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Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol - A Rolling Stone Top 10 Best Music Books of the Year “That's what I'm talking about Of all these memoirs, Dancing With. In his new autobiography, Dancing With Myself, OG punk rocker and ’80s pop star Billy Idol comes off like the coolest guy, an artist equally. His new book Dancing With Myself — in stores on October 7th via Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster — tells the whole insane story.

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Dancing With Myself book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this bold and candid memoir, music legend Billy Idol shares. Billy Idol book . Now, in his long-awaited autobiography, Dancing With Myself, he delivers an ORDER DANCING WITH MYSELF IN PAPERBACK (BOOK). Dancing with Myself [Billy Idol] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I am hopelessly divided between the dark and the good, the rebel and the .

The music and his image with that Elvis curling of his lip had me from day one. It is an autobiography which is why I wanted to really read it. It is straight from the man himself not someone taking stories from various sources who might have even been there. The book covers his life from a child when they moved to the U. I am actually playing it as I am writing and I will do a review of that one someday. It was interesting to hear how messed up he was during the recording of the albums, the tours and his life in general. At times, his commentary about being high painted this very vivid image and he takes you on this stranger journey momentarily and you realize just how fucked up he really was.

Now, as I prepared to record my third solo album, eventually to be called Whiplash Smile, my songwriting was driven by the almost overwhelming loss of being separated from Perri. When I go back and listen to this album now, I can feel the aloneness in the very pores of the record. The eerie windswept echoes, the cold plate reverb, the brittle drum sounds, the lost voice echoing into oblivion. My cover of Booker T. Geoff Travis, who ran Rough Trade, an independent record store and groundbreaking label, turned me on to it back in in London.

He knows his reggae, and years later I was still listening to my copy of it.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Dancing With Myself’ by Billy Idol

Keith got the idea right away. We went to work, realizing our gut feelings and creating something very special. He toughened up the remix, adding that extra ingredient that is a staple of Idol recordings.

It was legendary Stax Records guitarist Steve Cropper, who had played on the original version. He was a hero to all of us, so his liking our version was a great boost.

Ed was left standing at the altar by his bride-to-be, so he split Europe for America and, after contracting tuberculosis, made his way down to the warmer climes of Homestead, Florida.

It was then he that began constructing an impressive monument made out of massive limestone slabs. A nine-ton slab standing on its side acts as a revolving gate that moves with just a touch of the finger.

A giant moon is a functioning rocking chair, also carved from stone. The story goes that Ed supposedly levitated the blocks into place, since no one seemed to help him do it. A truck would arrive with a slab and he would ask the driver to walk away, and when the driver returned, the slab was on the ground with no one else around.

This man, with only a fourth-grade education, worked alone at night by lantern light, and stood just five feet tall, weighing only a hundred pounds. It was a coral memorial to her.

Whiplash Smile had a lot of potential. Left to my own devices, I fucked up and lost sight of what I could be. I threw away my guidebook of how to make a record. The result was an unfocused performance from yours truly, with a writing and recording process that resulted in alienating my partner Steve Stevens. And with Perri gone also, the situation went from bad to worse. Usually, the manager acts as the voice of reason and keeps the artist cool, but in L.

I built a massive monument to her with sex and drug addiction. I realized that I needed to stop taking heroin, but unfortunately, in order to deal with the withdrawal, I substituted cocaine instead. I had no intention of going through that hell. After a while, my nose became so bloody that I reverted to smoking coke instead.

From there, it was all downhill. I would hole up in my apartment smoking and staying awake, at one point for three straight weeks.

My concentration on making the album diminished. Everywhere I went I would carry around a small satchel with my pipe, some rocks to smoke, and a butane torch. Even when I made it to the studio, I shoved the satchel in the bathroom, hid it under the sink, and took hits as needed, not thinking the smell of coke would permeate the whole complex. Keith did his best to cover up the stench by spraying the bathroom with air freshener, but it was an exercise in futility.

Billy Idol signs Dancing With Myself | Book Soup

Dworkow was a great roadie and friend of mine who would come to my apartment to pick me up for my recording sessions. I would rationalize this behavior by telling myself that, since I was paying J. After that, I would cook up the coke as a way to relieve my bloody nose. Eventually, paranoia set in, and I suffered delusions of being watched or filmed.

I heard voices, as if people were in the apartment next to me, above me, or below me, and were plotting against me. Sometimes I could see ghostly figures of people just standing around in my apartment; a couple of schoolgirls in one corner; a businessman with a briefcase in another. His performance was masterful, just like in a spy movie. I burst out laughing and suggested I do a hit as we talk. Bobby agreed, probably thinking that I would be easier to reason with when I was comfortably in my stoned element.

We walked along the wood floor in front of the bathroom doorway and down the three steps that led to the spot in the main living room where I had my pipe, torch, and rocks cut up and ready to smoke. Just as he was explaining this, I saw what looked like the shadow of a large individual on the long, pale wood floor that led to the front door of my apartment.

Bobby saw it, too, prompting us to crawl to the door and open it, only to be confronted by an actual, real-life large bloke standing up against the door with a beer in his hand. We both screamed at once in horror and I instantly slammed the door shut. We both returned to the living room floor. I later found out that the people in the apartment at the end of the hall were having a party and could smell the burning, acrid scent of freshly torched rocks.

One of the drunken revelers had stood outside my door to see what was going on. Traipsing around New York with that satchel on my shoulder, I went from one bad scene to another. One day I found myself at a Rolling Stones recording session as out of my mind as I could be. I went into a tirade about something or other, and I could see Ronnie smirking. Of course Keith knew I was pretty fucked up.

Billy Idol pens a memoir, 'Dancing With Myself,' that details all the excesses of his rock stardom

I feel awful about my mood that day, since I was a guest at their recording session. After pissing off one of my childhood heroes, I realized I was better off staying at home if I was going to be that high. The girls loved it and got in on the act. It helped that we recruited them at the local strip bars; they felt comfortable naked.

We had full-on orgies in those studios we inhabited for months. It was like a glorified sex club. We were all about instant gratification, lords of the fix. Songs must be written. The ideas must flow. Without constraint. The keyed-up feeling that prevents me from sleeping is the result of the care and concern I put into making a record that will decide the course of my future.

Months later, Charmed Life will go on to sell more than a million copies. The breakup of my relationship with my girlfriend, Perri, the mother of my son, Willem, has left me bereft, but finishing the album has been my only priority.

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Grant at Appomattox in And then: The difficult has to be faced straight-on and the result forged out of sweat and tears. What can I do to keep away these blues that rack my thoughts and creep into my bones? Still, I feel uneasy, dissatisfied in the pit of my stomach. The bike will blow away these post-album blues , I think. As I open the garage door, the chrome of my Harley-Davidson Wide Glide gleams with expectation, beckoning me.

The L. My bike clears its throat with a deep, purring growl. The gleaming black tank and chrome fixtures flash in the sharp, sacrosanct daylight.

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