solution for the Casual Mode and the Challenge Mode are shown in the screenshots below. Clock Room The door to the Clock Room will open after the puzzle has been completed; go through it. You must change the time on all the clocks so they are all synchronized to 6: Use the dials on the left F to turn the clock hands a certain amount of hours.

Use the third dial H to switch from clock to clock.