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The Official CompTIA® Network+® (Exam N) course builds on your existing the content described in the exam objectives for the CompTIA Network+. Comptia Network+ Examination Objectives. Domain - Networking Concepts. Objective. Chapters. Compare the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models. 2, 4. Over the past years, CompTIA's Network+ certification program has established itself as .. Full text of the book in PDF If you are going to travel but still need to.

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please refer to ronaldweinland.infong/uk/terms-and-conditions. NETWORKING TOPOLOGY. Star (Hub and Spoke). 13/03/ NETWORK+. The contents of this training material were created for the CompTIA Network+ exam .. Full Text of the Book in PDF If you are going to travel but still need to. Exclusive Network+ Virtual Lab Network Simulator. • Hundreds of Sample Questions. • Electronic Flashcards. • Entire Book in PDF. Exam N SERIOUS.

Frame relay B. TCP oloading C. Jumbo frame D. Quality of service E. Equal cost mulipath Answer: C Quesion: 2 A network administrator is coniguring one distribuion and ive access switches, which will be installed in a new building. Which of the following is the BEST physical locaion for the equipment? All switches should be placed in the MDF to leave room in the IDF for servers Answer: B Quesion: 3 A network technician needs to idenify acive services that should be disabled on the network.

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Cloning D. Vulnerability patching Answer: A Quesion: 5 Which of the following should a technician upgrade to if the exising wireless standard only allows for three non-overlapping channels and more non-overlapping channels are needed?

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Honeypot B. IPS C. Firewall D.

PDF of CompTIA Network plus N10-007 Exam Objectives

The clients and hosts can ping each other. The wired clients have fast connecions.

The wireless clients are slow to ping and browse the Internet. Which of the following could be the cause of the slow wireless clients? An access point experiencing RFI from lorescent light bulbs B. A router is on the incorrect LAN C. A cable connecion does not support wireless D. Select TWO.

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UTM B. WPA2 C. IPSec D. Firewall E. POP3 F.

SSL B. HTTP C. TFTP D. Large rouing tables B.

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Duplicate addresses C. Collisions D. Loops Answer: D Quesion: 11 A company needs to implement stronger authenicaion, by adding an authenicaion factor to their wireless system, which currently only supports WPA with pre-shared keys.

Which of the following should the network administrator implement? WPA2 with a complex shared key D. The good news is that we also accept payment through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency options. Once you make the payment , we will prepare the test report for you.

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