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Thank you for reading the duke is mine fairy tales 3 eloisa james. As you may know, people have look hundreds times for their favorite readings like this the duke. The Duke Is Mine Fairy Tales 3 Eloisa James - [PDF] [EPUB] The Duke Is Eloisa James The Duke is Mine is the third in Eloisa James' Fairy. The Duke Is Mine (Fairy Tales) [Eloisa James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Eloisa James is extraordinary.” —Lisa Kleypas In the.

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Tarquin, the powerful Duke of Sconce, knows perfectly well that the decorous and fashionably slender Georgiana Lytton will make him a proper duchess. So why. Get Free Read & Download Files The Duke Is Mine Fairy Tales 3 Eloisa James PDF. THE DUKE IS MINE FAIRY TALES 3 ELOISA JAMES. Download: The. The Duke Is Mine Fairy Tales 3 Eloisa James - [FREE] THE DUKE IS MINE FAIRY ELOISA JAMES The following is a list of rock instrumentals, including live.

Fera site Music Stream millions of songs. Olivia Lytton, is one of the most despicable heroines. Quin is a bit proud and stuffy but he suffered a great loss and Olivia is the perfect balm for his heart and she, along with some words from Rupert, makes him complete again. As per the blurb, Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to the son of mlne duke since before birth — n 4 stars. I love her sense of joie de vivre.

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When a Marquis Chooses a Bride. Jul 14, Ally rated it did not like it Shelves: James writing in this book. Much Ado About You. Get to Know Us. James surely had fun concocting extravagant names and peppering literary and pop-culture references throughout the story, besides the wink at a main fairy-tale theme, present in all the books in the series, which in this case was H 3,5 Stars This was a an odd mix as far as fluffier Regency romances go, a blend of farce and some very touching moments, at times jarring, at times endearing, but that it ultimately quite worked ellisa a whole for me.

Canterwick is glad Mind is marrying Rupert because Olivia has never made from of him. This series is kind of all over the place for me. Seperti kata author di bab tambahan di belakang, buku ini memiliki pesan moral sbg wanita kita harus mencintai diri kita sendiri bukan berarti egois atau narsis yatetap percaya diri sekalipun diejek orang karena gendut, ketawa nyaring spt cewq site dll, tetapi yg terpenting juga bisa menularkan kebahagiaan kita kpd pasangannya dan orang sekitarnya.

She had always known that she would be Duchess of Canterwick someday, so it made no sense to feel so keenly miserable. But they still had each others back. Kindle Edition Verified download. Fans of Victoria Alexander and Julia Quinn will simply adore this historical romance gem about a lady reluctantly betrothed to one duke but pursued by another; a tantalizing tale of love, lies, and one very uncomfortable mattress.

Certain circumstances, certain words, certain… well… events.

But could they have been written differently, in a less heartbreaking way? The bottom line… I truly do enjoy Ms. I hope there will be many more stories to come. View all 13 comments. Apr 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: OK, again I'd like to reiterate that Ms. James does not, EVER, make light of her character with mental illness. In fact, by the end of the book, this character ends up being more of an actual "hero" than the other duke. Please don't stop reading only to post hateful comments that are ignorant of the actual book.

Let me explain. Olivia is betrothed to one duke and secretly yearns for another who is supposed to be checking out her sister for a wife. Blah, blah, blah This book is ac OK, again I'd like to reiterate that Ms.

This book is actually very good if completely inaccurate as far as historical writings go. It was fun, funny, and light. Imagine if Mel Brooks wrote a romance and you have this book. The heroine says things a lady of that time period would not have said without demolishing her reputation, and the other characters are about the same.

I loved how the two lovers didn't spend the whole book denying their feelings for each other as that can get old very quickly. I also liked how you got to see below the surface of the mother in law.

