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The Book of Atrus serves as a prequel to the events of the eponymous first game in the Myst series, and introduces both new. "The Book of Atrus" () "The Book of Ti‍'​ana" () "The Book of This page gives links to youtube video's of the audio book. There are. at $ Myst: The Story of Atrus: 2 Compact Discs has 1 available editions to download at Alibris. , Random House Audio Publishing Group. ISBN

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The Book of Atrus (Myst, Book 1) Audio CD – Abridged, October 10, . Audio CD; Publisher: Random House Audio (October 10, ); Language: English. A novel based on the CD-ROM game fills out the lives of the game's characters, tracing the strange apprenticeship of Atrus to his gather, Gehn. Get this from a library! Myst: the book of Atrus. [Rand Miller; Robyn Miller; David Wingrove].

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It descends into high fantasy-esque wars and battles which don't really fit in a Myst novel and which Miller does not handle very well. The ending is rushed. And the treatment of slavery is at best hit and miss, at worst uncomfortable.

The imagery has a lurid quality that honestly shocked me - though, given that I was spoiled for the twist, I don't know what I was expecting.

The Myst Reader: Three Books in One Volume

All in all, I'd say: if you're a Myst fan, it's definitely worth giving the Book of Atrus a read. The rest I could take or leave. It is a book you will read again and again! May 15, Anna Schoenbach rated it liked it The first story The Book of Atrus about Atrus, the key character in the Myst series, is honestly very engaging and good.

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However, the second story -- The Book of Ti'Ana -- suffers from its mary sue protagonist Anna, who I really wanted to like He is raised by his grandmother Anna after his mother dies and his father abandons him. Eventually, Atrus' father Gehn returns from his explorations of the ruins of the D'ni empire and enlists Atrus to come follow him back to the fallen city.

Gehn teaches Atrus the Art, a skill the D'ni used to create special books which allow transport between worlds known as Ages. Atrus is awed by the Art at first, but he is horrified when he witnesses Gehn's manipulation and dismissive attitude to the inhabitants of the Ages. He also comes to understand Gehn's selfish, cold cruelty and his own power-hungry nature; Gehn believes that he creates the Ages he writes, instead of creating links to preexisting universes.

Gehn destroys Atrus' first Age, Inception, because it does not follow Gehn's style of writing. After attempting to escape his father, Gehn traps Atrus in a locked chamber in D'ni, with the only escape to Gehn's own Age of Riven.

On Riven Atrus falls in love with a villager named Catherine.

Catherine and Atrus hatch a plan to trap Gehn on Riven. Gehn is stranded when Atrus and Catherine destroy all linking books on Riven, escaping by using a book Ti'ana wrote for them, leading to the Age of Myst. Atrus drops the Myst linking book into a massive disturbance on Riven known as the Star Fissure; the book falls through the fissure to be picked up by the Stranger in Myst. The closing words of the book are the opening narrative from the video game.

The first part of the book focuses on life of Atrus' grandfather Aitrus with his parents Kahlis and Tasera, Aitrus' meeting with Ti'ana, and the birth of their son Gehn. The book also explains the destruction of the D'ni civilization. Two D'ni, Veovis and A'Gaeris, plot to destroy their civilization, which they believe has been corrupted.

Veovis and A'Gaeris create a plague which wipes out many of the D'ni and follows them through the Ages. Veovis is murdered by A'Gaeris for refusing to write an Age where the two of them would have been worshipped as gods, and Aitrus sacrifices himself in order to lure A'Gaeris to an unstable Age, killing them both.

The Book of TiAna Myst Book 2, Rand Miller, David Wingrove. (Hardcover )

In The Book of D'ni , Atrus opens the crumbled exit of the room in K'veer, where he had been imprisoned by Gehn , and gains access to the rest of D'ni. Atrus and his team set out to find linking books and search for D'ni survivors. Eventually, Atrus and the rest of the D'ni plan on rebuilding the civilization, but this plan is put to a halt when a book leading to a great lost Age called Terahnee is found.

Terahnee is a sister Age to D'ni and is populated by descendants of the same ancestors as the D'ni. At first sight, Terahnee seems like a Utopia.

Everyone lives in sumptuous palaces, and nobody goes hungry; in reality, the society is run by slave labor.

Atrus audiobook of myst the book

After writing new Ages, the Terahnee people capture the inhabitants to use as slaves, considering themselves gods over their Ages. The Terahnee people are taught not to 'see' the slaves; only the servants interact with the lower orders. The Terahnee are suddenly stricken by a plague the D'ni brought with them; Atrus and his companions help the Age's slaves recover and create a new society before returning to D'ni and sealing up the path to Terahnee.

Reception to the Myst novels has been mixed. Sybil Steinberg of Publishers Weekly reviewed The Book of Atrus and stated that Wingrove's achievement of a "rollicking adventure tale" was improbable, given that previous game-to-book attempts had failed horribly. Other reviewers felt that the novel could not stand on its own, and relied on the games to maintain relevancy.

Despite the mixed reviews, the Myst novels sold well. A fourth and fifth Myst novel were planned. The first, entitled Myst: The Book of Marrim , was announced in ; a preview of the novel was packaged in the Myst V: The award-winning Myst series is one of the most successful interactive CD-ROM computer games in history with sales of more than 12 million copies worldwide.

Myst captivated the world when it was first conceived and created by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. Devoted fans of these surreal adventure games gather yearly at "Mysterium" whose event sites are spreading to other countries to exchange game strategies, share stories, and meet up with old friends. Devoted fans and new players alike will be delighted to have three books in this mythic saga together for the first time in one value-priced volume, which will be published in time to coincide with the long-awaited release of Myst Revelations.

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