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The follow up to his runaway bestseller “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It,” Kamal Ravikant takes you on his journey, in the hope that. In December of , I gave a talk to an audience of scientists, Pentagon officials , politicians, and CEOs on the secret of life and how I'd figured it out the. (Epub Kindle) Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It Ebook | Read online Get ebook Epub Mobi For download this book click Button.

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Download Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It Download at: http:// [PDF] Download Love. James Altucher wrote a blog post about it. The book took off. Tim Ferriss tweeted that it got him out of a funk. Sean Stephenson said on Facebook that he found. Обсуждения. Просмотр темы1. READ & DOWNLOAD Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It By Kamal Ravikant [PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE].

David Witchey, who fell from the sky and forgot to get up. We have all done something that worked really well then discovered that the next time we tried it, we failed miserably. As a child growing up in a small town, I dreamed of learning to hang glide. Once I was out of the house, I bought myself lessons. At the time, I lived in Idaho.

I plummeted toward the hill face. The keel, the point, of the hang glider hit hard rock. The kite crumpled. My harness yanked at my chest.

Live Your Truth [ebook free] by Kamal Ravikant (epub/mobi)

My helmet hit something and bounced off. Then, silence. Dead silence. Not even the sound of a breeze in the grass, and at that moment I understood what I had done wrong. The weather was a little different. I expected the updraft. No breeze. No updraft. When I started to sink, I pushed for altitude that my mind and body told me should be there.

Physics is a bitch. Gravity always wins. My instructor clambered down the slope to me at great personal risk. I climbed out of the wreckage. Are you all right? I had just destroyed his training rig and split his helmet almost in two. Remember the helmet bounce? Completely destroyed the helmet.

His concern was for my well being. I did not have to pay a dime for his equipment. Good man. I had a powerful, good experience. The emotional impact was huge. The joy was very high.

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I wanted that experience again. I wanted it a lot. My mind and body remembered every detail of that experience and did everything right to have that experience again. However, conditions had changed. Failure was inevitable. The cyclic deteriorating fallacy of personal experience works like this.

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We seek a result. Three more sell. The rest garner rejections. We would probably look at the other two as well. Suppose we discover that each story had an unrequited love element, a female protagonist with red hair, and a mountain resort. Well, that one should have the best details for allowing us to sell more since we already did the love, femred, and mountain bit. It happened during ski season at the mountain resort.

So, now we write stories that have love, femreds, winter ski resorts. In the same way that physics is a bitch, underlying principles of story are a bitch. Trial-and-error is biased in favor of the cyclic deteriorating fallacy of personal experience.

Creating EPUB files looked to be the work of specialists. In EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders , Liz has applied her prodigious skills in instructional writing, technical problem-solving and graphic design to the problem of the ugly ebook. Note: all the screenshots in this article were taken on the iPad using the EPUB version of the book in the iBooks application.

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At the top of the page, a tip. Subheads and bullet lists are reversed from bright red panels and boxes. Graphics are placed with precision, captions are well-scaled and positioned, the whole page is a minor revelation. Click to enlarge. Liz Castro has cracked the code on creating beautiful, functional ebooks. Liz shows in a lucid, logical and humane style exactly how to do everything you see in the book itself. She explains EPUB and the market full of different ereaders.

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