The situation gets resolved easily, and admittedly, a little absurdly, but the whole book is absurd so why be surprised? Now about the "sensitive" issue - Yes, Olivia's fiance is mentally retarded. And in the very beginning of the book, Olivia reacts as any lady would have back then: Please realize that part of her scorn arises from the fact that they have been betrothed since birth, and he is very young, having only just turned 18 and she is around 26ish or so.

Back then, this was a huge age difference, and she is dreading marrying "a boy" NOT disgusted by his mental issues. She dreads marrying a man she does not love, has nothing in common with, and will end up "mothering" because he can't really be a full "duke" with full duties.

To be fair, they haven't really spent a lot of time alone together, and both sets of parents approach the subject with Olivia in very vulgar ways. When Olivia actually spends a few hours along with her fiance she starts to see his wonderful joy and innocence. From this point on, she becomes his one and only defender. She doesn't tell people not to poke fun, she tries to make them see that he is so much better than them because of his deficiencies. She saves him from pity when she can, and absolutely demolishes others when she cannot.

She becomes his biggest ally. I won't go on, but just know that Ms. James is not a bully to people with mental issues. I'd also like to ask all of those women who are so outraged over her treatment of this character to ask themselves if they would be so morally pure if they were suddenly engaged to someone with mental deficiencies.

Imagine, all of your young life you dream of marrying your prince, of being a wife, a partner, an equal in your marriage. Then you find yourself engaged to a man who, while he may be sweet and kind and even handsome, is "not all there".

[PDF] The Duke Is Mine By Eloisa James - Free eBook Downloads

Now you've gone from being a partner to being a mom for the rest of your life, not really having a partner to share it with, but in actuality, another child to care for. I don't think they would be so self righteous, at least in their thoughts, if they were in that position.

So maybe jump down off your high-horses, and give the book a chance since we are all human, and therefore, subject to all the frailties and faults included. Rant over. Go read it and form your own opinion at least, please. Dec 30, Jennifer rated it did not like it Shelves: A bit much. The heroine was relentlessly snarky. You know this person in real life: There was no real connection between the leads beyond lust.

I follow Eloisa on social, so I was not surprised by her homage to Justin Bieber, but all the silly names and pop culture references were exhausting. Having read the teaser chapters before the book was released, I was also turned off by how scathing Olivia was about Rupert: View all 10 comments. Jun 22, Daniella rated it did not like it.

All my feels: This is probably the worst book I have ever read in my life. Any sane person would be offended by the characters' especially the heroine's offensive remarks!

So for all you sane persons out there: Olivia Lytton has been betrothed since before she was born to the also yet unborn son of a duke, Rupert. Thanks to a promise made between her father and Ruperts father when they were friends in Eton, she has been 'duchified' since she was a child, along with her twin sister Georgiana. Olivia knows all the proper rules and etiquette but it is just not her personality. Olivia is bawdy, sarcastic, and far too witty to truly be contained in a perfect duchess box.

But as she was born seven minutes ea Olivia Lytton has been betrothed since before she was born to the also yet unborn son of a duke, Rupert. But as she was born seven minutes earlier than Georgiana, who is exactly what one looks for in a duchess, she has accepted her fate to marry the five years younger Rupert.

Olivia knows she will bear the marriage to the much simpler Rupert as she plans to dower Georgiana right away so her perfect, beautiful sister can find her true happiness.

As the betrothal papers are signed, as Rupert is finally eighteen, and scandalous promises are made by Ruperts father, one of the funniest scenes in this book happens. As Rupert heads to war to achieve the glory he so desires, Georgiana is invited to the home of Tarquin Brook Chatfield, Duke of Sconce by his mother as a potential new wife for Tarquin.

Georgiana, with Olivia at her side, heads to his home with hope alight in her heart. After his disastrous and heartbreaking first marriage, Quin knows it is his duty to remarry and he is more than willing to turn the process of choosing a wife over to his mother. She invites out two prospective women and is intent of putting them through a series of tests. It becomes clear quickly that Georgiana is the obvious choice but his mother continues on with her tests and in the process, asks Quin to entertain Olivia who is not in the running being betrothed already and totally unsuitable.

