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I love my Cricut & I love my Gypsy, but even using the keyword search, I wasn't finding the shapes I needed. And, the small handbooks are a pain to sort through. Labels: cricut cartridges, cricut handbook library, digital cartridge .. just pulled up your blog and downloaded the ones I wanted appreciate it!. Cricut Cartridge List and Handbooks . Best of Cricut Party & Gifting. Handbook. No. Best of Pixar . Cricut Font and Basic Shapes. Handbook.

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Uploaded by: CLEMENTINA Also new on the Cricut website is a list of all the carts/images that are Click on the link below to download the list. TY: Handbook. Manuel. Manual. Handbuch. LIPUL h. Coritierit vary slightly fron illustratioris shown. Le Contemų peut premier des diffirma: YElis illustrations. A full list of Cricut Handbooks - Now you can see ALL of the images before you Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Cricut Cartridge Handbooks Back on Cricut Site!.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Alongside the cutting machines themselves, Cricut also produce a huge selection of cartridges to be used with the machines. These cartridges — which can be inserted into the machines — contain sets of images, fonts and other graphics. Each cartridge is themed — so for instance, you can buy winter, baseball, Hello Kitty and elephant themed cartridges if you so desire. The idea is that you use the images on the cartridges to create the design that you want your Cricut machine to cut for you. While there are only a small number of images on each cartridge, there are a number of features which allow you to create hundreds of different designs from just one cartridge. Before the Explore series came out, you could only create designs using the Cricut cartridges.

Not only did this dampen creativity, but it also seemed like a greedy move from Cricut. Essentially, after buying an expensive machine, you were then forced to buy cartridges in order to use it.

Make Your Own Cricut George Cartridge for Free!

We love that Cricut have given us the choice to craft as we please. Having said that, Cricut routinely have amazing sales if you buy direct from their website, and you can often find some cracking deals if you look on Amazon too. Cricut Cartridges: Disney Cricut have managed to score some amazing licensing deals with certain companies that allow them to make cartridges themed on certain films and characters. Some of their bestselling cartridges, however, are from Disney.

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog: Quick Tip Tuesday: Cricut Handbooks

These amazing cartridges will allow you to create cuts for the Frozen party of your dreams, or even a Winnie The Pooh picnic! Here are a few of our favorites from the Cricut cartridges Disney selection. Cutting these favorite characters and their friends and accessories is sure to bring hours of fun.

Handbooks download cricut

The Toy Story cartridge is filled with exquisitely detailed images of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Bullseye, Rex, and other favorite characters from all three movies. You will also love the stylized icons and 3D objects included on the cartridge.

Cricut Cartridges: Fonts Also super popular are the Cricut cartridges fonts selection. Whether you want fancy embellished lettering or monogram motif fonts, Cricut have got you covered.

Handbooks download cricut

There are a huge number of Cricut font cartridges, but here are a few of our favorites. This font has several different treatments like a tag, a crest or card, and a fun matchbook style card. This cartridge also contains fifty classic icons with layers, shadows, and borders. Fish, surfboards, clouds, and sand castles really bring things to life. If you go to their cartridge library , you will find downloads available of several cartridge handbooks, including TBBM.

Once the TBBM handbook downloaded, it was ready to be printed.

Download cricut handbooks

I didn't want all the extra information in the handbook, just the cover and the pages with the images. So I scrolled down the document to find the first page of the images - 82 - and the last page - When you bring up the print box, click the pages button and insert the pages you want to print: 1, Under page scaling, you want to choose Multiple pages per sheet.

On the pages per sheet, you can customize how many pages you want on each sheet of paper.

The above example is customized to 1 x 2. There's no codes for the numbers as you'll find them by using the Add Text option. You can even type more than one code in the search box at a time. Just place a space between each code. Click the image below to enlarge.

Download cricut handbooks

Remember, you must type the and the M for each code. Here you'll find links to the Cricut cartridge handbooks that have been edited to add the Design Space code for each image.

Make Your Own Cricut George Cartridge for Free!

You'll also find some cartridge image code lists without their handbooks. For those with handbooks here's a sample of what you will see: To use the codes: Click the Insert Images button in Design Space Make sure All Images is selected Insert the code that appears under the image into the search box and press Enter. You will then see a preview of the image. You can even put multiple image codes in the search box.

Just put a space between each one.