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The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough. This strategy guide is also available as a downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file for IGN. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide for by now, but thankfully, I saved all of the original text, images, and PDF files. Unoffical Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Guide This is an unofficial game guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it is not official, Note -- This walkthrough was written based on the PS2 version of San Andreas, but the.

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Okami Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides ( Bradygames)). GTA San Andreas BradyGames Official Strategy Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been removed for now. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BradyGames' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide includes the following: THE MISSIONS: We ll guide.

Radio - User tracks interspersed with radio commercials. Random - Plays the user tracks uninterrupted and at random. Sequential - Plays the user tracks in alphabetical order. Scan User Tracks Allows the user to scan the user tracks folder for compatible audio les. Advanced Opens the Advanced Display Options page. Turning up the draw distance too far may result in frame rate instability.

With breadth and scope surpassing anything on the PS2, San Andreas is not only great What exactly are you in for? Read on This massive game spans the entire state of San Andreas, with visits to three major cities patterned on real-life counterparts.

Three cities would have been more than enough to keep gamers busy for months, but Rockstar went and did it Contained within this massive landscape is a helluva lot of game. There are dozens of missions, hundreds of secrets, tons of vehicles and weapons, and all kinds of new stuff to do.

Stuff like recruiting gang members, swimming, building property, riding bikes, eating, working out, getting a haircut, attracting the ladies and much, much more.

Cesar calls you over to see something. Turns out Ryder and Smoke are in bed with the enemy. Now quickly drive to the other side of town to save Sweet from a Balla attack. Run around the back and take out the Ballas one at a time.

Be careful because more back up will show up in vans. Drive safely and use the main roads until you know the lay of the land. If you need money to download weapons, this is an ideal spot to complete ambulance side-missions.

Badlands: Tenpenny and co. You need a weapon and the cheapest and most effective is the Tec8 Uzi from Ammunation. You can do the mission either in a car or on a bike. On a bike, you can get up the mountain and follow your target more easily but you will be more exposed. Take out some of the guards outside the shack and the witness will flee.

The witness will bail before the car explodes, you can then kill him, take a picture and head back to the drop-off.

Body Harvest: Time to meet your new friend, The Truth. He needs you to steal a Harvester. Drive to the farm and use whatever vehicle you want to get to the field.

Preferably take out the hillbillies in the field and then fire on the harvester to get the driver to leave. After that, kill the driver, steal the harvester and drive it out of the farm.

The missions are therefore listed here in order from easiest to hardest. Tanker Commander: All you need to do is take the Truck cab, line it up with the truck-wagon and get it on.

Now drive to where it shows on the map. Use the satchel charges to blow up the door first. Roll through your weapons to find the remote and detonate from a safe distance. Next, put one on the safe and repeat. Go there and get re-sprayed, then head back to the hideout. Let Catalina sort them out. When one cowboy falls, drive over the suitcases to collect them. If the chase makes it all the way back to North Los Santos, the cowboys will leave their quads and start shooting. Small Town Bank: Most annoying mission by far.

You have to guard the other people in the bank, but eventually the security guard will try to shoot you. Kill him and now you have to shoot your way out. First, get the money from the ATMs. Shoot each of them twice with the shotgun. Cops will be waiting in the alleyways, rooftops and behind boxes. Once again, take it easy and blast them with your shotgun. Some will come from behind so keep an eye out. Eventually two policemen will come in with bikes. When you enter the next town, Catalina will fall off her bike.

Pick her up and head back to the hide-out no Pay N Spray this time. Wu Zi Mu: Here you will meet and race a new friend, Woozie. For this race you need a fast car. You will race through Red County.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Missions Guide & General Hints | Hande's Blog

You can lose your competition easily but be careful not to flip your car in the bumpy terrain. Are you going to San Fierro? Use the flame-thrower to torch the fields. All you need to do is hold down fire and strafe — letting the fires consume the plants.

Aim the bazooka where the chopper is going or wait for it to slow down. You only need one direct hit. The save point is just outside the garage. Once down there, you will kill him and take his clothes. Wait for the DA outside the hotel and take his car when he arrives, drive it to your garage and the back to the car-park. Deconstruction: You have to destroy all the portables.

The workers will attack you immediately and more will appear from the portables, so take out as many as possible or at least the ones with guns before getting on the bulldozer. Shoot the driver or jack it and run him down. Photo Opportunity: Another easy mission.

San official guide andreas pdf strategy gta

Just drive to Cesar and get in his car. Get up to the roof and photograph four individuals: Ryder, the man in the striped shirt T-Bone , the man in a business suit Toreno and the man in the purple suit Jizzy.

This is sort of easy because you get all the equipment you need. Shoot the cars with the bazooka and pop off the remaining men with the sniper-rifle. Some will be hiding up in the demolished building so remember to take them out from a distance. Snail Trail: Tenpenny and Pulaski are at it again.

This time you have to follow a reporter to Los Santos and kill him and his informant. Get the sniper-rifle, then jack a vehicle or run to the bike standing outside the train-station a bike is preferred for this mission. Follow the reporter and avoid on-coming trains on the parallel track. He has a scare-meter and you have to keep your distance while following him. If the scare-meter starts to rise, just back up. You can cap both him and the stoolie from a distance. Head to the Pleasure Dome.

Climb up the scaffolding over the Pleasure Dome and drop down to enter by the window. Walk down to Jizzy and the buster will bounce. Kill his posse and bodyguards for a little extra ammo then follow him outside. Nab the fastest car on the lot and follow Jizzy. You can gun or run him down, but you should nab his phone quickly if you get a wanted level following him.

