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These industries and their associated distribution networks have enabled a constant supply of affordable food in much of the world with consequent alleviation of many nutritional deficiency disorders [ 4 ].

Higher intakes of energy, saturated fat, added sugars and salt, such as that provided by a typical Western-style diet through a higher intake of processed food products, are risk factors for chronic disease, particularly cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity [ 7 - 9 ]. It is difficult for consumers to make healthy food choices because the nutritional information available on packaging is not easily interpretable [ 10 ].

While packaged food in Australia is required to display a nutrient declaration [ 11 ], the format of the information provided can make it difficult for consumers to use this to make a quick and easy assessment of how healthy a product is [ 12 ]. It has been suggested that interpretive front-of-pack nutrition labeling systems have the potential to help consumers choose products on the basis of healthiness both by enabling an understanding of the nutrient data and allowing direct comparison across products [ 12 ].

This is based on evidence indicating that front-of-pack labels FoPL are much better understood than the nutrient declaration, particularly among disadvantaged groups who have the most to gain from making better decisions about the foods they buy [ 12 ].

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There is, however, currently no requirement for FoPL in Australia. It has been suggested that multicolored traffic light labels could be a better option for informing Australian consumers [ 10 ]. However, this has not yet been implemented and industry is resisting the work program. Mobile phone technologies offer an innovative way for consumers to access all manner of information.

This is a higher proportion of the population than in the United States and Britain [ 15 ]. A number of mobile phone apps have used the traffic light signposting system, but most have required the user to manually enter nutritional information about the product.

In the absence of standardized FoPL on Australian foods, and with processed foods largely responsible for excessive intakes of saturated fat, energy, added sugars, and sodium in the diet, we sought to develop a mobile phone app that would provide Australian consumers with access to easy-to-understand nutritional information about packaged and processed foods.

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To this end, we began a program of research and development to define how to use evolving mobile phone technology to deliver Australian consumers with better information about the packaged foods they eat. We intended that this project would ultimately improve the healthiness of the food choices made by Australian consumers and therefore enhance the health of the Australian population. Methods Objective This project was planned and executed as a collaboration between researchers based at The George Institute for Global Health, developers from Xyris Software Pty Ltd, and the health communications team at Bupa Australia.

The objective was to deploy a mobile phone app that would allow users to access quick and easy-to-understand information about the nutritional characteristics of packaged foods and, where possible, would suggest healthier alternative products.

The information in the NIP is known to be mostly accurate [ 17 ], and these label data were identified as the most likely source of comprehensive nutritional information to support the proposed mobile phone app. It was recognized, however, that food composition tables that collate this information at the level of the stock keeping unit SKU are scarce, and those that do exist are owned by commercial entities and can be expensive to access.

In addition, we noted that a food categorization system that could divide food into comparable subsets of products would be required.

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A search was done using the Internet and by inquiry among colleagues to identify possible data sources. We also noted that the universal product code UPC barcode values for each SKU would be required for the delivery of an app based on barcode scanning, and thus the search was broadened to also capture databases of Australian UPCs.

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Selection of Display Format for Nutritional Information There are a broad range of different formats that have been proposed for FoPL systems [ 12 ], and these were identified through a review of the literature.

A series of criteria were developed to support the format that would be selected for the app based primarily on 1 the quality of the supportive evidence, 2 the likely acceptance of the format by consumers, 3 current FoPL practices around the world, and 4 congruence with local Australian standards and recommendations. Method of Product Comparison and Identification of Healthier Products This project sought both to provide easily understandable nutritional information and to support consumers in their efforts to make healthier food choices.

To better deliver on the second of these objectives, it was determined that it might be necessary to compare products against one another and develop a method of suggesting alternative products that were likely to be healthier.

Fundamental to this requirement was a mechanism for ranking foods on the basis of their healthiness, and a review was undertaken to identify the different methods to achieve this. Once again, a series of criteria were considered in making the choice and these were based primarily on 1 the quality of the supportive evidence, 2 the likely acceptance of the method by the nutrition community, 3 current methods being used around the world, and 4 congruence with local Australian standards and recommendations.

Choice of the Technological Solution The project was launched with the goal of developing a mobile phone app. While we recognized early on that aspects of the solution might subsequently be deployed on other platforms, the focus of the work program was on the development of a mobile phone app for Australia.