The slight problem with that is Quin is quite attracted to Olivia but knows it can never be but the more time they spend together sparring and trading wits she slowly uncovers Quins hurtful past and together their hearts know they belong together. But the road to happiness has quite a few hurdles to overcome including Rupert, Georgiana, Quins mother and even Olivias belief that she is not good enough.

This is a fun, quirky, delightful retelling of the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. I adored the beginning, it had me laughing quite a bit.

Olivia is smart, sassy, and unconventional but honest, fierce, and protective at the same time and it was a delight to meet her. Quin is a bit proud and stuffy but he suffered a great loss and Olivia is the perfect balm for his heart and she, along with some words from Rupert, makes him complete again.

I am sure there will be a bit of discussion about the situation that Quin and Olivia find themselves in.

Eloisa the james duke pdf mine is

She is engaged to Rupert who is off at war and Georgiana thinks that Quin will be the perfect husband. But, I have to say in my opinion, Eloisa James handled the delicate situation well and the resulting actions are something that I could believe happening. I do not want to say to much because I don't want to give away to much of the storyline and I want you to be able to judge for yourself, but I believe fans will be happy with the situations.

And then we get to the ending and it ties it all up perfectly. I was wondering how a pile of mattresses would fit in with this story but Eloisa James found a perfect solution so fairy tale fans will be pleased.

Overall, a true delight that will make you laugh out loud. View all 6 comments. Nov 29, Sharyn rated it it was ok Shelves: I did not like this book, which is disappointing since I absolutely loved When Beauty Tamed the Beast. I think the issue was I did not like the heroine, Olivia, at all. She was too brash and loved to make fun of everyone, mostly to annoy her mother. I actually liked, and identified, more with her sister Georgiana.

Which is not good when the hero is deciding between Olivia and Georgiana as his next wife I kept thinking "Pick Georgie! Also, Olivia has been promised to Rupert, a mentally challe I did not like this book, which is disappointing since I absolutely loved When Beauty Tamed the Beast.

Also, Olivia has been promised to Rupert, a mentally challenged Duke's heir, since they were children, due to an agreement between their fathers. Again, I really sympathized with Rupert, and while I don't think Olivia is a good match for him, I still didn't like how things ended up for Rupert.

And, it seemed to me that the only thing Quin, the hero Duke, likes about Olivia is her full-figured body. Truly, for him, it was love at first sight, just knowing it was a woman with a "fleshy" body "fleshy" was used a lot. This also didn't make sense as his first wife seemed to be thin so Olivia shouldn't have been his "type".

I think it would have made a difference if his first wife had been full-figured as well. Finally, the last part of the story, which had been taking place in London, or the Duke's country house, suddenly veers off into France and , to me, went further out of control.

Too bad as I had been looking forward to this book. Nov 25, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: Dear Eloisa James, What the hell were you thinking?

Mine pdf the duke james is eloisa

You start your story by having the "heroine" ruthlessly mock her fiancee who turns out to be mentally handicapped. You then proceed to place these individuals in a situation that boarders on sexual abuse, as the man in question is barely 18 and clearly has the mental capacity of a much younger person. It's clear that you see his lack of understanding of sex as funny and the scene as comedic, but it's sad and horrifically cruel on your part.

The Dear Eloisa James, What the hell were you thinking? The "heroine" completes her descent into abhorrent villain when she then proceeds to steal the man her sister is interested in while being rude to everyone around her. Shame on you Ms. Jun 08, Kathy rated it did not like it Shelves: I was so excited when the UPS guy dropped off my package of new release books. This is the first book I grabbed for. My excitement was short lived. What the hell happened here?

Did Eloisa James really write this? In the dedication section she writes of having to throw out pages and having to "start over". I wonder where she started over because it can't be at the beginning of the book, which is a total cluster. I had hoped there might be some redemption as far as what I was reading.

Didn't happen. Maybe I should have kept reading to see if it would happen. But I was already too disgusted to wait for it. I didn't make it past page 74 and that was already pushing it. I am quite disappointed.

