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Winner of the IIACAB Award for , Best Dog Training Book. Learn how to turn stress to confidence and distraction to focus using methods that are %. for Dog-Dog Aggression (May/June ), I have found many of the concepts and training protocols described in Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed to be. Download control unleashed leslie mcdevitt ebook. Page 2. Leslie McDevitt s Control Unleashed® program is designed to help dogs with issues learn how to.

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Welcome to Control Unleashed® on the web! available; The book, "Control Unleashed®: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog" and related products. Leslie McDevitt's versatile Control Unleashed program is designed to help "dogs with issues" learn how to relax, focus, and work off leash reliably in either. Similar Products. Image of Picking Your Performance Puppy eBook on 2 reviews. Sorry, the Control Unleashed: The Puppy Program has been discontinued.

Singapore I got mine from cleanrun. If those not reading, but are interested, do feel free to ask questions! Nothing beats reading the book or watching the DVD of course, but it might help you better determine whether these techniques will help. I'm now at Night Two Chapter 4 of the book. It's like trying to get to him through a thick glass wall! When the dog gets closer, he'll bark and get all aroused then will try to get at the dog.

Classical conditioning! I'm having some problems gauging how far he needs to be away from another dogs to play the LAT game because when I do it now even tho' the dog is quite a distance away - I can't gauge in feet sorry!

I've been trying to better Romeo's recall and have been using the Premack principle.

Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog - Leslie McDevitt - Google книги

I can now stuff liver treats super high value into a corner of the sofa and when he's engaged in trying to pull it out with his long sheltie snout, I can call him and he'll give a huff of resignation, give up trying in ONE second and come to me!!

I used to have to stand there for minutes making stupid lip smacking noises to get him to come. When he comes, I click and we go back excitedly to the sofa to pull out the liver treat. We will work on it outdoors now so that hopefully with time I can get him to leave really high value things outdoors too and come when called.

I've been using premack on walks too. There are certain trees that Romeo MUST sniff and he will pull me towards them when he's about 6 feet away from it. I hate that, so now, I will ask him to sit next to me then we heel for a few feet, and when he does, I'll click then send him to sniff the tree that's the reward.

He gets the tree if he comes and sits and heels nicely. I've also been teaching Romeo self control with the Leave Its already but upping the ante as suggested in the book. It would be nice to leave 5 of whole sausages around him and walk away and be sure he doesn't touch them!

He's a sneaky one tho' and will stick his looong mouth out to grab food when he's sure I can't get to him in time. Must back it up a step. Holding on to the leash, when Romeo crosses the threshold, I'd stand still and not move. I'm glad to have the book so that I'll be able to take these training methods further once the class is over. Jul 12, j rated it really liked it.

Unleashed ebook control

The exercises in this book are absolutely invaluable for those of us living with reactive dogs. Sep 19, Maya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Great book! A must read for anyone interested in dog training or who has a reactive fearful dog. She has great ideas I'm using with my dos already. Feb 12, Karen rated it really liked it.

I would give this book 3. I had very high expectations for this book based on other people's recommendations, but unfortunately it didn't live up to them for me.

Control Unleashed® Book 1: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog - E-Book

I bought the book hoping to find some good advice for working with my very highly driven, motivated younger dog who has too much uncontrolled enthusiasm for agility. The description of the book makes it sound perfect for him. In fact, I found the book offered a lot more advice for my older dog whose st I would give this book 3. In fact, I found the book offered a lot more advice for my older dog whose stresses and worries made focusing on agility difficult for him.

If you have that sort of dog this book is great. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the 'have a sniff' and 'look at that dog' games, because I already knew about them before reading this book. A lot of the other techniques in the book have a heavy reliance on ring gates. As a British agility competitor I had to Google Image what one was as we don't use them here! It does mean the exercises are something you will struggle to work on without space, ring gates, and cooperative stooge dogs.

I did pick up some useful points for my over-enthusiastic dog. When warming him up I will make greater use of massage. Currently when warming my dog up I do lots of exciting tricks to hype him up to get him ready to run agility, and then struggle to keep my hyped up dog calm in the queue - this is obviously silly.

My heart was in the right place - I want to make sure I warm my dog up so he doesn't injure himself! Nevertheless, lesson learned. Massage and on-off switch games for us. I also liked the point about rewarding your dog for reorienting to you. I already do this when my dog exits his crate, but I realise now that are other situations to reward his behaviour such as when being unclipped from the lead to run agility.

Throughout the book also emphasises the importance of working your dog sub-threshold, and increasing the rate of reinforcement whenever you increase the difficulty of an exercise. These are good take home messages for anyone to remember. The point was made that many people do not use a high enough rate of reinforcement. This is a fact that has previously stood out to me when watching Youtube videos of Silvia Trkman training, because she uses an incredibly high reinforcement rate.

Ebook control unleashed

Which reminds me, this may not be the best dog training book for those not already familiar with terms such as 'rate of reinforcement' and 'jackpot reward'. So overall some very good, if not entirely ground-breaking, information for helping stressed dogs that have a habit of going of sniffing, being selectively deaf, or running at half the speed that they do in training.

