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some form of impartial supporting evidence or documentation. Also, it entails that Please double Click on Tally ERP9 Icon or select and press enter on Tally. 9 is a simple-yet-sophisticated business management software product. 9 Multi User enables you to have unlimited concurrent Users and is the more . Export Reports in Different Formats like Excel PDF & JPEG. Export & Import of Data through XML. Auto Backup. Manual Backup & Restore. Tally. Tally Student Subscription (% Jobs). • Official 9 Single User License for 1 month. • Self Assessment. • Certification. • Tally Reference Manual.

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Lesson 3: Installing 9 Silver. Installing 9 Silver. . ERP 9 in Silent Mode (for Advanced Users) Installation Guide for 9. □. Find the resources, guides & case studies to efficiently use our products to tackle specific business challenges for your industry. Explore!. What This Manual Does Not Contain. Conventions Used in This Manual Who Has the Tally Feature? What is a Tally Item? Questions You May Have Page 9 .

I have created an entire list of ledgers in Tally with examples. You can go through that list and you will know what will come under direct expenses and what will come under capital account and so on. It is because I have classified each and every ledger in Tally with suitable and tonnes of examples for your understanding. Moving ahead with basic Tally notes, you will now learn to create basic accounting vouchers in Tally. So, what is an accounting voucher in Tally? Accounting voucher simply as an accounting entry in Tally. A Sales entry is a Sales Voucher in Tally.

After you have learnt that, go through the following video in which I have explained how you can create a single GST invoice with multiple tax rates. I have also written a post for this video if you like to read for future reference. At the end of the entry, Tally will automatically export the e-way bill in JSON format which you can directly upload to the e-way bill portal and generate an e-way bill number.

I have explained the entire method in this post on creating E-Way bill in Tally with a simple example. In this case, you will create a debit note in Tally. Debit and Credit Notes in Tally I have written a detailed post with a video on debit and credit notes in Tally for your better understanding.

Read the whole post and also learn the examples as well. Now, let me tell you another situation. So, here you can use memorandum voucher in Tally for passing these kinds of entries. The main feature of memorandum vouchers is that it does not affect your accounts unless you convert it to a general voucher.

It is a kind of memo in Tally but in the form of an accounting entry. There are many situations like the one above in which we are not sure what will be the amount of the entry. In all those cases, we can use the memorandum voucher. Go through this post on Memorandum Vouchers in Tally and you will learn it all. It is packed with different examples. What if you get a cheque today but the date on the cheque is 10 days from now. It is a post dated cheque and giving post dated cheques is a very common practice.

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In this case, you can create a post dated voucher in Tally. Not just for post dated cheques, you can use it for any entry which is post dated in Tally. Above vouchers are somewhat advanced and therefore I call them advanced vouchers in Tally. For example, if you are selling mobiles, iPhone X is a stock item. Similarly, iPhone 8 is another stock item. You can also group all the iPhones together in a group called Apple because Apple sells iPhones.

This is called a Stock Group in Tally. Total stock items you sold are 13 iPhones. So what we did here? We measured the iPhones sold by numbers which is It is called Units of Measure in Tally. Now, if you are selling milk instead of iPhones, you will measure the milk in liters. Here the unit of measure is liters.

Similarly, depending upon the products you sell, units of measure can be numbers, liters, kgs, meters, inches and so on. You can maintain your entire stock or inventory in Tally.

That is why I am asking you to learn how to create and use stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally. I have created two different posts regarding creating and using stock items in Tally. First one is on how you can create stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally and second one is on how to use stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally. Go through it and I am sure you will learn a lot about Tally which most of the people do not know.

Mostly, people are confused about stock management in Tally and I have made it extremely easy for you to understand it. Stock Items and Stock Groups in Tally Go through it and I am sure you will learn a lot about Tally which most of the people do not know. You can also create stock market entries in Tally with the help of stock items in Tally so please understand the notes about stock management in detail.

This is what the next part is in our Tally ERP 9 notes. Roti We need raw materials like flour, water, spices and so on. Our finished product will be roti. What if you can create an entire entry like this in Tally?

You can and that too with very much ease. This kind of entry is called manufacturing entry in Tally. It can also be used for assembly of goods. You are just putting rotis in packaging and selling. This is called assembling a product. The same manufacturing or inventory entry can also be used for assembly of products too.

Cars are assembled on the assembly because their parts are often manufactured by different companies. Watch the below video and you will learn how to create a manufacturing entry in Tally. It is something everyone knows but still they are confused many a times. It gets automatically created when you create different vouchers or in simple words, when you pass accounting entries, Tally will build Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account for you.

There are certain options in balance sheet in Tally which you can use which will help you in understanding balance sheet even better. For example, you can convert the balance sheet in Tally to a vertical format as per the Companies Act with a click of a button. Similarly, you can use options for profit and loss account in Tally as well.

You can also move in between profit and loss account and balance sheet from each of them itself. Now, create a sales entry. This sale will be outside the state. You can comment down below if you get stuck at any place in this assignment.