View 1 comment. Sep 20, Crista rated it it was ok Shelves: After reading the stunning and hugely memorable When Beauty Tamed the Beast , I couldn't wait to read this book. I've always loved fairy tales, and Eloisa James's series that is loosely based on fairy tales has been incredible This Duke is Mine missed on many levels.

It didn't sit right Olivia Lytton was my problem. She is described as a plump, loud, and somewhat crass lady. Although I believe her character was m After reading the stunning and hugely memorable When Beauty Tamed the Beast , I couldn't wait to read this book.

Although I believe her character was meant to be written as witty and unique, she came across to me as anything but. In my opinion, this character ruined this story for me. She was mean, cruel, and lacked integrity. There is cheating in this book, which is a deal breaker for me personally.

She ends up attracted to her sister's intended This book just wasn't romantic for me If you are new to this author I'd give this one a pass. Feb 27, Josephina rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I'll be honest that I couldn't get past a quarter of the way into this book before I had to put it down for good.

The problem is that the "heroine" of this novel is just - to be blunt - a horrible person. The setup is simple enough. She's engaged to be married to a duke.

Not only does she not love him, but she's not really "duchess material" - she's on the curvaceous side, has a bawdy sense of humor, tends to lean towards impropriety at times The problem is that she's mean. That's all there is to it. She's just a mean person.

These details are given fairly early on and permanently impacted both him and his mother his mother, from the description, seems to have been left in something barely above a vegetative state after childbirth. The duke's brain damage is also used as "humor" in the novel, in the least humorous way imaginable.

And, to add insult to injury, the duke's father tells her at one point that among a couple of awful reasons , he agreed to go forward with the engagement because she's "nice" to his son.

To his face, perhaps. I do recognize that, at the period in which this book was set, the characters would not be as educated about the duke's situation as we are today, so I tried to give the characters a bit of the benefit of the doubt.

The Duke Is Mine - PDF eBooks Free Download

I was willing to give her character a bit more of a pass about the comments she makes in the first couple of chapters because, at that point, she was truly ignorant about the situation. However, then there's a scene where the duke's father tells her what happened and she begins to feel genuine sympathy for the duke and his mental incapacity.

She also recognizes that he's a kind-hearted and even somewhat sweet man. At that point, I figured that, while the heroine would be no more inclined to want to marry him, the bad-mouthing him behind his back would stop.

A couple of chapters later she's again making horrible comments about him behind his back, about how stupid and witless he is. I don't understand why the author didn't realize how incredibly unsympathetic this makes her heroine - and how easy it would have been to avoid. If the intention was to create a situation where she's engaged to duke X almost all her life but doesn't want to go forward with the wedding, and then she meets duke Y There are at least a dozen ways to accomplish that goal without making her a truly deplorable, reprehensible, unsympathetic, and downright mean-spirited character.

The only thing that prevented me from writing "cruel" in that list is that she only says those awful things behind his back but is nice to his face.

But is that really better? She's still a horrible character. I was somewhat disappointed by a previous book written by this author, but I had actually enjoyed several others she had written. However, this book gives me serious doubts as to whether I'll bother to pick up the next book by Ms. Dec 29, Nikki rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Eloisa James fans. This started out so promising and was heavily laden with all the fabulous tongue-in-cheek humour that EJ does so well. I can't describe exactly why it left me slightly bemused; perhaps because there seemed to be a lot of nonsensical goings on in the latter part of the book and it really wasn't needed.

As per the blurb, Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to the son of a duke since before birth - n 4 stars. As per the blurb, Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to the son of a duke since before birth - never mind the fact that he is 5 years her junior and slightly but adorably dimwitted. Olivia and Rupert are being forced to marry by their parents and are therefore obediently doing what they must.

Too Wilde to Wed Ebook Download

The plot thickens when prior to the betrothed pair being married Olivia is sent with her sister, Georgiana, to the country estate of the Duke of Sconce aka the hero, Quin , as Quin is seeking a wife and Olivia's future father-in-law has put in a good word for Georgie.