Feb 02, Leanna Aker rated it liked it. This book gives a good academic background and case studies of how focus games and conditioning exercises can create a focused and confident dog. This would be an excellent book for dog trainers looking to start a Control Unleashed class. Control Unleashed is geared toward pet performance dogs and their owners. However, the principles in the book could be applied to family pets as well. A good rationale is given for each exercise, in terms of learning theory and practical understanding.

Having sa This book gives a good academic background and case studies of how focus games and conditioning exercises can create a focused and confident dog. Having said that, I found this book frustrating for several reasons.

First of all, the book is poorly laid out, if what you want is a bank of ideas for helping your dog. It is arranged temporally, based on how the author would conduct her classes. While this might seem like a logical layout, that's not how my brain functions. I have a reactive border collie that is fine with known dogs, but reactive with unknown dogs while he is on leash.

While I do not doubt that strategy would work, I'm in no place to set up such interactions on a regular basis. There are some general good pointers that I was reminded about by reading this book, and one or two strategies I would try. I do think there were some valuable case studies and messages about reading dog body language that would benefit many readers. Jul 14, Natalie Watson rated it it was ok. I hate leaving negative reviews, but in this case, I feel obligated to.

I was so excited to read this book because I had been listening to people sing praises about it for years. It was almost universally recommended.

It got glowing positive reviews from all of my trainer friends. And I hated it, from front cover to back, every step of the way. The short version: Skip it. Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training Crazy Dogs from Over the Top to Under Control presents similar information much m I hate leaving negative reviews, but in this case, I feel obligated to. Stylistically, Control Unleashed reads like an infomercial for itself or more accurately, for taking a CU class with the author in person.

The writing style is immediately grating. I've seen video of Leslie working with dogs and I don't doubt her skills as a trainer, but her writing left a lot to be desired. I can normally overlook stylistic issues, but I couldn't get over it in this case. The writing style strongly detracted from my ability to focus on the content. On a practical level, ignoring the writing and just looking at the content, most of the CU exercises which I found useful are already regularly recommended in the training world primarily Look At That and mat work.

If you want to find more good stuff, be prepared to dig through pages of Peppy Enthusiastic Slightly-Scattered Infomercial for it. I am willing to believe that this book was revolutionary and exceptional when it was new material and the sheer novelty could carry the book to success.

As a reader who was already familiar with the major exercises which are presented much more clearly elsewhere , CU fell flat.

Control Unleashed® Book 2: The Puppy Program - EBook

Very, very flat. Aug 14, Jules rated it liked it. This is a helpful book for anyone with a reactive dog. It does tend to focus on agility training, but you can take what you want from the program, and tailor it to your own situation. Basically, if your dog is nervous, anxious, or having a hard time focusing on your training, this will be a beneficial read for you. It's not going to be the book for every dog-owner.

My point is, this book doesn't give a magic answer to those of us who adopted reactive dogs from the Humane Society and are hoping to be able to walk them down the street without wondering if they will freak out at the neighbor's off-leash collie.

Like anything else, the answer seems to be time, patience, and work. This book just gives a lot of suggestions for what that work should look like. It's a good book, with a lot of helpful activities and insights. Mar 24, Matthildur rated it it was amazing. Through my previous mistakes with my first reactive companion, Bella, I vowed to learn from it. When my next puppy turned out to be reactive as well and after spending a while being heartbroken about my bad luck I set out to learn more and hopefully find someone who had 'cured' reactivity.

It is difficult not to obsess about something that involves a GSD lunging, barking and growling at every sound or movement. I had gained enough knowledge about the emotional aspect of reactivity to understand t Through my previous mistakes with my first reactive companion, Bella, I vowed to learn from it. I had gained enough knowledge about the emotional aspect of reactivity to understand that yelling or leash yanking weren't on the cards but still felt a little confused about how to properly implement a proper behavior modification program.

Control Unleashed - Reactive to Relaxed

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Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Laura VanArendonk. Beyond The Back Yard: Denise Fenzi. Click to Calm: Emma Parsons. Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Husbandry. Read more.

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Paperback Verified download. I love the advice and training tips in this book. I've done some clicker training with my dog, so the ideas in this book jive with what we're already doing, but take the potential to the next level. My dog is a great little guy, but he has some focus issues and he can't be allowed off leash - he takes off after every thing that moves!

We live in the country and our yard isn't fenced. I dream of the day when I can let him off-leash on our walks. I've downloadd any number of training books and they all have something that's been helpful, but when I heard about this book and the "Control Unleashed" concept, I knew I had to download the book. This book is geared toward agility and similar dog sport competitors, but there's plenty in here that will help even the average owner.

I would like to get my dog into agility and if I can get a good foundation on him from the concepts in this book, I think he'll excel. I appreciate the case studies in the book also, My one complaint and the reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the specific training techniques are lumped in with the rest of the text.

It would have been helpful for those to have been called out in some way to make them easier to find for quick reference. As it is, you have to comb through the rest of the text to find them.