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Today, it can be found in almost every pocket or purse in Poland. How did the Internet explode into the Polish mainstream?

Bang Poland: How To Make Love With Polish Girls In Poland - E-books

Today marks a beautiful anniversary: the Internet in Poland is celebrating its silver jubilee. In fact, it was not the first electronic mail ever sent in Poland: emails had been used even earlier to communicate within computer networks of various scope.

Back then, the Internet was also very… democratic. You only needed to lease a line from a friend and the two networks formed an internet -- it was small yet very real. The transmission of the historic message took place via one of the four communication channels of a line leased to the Polish BITNET network by the telecommunications operator Telekomunikacja Polska.

Data was transmitted using a 9, bps modem, which was standard speed at the time. The Internet connections people have at home these days are several thousand times faster. Polish physicists had the European Internet within their grasp in August English ISBN Download link: Bang Poland: Mirror 1 Mirror 2. An age old question that leaves so many scratching their heads. Do you think she could learn more from the Dog Whisperer episodes which is how I learned or from the instructional dvds Cesar sells.

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Незалежно від того, якою є зміна, головне – знати наступний крок.

Joseph was also very rich and he gave to his brothers when there was great famine. I also bought my own headset, a portable radio, and a portable GPS receiver, but dont get any of this stuff at the start.

One can look at the actual effects on employment and savings. Hyperinflation and the distributive effects of privatisation may cause a fall in real wealth for a majority of the population. Savings will increase due to the widening gap between actual wealth and long-term wealth positions. However if unemployment is rising, then there will be an aggregate fall in savings because unemployed people are usually dissaving.

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It is evident that privatisation is a process fraught with social, political and economic danger. It is a process that requires great care and great thought. The author now proceeds to examine the process in Poland and look at the various methods used and their success so far.

Privatisation in Poland The 'big bang' reforms have had quite an effect on Poland. Unemployment doubled between and At the same time real GDP fell, by as much as Poland also experienced severe inflation in this period, peaking at In comparison with other Visegrad countries Polish inflation has been very high.

Poland has been referred to as being the 'tiger economy' of Eastern Europe due to its growth figures. Privatisation, however, has been very slow in getting off the ground in Poland. Weak governments and the return to power, in , of the ex-communists have been largely to blame. This has been due mainly to new firms rather than newly privatised state firms. By only , jobs had gone from the state sector to the private sector, while the new private sector had created 3. The potential for real growth is obviously there.

The State Structure When the new Government came into office in , a governmental office was established to oversee the privatisation process. The first office established was the Government Plenipotentiary for Ownership Transformation, this became a full ministry in One of its most important tasks was to stop the spontaneous privatisation of state enterprise, and to reinforce state control over the whole process. Other important bodies are the founding organs of state enterprises, The Ministry of Industry or the local authorities.

Their consultation is required in most privatisation cases. The first form of privatisation examined here is 'spontaneous privatisation.

Not all of these practices were illegal, yet many were corrupt. Many of the ex-communists who still held a position of power, abused their positions. Enterprises were stripped of their assets; bank loans were taken out for the enterprises and then pocketed. Finally the enterprises in question would be declared bankrupt.

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The process was severely slowed down in when many of the state enterprise directors were ousted by the Solidarity-led Government. The whole period shows why there is a need for some form of state control over the privatisation process and why the Polish Government sought to gain such control. Capital Privatisation There are different forms of capital privatisation and Poland has tried different ones. A public offering was one such method tried.

This is a very complex and time consuming method of privatisation and can only be applied to a small number of firms. Nevertheless it held a lot of attraction for the Poles. Unfortunately it did not quite work out. The selected companies had no experience of a market economy. Coupled to this were the centrally based prices of inputs and outputs. Due to this Western accounting methods were quite useless in valuing the firms.

In the end the figures used were arbitrary.

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In only five firms were privatised this way and receipts fell well short of projections. Six more firms joined in Trade sales is a way of selling large blocks of shares through public tender or a public auction.

From Central Planning to Centrality: Krakow's Land Prices after Poland's Big Bang

In deciding upon the sale, the Ministry of Privatisation weighs up several factors: price, the readiness to bring in new capital and the ability to maintain employment levels. The effects of this process have not been great, the number of firms privatised this way is still in double figures. The reason for this is that there is another process; 'privatisation through liquidation' which has proven far more popular.

Privatisation Through Liquidation So far 'privatisation through liquidation' 'has been the most successful Polish privatisation programme outside the field of very small units. The process begins with a decision to liquidate a state enterprise. It can be used either for viable or bankrupt state enterprises.

In the viable cases a successor always emerges. The interesting part of the process is that in addition to selling the assets, they may also be leased. The leasing aspect has proven to be very popular. It has given an outlet to those who wanted the 'spontaneous privatisation'.