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GMAT Official Guide Bundle: 3 Books + Online Question Bank. GMAC ( Graduate out of 5 stars · #1 Best Seller in GMAT Test Guides. Paperback. Should you download the newest 3 versions of The Official Guide for the GMAT ? GMAT Expert, Mike McGarry, provides an honest book review. download The Official Guide for GMAT Review 13th by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store.

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Sign up for information about the GMAT exam, management education, and other offers and promotions from GMAC. Opt out or contact us anytime. Subscribe. Is there an e-book version of the GMAT™ Official Guide series? One, if you downloadd an Official Guide book, you will find an access code on the. GMAT Official Guide Book + Online Question Bank. The top Business and Leadership books of last year picked by site Book Review Editor, Chris Schluep. GMAT Prep Plus 6 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online +.

FACT: Each one of of these replaces a corresponding version published about a year ago. FACT: The most recent edition comes with both an online and mobile app version of the questions. The edition had online but not mobile access. Another new Official Guide? Consequently, I have the highest respect for the content creators and psychometricians at GMAC who design this test. I have met some of these people, and they are impressive. This new-OG-every-year rhythm is driven more by profit-seeking than by any legitimate pedagogical concern.

We've created the only Online GMAT Prep Program that identifies your strengths and weaknesses, customizes a study plan, coaches you through lessons and quizzes, and adapts your study plan as you improve. We believe PrepScholar GMAT is the best GMAT prep program available, especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don't want to spend a ton of money on the other companies' one-size-fits-all study plans.

While unofficial guides try to build realistic questions, nothing is as accurate as retired questions themselves.

The Official Guide for the GMAT Review Should You Buy It? - Magoosh GMAT Blog

All of the questions that are available in the Official Guide for GMAT in print are also available online, meaning you can access practice questions from your computer. Similarly, some of the answers can be confusing and unclear, which may cause frustration or prevent you from learning the underlying content tested in the question. Despite its flaws, most readers think that the official guide is extremely important to have.

The main complaints with the guide are that the question difficulty is a bit too easy, and there are few errors that make some of the questions unsolvable most of these have been fixed in the corrected version.

The sheer volume of actual GMAT questions you get makes the guide worth every penny. This distribution has no bearing whatsoever on the difficulty level of the test since the test is adaptive in nature.

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This data simply shows that this group of questions has easier questions than the medium difficulty level questions.

Before we give our recommendation about your download decision, it is important that we present some noteworthy facts to you. It also includes the online platform.

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The OG portal can be extended but pricing options are not readily available. On wiley. Now comes our recommendation: If you are just starting your preparation and do not have any official guide, then we recommend you download OG The GMAT Review includes a very straightforward explanation of each type of question, as well as some general suggestions on how to approach each type of question.

I also used the Kaplan GMAT Premier to study, and found that book to have better explanations of the practice question answe The most important way to prepare for any standardized test is to practice, practice, practice.

GMAT Official Guide 2019 Bundle: Books + Online

I also used the Kaplan GMAT Premier to study, and found that book to have better explanations of the practice question answers. That book also had better test-taking "tips" - it was more prescriptive in its suggestions than the GMAT Review. Whereas the GMAT Review repeatedly says things like, "Use the best technique for you," the Kaplan book makes stronger suggestions as to what will work in a test-taking situation.

Overall, I recommend this book - if only for the impressively large number of practice questions. Make sure that you download the Princeton Review or Kaplan Review as well. This book alone will not get the job done. Primarily, I used this book as reference material. In other words, it's only use for me were the practice questions - which are taken from old tests.

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