Also comment the answers once you complete the whole assignment. If you complete this practical assignment in Tally ERP 9 even with mistakes, you will learn much more than going to a Tally coaching center for 3 months. Once again you can download these Tally ERP 9 notes along with this Tally practical assignment just below. If you have come this far, I am sure you have learnt a lot about Tally from these Tally notes than anywhere else.

I have really put in my sweat. I have literally written these notes in 44 degrees celcius without AC. Everything that you read, along with all the necessary links, you can download them here in PDF.

I can tell you one thing for sure. If you have sincerely learnt the notes and watched the necessary videos and completed the Tally practical assignment which is at the end of these Tally notes, you will be very good at Tally from now on.

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Finalist and a big fan of Tally. I like to share knowledge and that is why I have started TallySchool. It is the right answer. The point here is that you must know the process. As I have not mentioned the opening balance amount for all the stock items — milk, roti and mobile, therefore the answers will be different for each one of you.

Bhai, you can download the notes on this page. Or is website pe ghoomo, bahot kuch janne ko milega! Hai Rishit …I am just a beginner. I want to know what all basic accountancy portion should I be thorough of to start learning Tally as well as peach tree. I want to work much harder on my basics so I am asking. It will be helpful if u guide me …thank you.. You just need to learn basic accounting enough so that you can understand simple entries. I have created a free course for that and if you go through that, it will be fine for Tally.

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Here is the link — https: Hi …sir tell me bro..?? Hi Rishith iam koushika actually i want total shortcut keys in tally and i want to no about gst filling and about tds will you help me nd i want total notes.

These are total shortcut keys in Tally. Mr x started a business on 1st April 18 in the name of rx distributor at bbsr. He invested a capital and loan for axis bank. Please kese hota.

Entry wrong i thing.. Here is the link to all the Tally Shortcuts — https: For reverse charge entry in Tally I will be creating a new post and video soon.

Without paying a rupee a person can learn about tally. Thanks very much. In banks, generally a high end software like Finnacle is used.

Tally is not used in the banks that I know of. Please have a look at the free tally course online — https: Rishit bhai, Great Job!!!

God bless you for this excellent job of helping the new and the experienced accountants. Hello Rishit, I have learned very much from your site.

Now i want to pass on my knowledge to other girls in our community. Can u help me by sending the Practical assignments and notes in pdf format for practice. I would be glad if i could get that coz your way of clearing concepts is so easy and understandable. Pls help me and send notes at prjain17 gmail. Hats off to ur great work.

Create a company in Tally by your name. Check the Ratio Analysis and see what is the current ratio and quick ratio.

Download WordPress Themes. Free Download WordPress Themes. Download WordPress Themes Free. Rishit Shah I am a CA. Akshay verma says: Nice and an informative article! June 15, at Rishit Shah says: Thank you so much Akshay! June 18, at Aman Pasha says: Very helpful to the beginners like me. June 25, at Thank you Aman for your good words! July 2, at 6: Rishi says: Sir i hv done this. Quick ratio 0. June 27, at 6: Yes, it is the right answer.

July 9, at Pratap Banerjee says: I have done it. Current Ratio is 1. April 10, at 9: Yes, Pratap! But, you should know the process which you now know. So, congratulations for that.

You have learned a new thing. April 15, at Ravendra Kumar says: Bhai tally ke bare me to btaoo or mujhe notes mail ker do. July 24, at July 25, at 5: August 3, at Hi, Shivam! Aapka bahot bahot dhanyawad! August 16, at Can you help me!

August 5, at Yes, bharat! I can help you. In fact, I am here to help you! Please ask what you want to ask. August 16, at 6: Hi, Nitesh! The question is in the article itself. August 27, at 2: August 6, at Thank you so much Ved Parkash! Dipesh Kumar N S says: August 7, at 4: Hi, Dipesh!

August 16, at 2: Hi, bro! August 16, at 4: August 22, at 9: Hi, Deepak! Ho sakta hai aapne use enable nahi kiya ho. August 28, at 2: August 25, at Hi, Koushika!

August 28, at 3: Suraj panda says: August 30, at 4: Hi, Suraj! September 1, at Simha says: September 11, at 8: Hi, Simha! September 19, at 1: September 8, at 8: Hi, Arkin! The name of the person or a firm or a company is used for the capital account. September 19, at October 2, at 5: Yes, Pradeep! How can I help you in Tally? October 6, at 5: Dugeshwar Chauhan says: October 7, at 6: You welcome, Durgeshwar! I am happy that TallySchool is able to help you.

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October 20, at 3: Jitendra singh says: All short cut keys telly erp9 sir. October 9, at 8: Hi, Jitendra! October 13, at Hi, Amit! October 20, at 4: December 3, at 3: Hi, Manveer! Bank interest entry in tally will be as under: Bank Account Dr.

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December 13, at Nirakar Sahoo says: December 4, at 2: Hi, Nirakar! Please go through the website and you will find lots of other articles and videos as well. Mahi says: Is tally ERP helpful for getting bank jobs. January 24, at 8: Hi, Mahi! Also, to be sure, you can go and ask in the bank itself and they will be very happy to reply.