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Read NFHS Soccer Rules Book PDF by NFHS Online eBook - Published by ISBN: B07D2J3XYC. Listen to NFHS Soccer. download NFHS Soccer Rules Book: Read 5 Kindle Store Reviews - site. com. Contains the official rules for soccer, and are designed to explain all aspects of the game.

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POWER POINT. Welcome to the Soccer Power Point. Presentation. Page 2. SOCCER. RULES CHANGES. NFHS .. Searchable rules book . Soccer Rules Interpretations - RULES BOOK CORRECTIONS: ( Underlining shows additions; strikethrough shows deletions.). NEW: The clock shall be stopped when a substitute by the team in the lead is beckoned on the field in the final five minutes of the second.

This change will allow the home team to wear their school colors before the home crowds. The visiting team will be required to wear solid white socks. Answer: The play must be stopped for some reason; and the player may reenter the game to 'fill out' the eleven players at a stoppage of play. Such reentry should not be a delaying tactic for the defending team. Several minutes later, after a legal reentry, you again notice Team "A" 14 is wearing an illegal mouth piece in violation of the mouthpiece rule; does the Coach get a caution card? They do not set aside nor modify any rule.

A state may adopt a sudden victory procedure. A coin toss will determine which team will kick off and what end of the field each team will defend.

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At the end of the first overtime period there will be a two minute break and the teams will change ends of the field. If the game remains tied the NFHS Rules Book indicates that there will be two five-minute sudden victory overtime periods.

There will be another coin toss prior to the sudden victory to again determine who will kick off and which ends of the field will be defended.

Book nfhs soccer rule

Prior to the second sudden death overtime there will be a two minute break and the teams will switch ends of the field. In the event that the game is stilled tied after the above described periods are played, the coaches and captains will meet at the center of the field and the referee will instruct them about the kicks from the penalty line procedures. The referee will choose which end of the field the kicks will occur.

Book nfhs soccer rule

When making the decision, the referee should take into consideration the location of the sun, the overall condition of the area around the goals, wind and any other factors that could have an impact on the kicks. Each coach will select any five players, one may be the goalkeeper, to take the first five kicks. These players may be from anyone who was on or off the field at the end of the overtime periods.

The only player who cannot participate is one who has been previously disqualified from the game. The referee will conduct a coin toss with the captains.


The winner of the coin toss may elect to kick first or second. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

Official Signals Modified in High School Soccer

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2018-19 NFHS Soccer Rules Book

Click here for the Soccer Rules Changes Video. Since the clock is stopped when bench personnel are cautioned or disqualified, substitutes from both teams who have already reported may be beckoned by the referee and may enter the field of play.

Previously, there was no provision for substitutes to enter the field of play during this type of stoppage.