Pier 69 mission follows this one. Drive past the gate and take out the security guards in the alley. Once you get up to the helipad the chopper will fly away. You can either kill the guards on the helipad or leave them be, but be sure to nab the rocket launcher and get away on the motorbike on the street level if you kill the guards you may get a wanted level which will make the rest of the mission more annoying.

It will be heading at you at quite a speed, so be prepared. However, if the chopper makes it out of San Fierro you will have failed the mission. Next, drive quickly to the second location and run down the wannabe pimp. Finally, you have to kill the bishop and his bodyguards. Once the limo is blown up the security will get out of the SUV and you can either run them down or drive-by them. T-Bone Mendez: This is a rather easy mission.

A bunch of bikers hijack a drug shipment and you have to chase them and get the packages. You need to get close to them on your bike and then click the Right Mouse Button to grab the drugs from the back of the bike. Mike Toreno: Time to meet the brains of the Loco Syndicate. Mike is trapped in a shipment van which has gotten hijacked those drug-dealers sure are careless with their shipments.

First, you have to drive to the construction yard behind your garage, then down to the docks and then past the gates at the airport. Head down the air-strip and you should see the van and two motorcycles. Ram the motorcycles and blast the van to get the hijackers to exit. Get out of your car and blast them. Once Toreno gets out you have to destroy the van.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Guides and FAQs

You can cut this part short with a satchel charge or by shooting the gas tank. Next, hop in the limo and get T-Bone and Toreno away from the airport. Head down to the docks and Cesar will arm you with a sniper rifle. T-Bone and Ryder will arrive but Toreno, whose coming by helicopter, leaves when he sees the bodies.

Pdf guide san andreas gta strategy official

Be careful because baddies can shoot you from behind bushes. You have two choices: A. Hop in the drink with him and swim to the boat to chase and gun him down or B. Once you arrive at your destination, the Vietnamese will attack. Duck your head and blast the Vietnamese. You can blow up the gas-tank of the car to make this part easier. Next blow up the motorbikes that arrive.

San Andreas Mission Guide GTA: San Andreas

You can let Woozie worry about shooting but you can also drive-by to help him out. The Da Nang are too stupid to leave their cars so once they catch fire, just get away and let them blow up. Go to the car as indicated on the map. As soon as you get in, the Vietnamese will attack. Drive through unblocked tunnels outside. Once you are out, the Vietnamese will follow by motorbike. Get the car to its destination at the North end of the city. Lure: Time to act as bait to get rid of those pesky Da Nangs.

Strategy gta pdf san andreas official guide

Follow the checkpoints. Other than that, this is a pretty easy mission. You have to go diving in order to increase your lung capacity get two complete upgrade cycles and you can start the mission.

Firstly, swim as indicated by the markers. Get up on deck and use either the knife or a silenced pistol to take out the guards. Get below deck, plant the bug and then jump off and repeat the same tactics in the water to get to the little dock off to the side.

Eventually though they use an RPG to down the helicopter. You have to swim to the boat. Sneak up on the first guard and slice his throat.

GTA San Andreas BradyGames Official Strategy Guide Scan

Now you have a shotgun. Take out the guards from the distance and advance carefully past the boxes in this area but try to pick up the ammo that the guards leave behind. Shoot the few Da Nangs who attack you immediately and climb on the low crates to find some body-armour behind there or pick it up before you leave. Be careful as you progress, the Da Nangs will be hiding in every nook and cranny. On the final stretch, a guy will throw a hand-grenade. Either run away or towards him, but do not stay put.

Next, head up to the bridge. There are three more guards left. The Snakehead will throw you a katana when you meet and you can kill him with one clean swipe if you slice his head off or you can shoot him. Air Raid: This is a fun mission. You get to use a mini-gun to take out remote controlled planes. Look at your radar and blast the planes as they arrive.

You have to fly around the city blowing up vans and shooting up delivery boys on motorbikes. It can be a bit tricky, but you can slow down your plane by pressing back as you approach your target. Your machineguns will aim automatically as long as your target is ahead of you. Some delivery boys will escape their vehicles so remember to gun them down. You only use up fuel when you press throttle.

New Model Army: This is a fun if a somewhat tricky mission. You have three objectives: 1. Remove all the barrels from in front of Zero. Use planks to make bridges to help his car across the river. You can either complete these objectives as they come along or you can be a bit strategic. Then make bridges over the crossings and then start moving barrels. It starts from your garage. Yay Ka-boom-boom: Drive to the garage and you get the rigged car. Now drive to the gates of the Crack Factory and run down the guards.

The factory blows up. Make your way carefully to the gates and blast the guards. They close the gates but not before two Loco Syndicate lackeys drive in with a car.

Blast the lackeys and take the car. Take out any remaining guards then make it up the ramp between the cargo crates. The Desert These are the missions you can complete after the main story missions in San Fierro. You can do anyuthing like make a Rhino as light as a PCJ and control just as well. Basically, you can edit anything in the game from these files. Just be careful what you edit and leave them as sane values to prevent glitches. GTA: San Andreas Glitches Free Vehicle Repair For free and fast car repair, park your car in one of your garages, back away to let the door close, then step torwards the garage so the door opens again.

The car will be instantly repaired of all dents, etc. This is especially useful if you have an expensive modded car that you want to keep for certain ingame stats. NOS recharge without waiting. Instead of having to wait for the NOS to recharge to use again, exit then enter the car, and you can use the NOS again.

Early and riskfree exploration During the mission "Reuniting the Families", you have to shoot down a group of SWAT team and then enter the motel to save Sweet.

Beating the SWAT, instead of getting into the motel, you can travel all around the entire map and enter all the restricted areas like the military base and the maps that are locked. You will have no wanted level and no cops will chase you.