It may seem a stretch but it all worked marvellously in the book. Of course Olivia and Quin start to fall for one another and while this would normally sound alarm bells for me, I found it refreshing that any tired romance formula that could have reared its ugliness in this scenario, didn't. Quin wandered among the guests feeling like a ghost: He danced with Georgiana after dinner. He tracked Olivia from the corner of his eye, saw how she passed from man to man, how they ogled her and laughed with her and generally fell in love with her and into envy of the marquess.

But as I said, instead of digging a bit deeper and focussing on the characters and the emotions and what was happening, it just seemed that EJ took the setting to a place where it just didn't really need to be. That's my opinion anyway. I don't want to take away from the fabulous, witty writing or these entrancing characters, though; this was a lovely holiday read and I look forward to more stories in the Fairy Tales series.

View 2 comments. Jan 02, Ruthie Knox rated it it was amazing. The blurb and cover don't do this novel justice. Here's my rewrite: Olivia has been engaged since birth to Rupert, an affable dolt who will make a terrible husband — but who will also make her a duchess.

Olivia, on the other hand, is fat, bawdy, and completely uninterested in becomin The blurb and cover don't do this novel justice. Olivia, on the other hand, is fat, bawdy, and completely uninterested in becoming a duchess. She is also awesome. When Georgiana is invited to the estate of Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, as a candidate to become his bride, Olivia tags along to help.

Will they be able to resist their passion for the sake of their families and propriety? In a word, no. This book is so much fun. He can read Olivia, though, because everything she thinks and feels is written all over her face.

The Duke Is Mine

I swear, by the time the novel ended, Quin had made me want to schtump Olivia. The plot wanders off to France to rescue Rupert at the end, just after one might think the happy-ever-after ending had already come and gone.

I was quite happy to wander off with it. Jul 15, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I had a few issues with EJ's writing at the first of the book.

I mean some of the wording and writing style. Eventually though the story really took over and I couldn't put the book down. I didn't have issues of what Olivia said about Rupert.

Not because of how he was, but because she was frustrated and there was no way out for her. She knew since she was 10 that she was going to have to marry a boy 5 years younger than she was and mentally impaired. So I think for her the familiarity bred conte I had a few issues with EJ's writing at the first of the book.

So I think for her the familiarity bred contempt. She only ever showed her frustration with her sister and she defended Rupert to anybody saying anything about him, later in the book.

She also remained loyal to him in the end. Olivia's sister, Georgina, has been invited out to the Duchess of Sconce's house, as she is on the lookout for a wife for her son, Quin. Quin for his part doesn't care one way or the other, as he no longer trust his own judgment to picking women. His first attempt ended in a heart-breaking disaster all the way around. However, once Quin sets eyes on the voluptuous Olivia, all bets are off as he sets out to woo the one woman he shouldn't have.

Can things get any more convoluted? Well with EJ, you can sure bet they will. I thought this was a lovely heart-warming story and I hope that we get to read Georgina's story one day.

Eloisa mine james the is pdf duke

Aug 14, Jacob Proffitt rated it liked it Shelves: This book had some problematical elements and I can see why it's the ugly duckling in the series.

Both the beginning and end work to undermine the main characters in some crucial ways that left me wondering what to think. First off, Rupert. This marred the beginning as it's hard to tell what you're supposed to think about both him and Olivia's attitude towards him. We start off with Olivia and Georgiana saying some unkind things about him, but only to one another.

That's a bad first impression of This book had some problematical elements and I can see why it's the ugly duckling in the series. That's a bad first impression of both him and them. I think the tone is supposed to be one of forbearance as Olivia has a distasteful future, even if she is kind to him in public and resigned to his deficiencies.

