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Page 3 .. Whether you're reading this book because you've decided to earn the. Linux Professional Institute's Server Professional certification or because you. Compre LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide: Exam electronic flashcards, and a searchable PDF of key terms featured on the exam. . I do intend to read it a 3rd time next year to refresh knowledge before. Linux et au moins un serveur Windows X et un client Windows 7/8. Les classes d'objets forment LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute.

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LPIC Linux Professional Institute. Certification. Study Guide. Third Edition . Study Guide, and Linux Administrator Street Smarts (all from Sybex). .. Glossary of Terms as a PDF File In addition, there is a searchable glossary in PDF format. LPI is pleased to offer the following list of free training materials for self-study. This list will be continuously updated as more material becomes available. Linux Essentials. LPIC LPIC LPIC-3 - LPIC-3 - LPIC-3 - LPI has certified professionals in over countries, delivers exams in 9 languages, and. LPIC Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide: Exams and Paperback: pages; Publisher: Sybex; 3 edition (January 14, ).

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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New in Authoritative coverage of key exam topics includes GNU and UNIX commands, devices, file systems, file system hierarchy, user interfaces, and much more, providing complete exam prep for the LPIC-1 candidate. Get access to invaluable study tools, including bonus practice exams, electronic flashcards, and a searchable PDF of key terms featured on the exam.

Linux is viewed by many companies and organizations as an excellent, low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows. This book provides comprehensive preparation and review, helping readers face the exam with confidence.

Certification holders must recertify every five years, but LPI recommends recertifying every two years to stay fully up to date with new technologies and best practices. Other books in this series.

Add to basket. You'll prepare for the exams smarter and faster with Sybex thanks to superior content including, assessment tests that check exam readiness, objective map, real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises, key topic exam essentials, and challenging chapter review questions.

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Reinforce what you have learned with the exclusive Sybex online learning environment, assessable across multiple devices. Includes interactive online learning environment with: Custom practice exams electronic flashcardsSearchable key term glossary Interactive learning environment Take your exam prep to the next level with Sybex's superior interactive online tools.

To access the learning environment, simply visit: Interactive online learning environment and test bank covering both LPIC-1 exams, including chapter review questions and two question bonus exams. Most sections define file or printer shares; however, the [global] section is special: It holds options that affect the server as a whole or that set default values used in subsequent share definitions.

The [global] section typically appears first in the file. Lines in smb. Parameter names are caseinsensitive. Some common parameters have synonyms, and a few have antonyms. The Value you specify with a parameter can be a free-form string, a number including specialized numeric values, such as IP addresses , a Boolean value, a variable, or a list.

Boolean values can take either of two truth values: Yes, True, and 1 are synonyms, as are No, False, and 0. Some parameters take lists of several values, such as lists of user names.

In such cases, list elements are separated by commas, as in george, mary to refer to both george and mary. For the most part, the smb. If you need to include white space in a value, enclose it in quotation marks. Options for the different programs are not separated or clearly differentiated, although sometimes the name makes it obvious to which daemon a parameter applies. Learn Linux, Mixed environments : Samba roles Page 4 of 9 ibm. For example, you can tell Samba to shut down a specific share, force a master browser election, reload the configuration file, and so on.

The basic syntax for this command is: smbcontrol [-i] [-s configfile] smbcontrol [destination] [message-type] [parameter] When used with the -i option, smbcontrol enters an interactive mode in which you can pass a series of commands in sequence, saving you from having to type smbcontrol in front of each command. The destination is the server name smbd, nmbd, or winbindd , all to send the message to all the daemons or a process ID number.

The message-type is a command, as summarized in Table 1. The parameter is an optional parameter that some commands may require. Table 1. File system volume and size limits Command message-type close-share debug force-election debuglevel printnotify samsync Meaning Close the share that the parameter specifies.

Set the debug level to the value the parameter specifies. Forces a new master browser election. Displays the current debug level of a daemon.

Topic 303: Configuration

Sends a message to clients connected to a printer share, forcing a change in the clients' queue status. Synchronize the user database with a domain controller. Official documentation indicates that this function is not currently working; test it before you rely on it. Shuts down the specified daemon. Displays memory use information for the specified daemon.

Notify clients that a new printer driver is available. The command takes a printer share name as a parameter. Forces the server to reload the smb.

The most important of these is the security option, which takes five possible values: Share. To do this, Samba tries the password provided by the client with a variety of user names.

This security mode, which is the default, uses a user name and password for authentication, similar to the way Linux typically works. In most cases on modern systems, though, the password is stored in an encrypted Samba-only password database.

If you want Samba to defer to another server for authentication, use this authentication method. To a client, this method looks just like user-level authentication, but Learn Linux, Mixed environments : Samba roles Page 5 of 9 developerWorks ibm. You can fully join a Windows domain using this method, which looks just like userlevel authentication to clients. Unlike server-level authentication, domain authentication involves a more secure domain-level password exchange.

Fully joining the domain requires running extra commands on the Samba system and possibly on the domain controller, as well. This authentication method works much like domain authentication; however, it requires an Active Directory Domain Services domain controller.

A workgroup differs from a domain mainly in that a domain provides a domain controller, which is a server that provides authentication services to the domain. To use a domain controller, you must use server-, domain-, or ADS-level security.

Server-level security is the easiest to configure but the least secure, whereas ADS-level security is the most difficult to configure but the most secure. To fully join a domain for domain- or ADS-level security, you must set several options in the [global] section of the smb. You must also type the following command on the Samba server that should join the domain: net join member -U adminuser You may also need to configure the domain controller to accept the Samba server into the domain.

Objective Share-level security is largely outmoded; it exists mainly to provide compatibility for very old clients that don't understand user names. It can also be useful for some share types that you might want to make available with minimal security, such as printer shares. Because Linux requires that an account be used for all accesses, Samba tries the provided password against a series of accounts until one matches or they've all failed.

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Using it only creates confusion and increases the security riskwith Learn Linux, Mixed environments : Samba roles Page 6 of 9 ibm. Learn Linux, Mixed environments : Samba roles Page 7 of 9 ibm.

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In particular, look at the LPI detailed objectives and the tasks and sample questions. Review the entire LPI exam prep series on developerWorks to learn Linux fundamentals and prepare for systems administrator certification. In the developerWorks Linux zone, find hundreds of how-to articles and tutorials, as well as downloads, discussion forums, and a wealth of other resources for Linux developers and administrators. Stay current with developerWorks technical events and webcasts focused on a variety of IBM products and IT industry topics.

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Attend a free developerWorks Live! Watch developerWorks on-demand demos ranging from product installation and setup demos for beginners, to advanced functionality for experienced developers. Follow developerWorks on Twitter, or subscribe to a feed of Linux tweets on developerWorks. Get products and technologies The Samba Web site has Samba downloads and information.