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Bangkok & p Phuket &. Northern. Thailand. Central. Thailand p p Province .. Food Spotters Guide.. RAILAY P SURVIVAL. GUIDE. YOUR FREE BANGKOK GUIDE FROM THE ASIA TRAVEL SPECIALISTS. Cultural Welcome to Bangkok; one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and. Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok Thailand, Thailand Travel. Visit eBook Travel Guides and PDF Chapters from Lonely Planet: 8 Big Bad Bangkok City Guides.

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This is the Bangkok & Around chapter from Lonely Planet's Thailand guide-book. Same same, but different. This Thailish T-shirt philosophy sums up Bangkok. Technically, elephants are not allowed on the streets of Bangkok, but during .. One Stop Thailand ( Comprehensive tourism guide to . This Thailish T-shirt philosophy sums up Bangkok, a city where the familiar and the exotic Digital PDF only These are our most comprehensive, in-depth city guides, designed for visits lasting from a couple of days up to one week or more.

A bloodless coup sees the Thai military take power from Thaksin while he is at a UN meeting in New York; he remains in exile in London. Official opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport. A coalition, led by veteran politician Samak Sundaravej, is formed. The public initially overwhelmingly supported the coup, and scenes of smiling tourists and Thai families posing in front of tanks remain the defining images of the event. Thaksin quickly flew to London, where he has more or less remained in exile. On 1 October , the junta appointed Surayud Chulanont, a retired army general, as interim prime minister before elections scheduled for the following October.

In return, we think its fair to ask you to use it for personal, non-commercial purposes only. In other words, please dont upload this chapter to a peer-to-peer site, mass email it to everyone you know, or resell it. See the terms and conditions on our site for a longer way of saying the above - Do the right thing with our content. As the first monarch of the new Chakri royal dynasty which continues to this day Phraya Chakri was posthumously dubbed King Rama I. The first task set before the planners of the new city was to create hallowed ground for royal palaces and Buddhist monasteries.

Astrologers divined that construction of the new royal palace should begin on 6 May , and ceremonies consecrated Rama Is transfer to a temporary HISTORY Since the late 18th century, the history of Bangkok has essentially been the history of Thailand.

Construction of permanent throne halls, residence halls and palace temples followed. Many of the countrys defining events have unfolded here, and today the language, culture The plan of the original buildings, their position relative to the river and the royal chapel, and food of the city have come to represent those of the entire country.

This role is unlikely, and the royal parade and cremation grounds to the north of the palace todays Sanam Luang given the citys origins as little more than an obscure Chinese trading port, but today boasting exactly copied the royal compound at Ayuthaya. Master craftsmen who had survived the a population of 10 million, it is certain that Bangkok will be shaping Thailands history for sacking of Ayuthaya created the designs for several of the more magnificent temples and royal some time to come.

Foreign traders continued to call the capital Bang Makok, which eventually truncated itself Ayuthaya served as the royal capital of Siam as Thailand was then known from to to Bangkok, the name most commonly known to the outside world.

The Thais, meanwhile, Encircled by rivers with access to the gulf, Ayuthaya flourished as a river port courted by commonly use a shortened version of the name, Krung Thep City of Angels or, when refer- Dutch, Portuguese, French, English, Chinese and Japanese merchants.

By the end of the 17th ring to the city and burgeoning metropolitan area surrounding it, Krung Thep Mahanakhon century the citys population had reached one million and Ayuthaya was one of the wealthiest Metropolis of the City of Angels.

Virtually all foreign visitors claimed it to be the most illustrious In time, Ayuthayas control of tribute states in Laos and western Cambodia including Angkor, city they had ever seen, beside which London and Paris paled in comparison.

Bangkok also had ample access to colonise the kingdom of Siam.

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Many Siamese were marched off to Pegu Bago, Myanmar today , where they were forced Using this immense pool of labour, Rama I augmented Bangkoks natural canal-and-river to serve the Burmese court. After forming a loose coalition with several other parties, parliament chose the veteran politician and close Thaksin ally, Samak Sundaravej as prime minister.