The parents involved, both his and Olivia's are pretty much monsters. So nobody comes off well in this beginning and it isn't until later that you begin to see Olivia's loyalty and resignation for the trial they are. The ending is just farcical. That whole garrison was crammed full of stereotypes and lazy characterization. Which wasn't helped by a stupid rescue bit with fire and smoke and lots of thrashing about hide spoiler ]. I think we're supposed to see how awesome Quin is during those scenes, but it was so hard to believe that I found it doing the opposite for me.

Anyway, bad bookending aside, I still liked Olivia and Quin rather a lot. Well, okay, I liked Olivia rather a lot and Quin was adequate support.

His background is a ton of melodrama and he comes across as rather bewildered and weak given his history. It was hard to respect a man who let himself be walked all over by his first wife. Which also made it hard to squeeze out sympathy for his current damaged state as a follow-on result. But since that only came up every other page, he was fine the rest of the time.

So really, when it comes down to it, Olivia made this book. It really is too bad that she makes such a confusing first impression with the dissonance over Rupert. If it hadn't been for the weird stuff, this would have been a solid four stars. As it stands, it was lucky to eek out three. A note about Steamy: Lower mid range of my personal tolerance. There were three explicit scenes, but two were almost skimpy.

Indeed, the steamy scenes were as weak sauce as the rest of the novel with some good mixed with unnecessarily dissonant bits. View all 42 comments. Feb 14, kris rated it did not like it.

Olivia Lytton has been betrothed to Rupert, Duke of Canterwick, since she was five. For reasons known only to James, Olivia is introduced as a mocking, cruel woman who belittles a man she has known her whole life because he's disabled but don't worry: Meanwhile, Tarquin, Duke of Sconce, is in need of a wife so his mother invites proper ladies to his crib. This includes Olivia's more attractive sister, Georgiana.

Obviously, Quin and Olivia light each other's pants on fire, so the rest of the book is two subpar humans figuring out how to shed their bothersome obligations so they can bone, romantically or something. As many others more brilliant and beautiful than I have stated: Olivia was just the grossest epitome of Modern Heroine stuffed in Historic Garb: And it was exhausting and boring and dull. Especially when Quin gets involved. Quin's Man Pain was so much.

I can't. It's rushed and harried because it's got so much shit to unravel and it leads to a story and romance that is decidedly underdeveloped. I didn't believe in their insta-love, and I never felt like I had a solid understanding of Olivia and Quin because their characterization changed based on page count or something. IDK, it was ridic. The ending was a goddamned disaster. The beginning, too. I do want to say that I did like how the leads communicated once they got their hands off of each other's genitals.

Like, they decided they liked each other and they were going to make it work and it was nice. But nice doesn't fix the rest of that show, so 1 star.

At times poignant, at times laugh-out-loud hilarious this is Eloisa James at her playful best. The voluptuous heroine, Olivia, with her penchant for limericks and bawdy jokes is the perfect foil for the serious-minded, yummy mathematician, Tarquin. I especially loved how Quin broke down Olivia's defenses about her body, helping her see how much he appreciated her curves. And how Olivia helped him come to terms with his past.

Intertwined with the romance was a colorful cast of characters, includi At times poignant, at times laugh-out-loud hilarious this is Eloisa James at her playful best. Intertwined with the romance was a colorful cast of characters, including a flea-bitten dog named, Lucy, a musical young fellow with a flair for fashion, and a sweetly innocent marquess determined to find glory on the battlefield. Charming, sexy, and just plain fun. I loved this book. It was entertaining, light, flirtatious and just fun.

Well, Georgiana took to her lessons, Olivia clearly had a rebellious streak that made her fight against all things proper. Georgiana ended up betrothed to the Duke of Canterwick, who went off to fighting in the war defending England. The only problem is that I loved this book. The only problem is that the Tarquin feels an attraction for Olivia and vice versa. So what's a girl to do? Should Olivia ignore her heart and push Tarquin towards Georgiana or should Olivia hold on to the passion she has found with Tarquin?

Olivia and Georgiana were both characters I enjoyed. They loved each other, but they were opposites.

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