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Thaksin thus became the first Thai leader in history to be re-elected to a consecutive second term. However, time was running short for Thaksin and party. The final straw came in January , when Thaksin announced that his family had sold off its controlling interest in Shin Corp to a Singapore investment firm.

The opposition was aghast, claiming that Thaskin called the election to whitewash allegations of impropriety over the Shin Corp sale. After Thaksin refused to sign a pledge to commit to constitutional reform, the Democrats and two other major opposition parties announced that they would boycott the 2 April election.

This led to fears of a constitutional crisis, as the government would not have enough parliamentarians to open the national assembly.

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Thaksin initially claimed victory, but after a conference with the king, announced that he would take a break from politics. Thaksin designated himself caretaker prime minister before another round of elections was scheduled for later that year. Then on 25 April, the king gave a speech urging the judiciary to solve the deadlock. This gave the Constitutional Court a green light to nullify the elections, ostensibly due to questionable positioning of voting booths.

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Elections were set again for 15 October, but postponed until late November after several election commissioners were convicted of illegally aiding Mr Thaksin in the April polls.

Many suspected he was speaking about Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda, or even the king himself. Mon and Khmer peoples native to the Thai kingdom also contributed much to the visual arts scene. The great artistic traditions of India and China, the subtle renderings of Indo- and Sino-influenced art in neighbouring countries, and the colonial and postcolonial cultural influx from Europe have also played huge roles in the development of art in Bangkok.

Today, influences from just about every corner of the globe now find free play in the capital. Always instructional in intent, such painted images range from the depiction of the jataka sto- 26 The Modern Era In the Thai government opened the School of Arts and Crafts in order to train teachers of art and design as well as to codify the teaching of silversmithing, nielloware, lacquerwork, and wood carving in traditional Thai styles.

It was an effort that was badly timed, as interest in Thai classicism began to weaken in the aftermath of WWI, perhaps the first event in world history to inspire rank-and-file urban Thais to ponder global issues. The shrine was originally built in as something of a last-ditch effort to end a string of misfortunes that occurred during the construction of the hotel, at that time known as the Erawan Hotel.

After several incidents ranging from injured construction workers to the sinking of a ship carrying marble for the hotel, a Brahmin priest was consulted. Since the hotel was to be named after the elephant escort of Indra in Hindu mythology, the priest determined that Erawan required a passenger, and suggested it be that of Lord Brahma Phra Phrom in Thai.

A statue was built, and lo and behold, the misfortunes miraculously ended. Although the original Erawan Hotel was demolished in , the shrine still exists, and today remains an important place of pilgrimage for Thais, particularly those in need of some material assistance. Those granting a wish from the statue should ideally come between 7am and 8am, or 7pm and 8pm, and should offer a specific list of items that includes candles, incense, sugar cane and bananas, all of which are almost exclusively given in multiples of seven.

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Particularly popular are teak elephants, the money gained through the download of which is donated to a charity run by the hotel. And as the tourist brochures depict, it is also possible to charter a classical Thai dance, often done as a way of giving thanks if a wish was granted. After 40 years of largely benign existence, the Erawan shrine became a point of focus when just after midnight on 21 March , year-old Thanakorn Pakdeepol destroyed the gilded plaster image of Brahma with a hammer.

Pakdeepol, who had a history of mental illness and depression, was almost immediately attacked and beaten to death by two Thai rubbish collectors in the vicinity.

Although the government ordered a swift restoration of the statue, the incident became a galvanising omen for the anti-Thaksin movement, which was in full swing at the time.

Rumours spreading through the capital claimed that Thaksin had hired Cambodian shamans to put spells on Pakdeepol so that he would perform the unspeakable deed. Artists traditionally applied natural pigments to plastered temple walls, creating a fragile medium of which very few examples remain. Today the study and application of mural painting remains very much alive.

Modern temple projects are undertaken somewhere within the capital virtually every day of the year, often using improved techniques and paints that promise to hold fast much longer than the temple murals of old. See terms.

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