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proposing his universal law of gravitation. = × kg. The moon is a satellite of the Earth. From the derivation of Kepler's third law [see Eq. ()]. GRAVITATION. In previous chapter you have learnt that a force is required to In this lesson we will learn about gravitation, force of gravity and motion of. CLASS SUBJECT-PHYSICS. Chapter 6: GRAVITATION. Newton's Law of Gravitation: According to this law any two body in the universe having mass.

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Free PDF download of Class 11 Physics revision notes & short key-notes for Chapter 8 - Gravitation to score high marks in exams, prepared by expert Physics teachers from latest edition of CBSE(NCERT) books. NCERT Book Solutions. CBSE Previous Year Question Paper for Class (Visit for all ncert solutions in text and videos, CBSE syllabus, note and many more). Physics Notes Class 11 CHAPTER 8. GRAVITATION. NCERT Nots For Physics Class Chapter 8: GRAVITATION. Every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force which is called the force of.

Although, of negligible importance in the interactions of elementary particles, gravity is of primary importance in the interactions of objects. It is gravity that holds the universe together. Gravitational force. The value of G is 6. The value of G is independent of the nature and size of the bodies well as the nature of the medium between them.

The value of G is independent of the nature and size of the bodies well as the nature of the medium between them. Dimensional formula of Gis [M-1L3]. Important Points about Gravitation Force i Gravitational force is a central as well as conservative force.

11 gravitation pdf class

It means the gravitation forces between two bodies are action-reaction pairs. Following three points are important regarding the gravitational force i Unlike the electrostatic force, it is independent of the medium between the particles.

However, for external points of spherical bodies the whole mass can be assumed to be concentrated at its centre of mass. It fails when the distance between the objects is less than m i. Acceleration Due to Gravity The uniform acceleration produced in a freely falling object due to the gravitational pull of the earth is known as acceleration due to gravity.

It is a vector quantity and its direction is towards the centre of the earth. The value of g is independent of the mass of the object which is falling freely under gravity.

The value of g changes slightly from place to place. The value of g is taken to be 9.

11 gravitation pdf class

The value of acceleration due to gravity on the moon is about. Among the planets, the acceleration due to gravity is minimum on the mercury. Its diameter at poles is approximately 42 km less than its diameter at equator.

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Therefore, g is minimum at equator and maximum at poles. At poles? Thrust: Force exerted by an object perpendicular to the surface is called thrust. Pressure: Pressure is defined as thrust or force per unit area on a surface. Since, pressure is indirectly proportional to the surface area of the object, so, pressure increases with decrease in surface area and decreases with increase in surface area.

Pressure in Fluids Anything that can flow is called Fluid like liquid and gases. Molecules of fluid move around and collide with walls of vessel. Thus fluids apply pressure on walls. Fluids exert pressure in all directions. This phenomenon is called buoyancy Upthrust and applied upward force is called buoyant force.

Experiment - 1: Take a empty bottle and float it on water.

Physics Notes Class 11 CHAPTER 8 GRAVITATION

If we push it down in the water partially or fully and then release, bottle suddenly jumps upward. This is because the water applies an upward force on bottle. Experiment - 2: Hang a rubber string. Attach a stone to the rubber string.

String will elongate. Submerge the stone in water - filled bucket. The elongation in string decreases.

This happens due to upward buoyant force of water. Archimedes Principle When an object is fully or partially submerged in a liquid, buoyant force acts on it in upward direction. Its value is equal to weight of liquid displaced.

Its dimensional formula is [L 3 r -2 ].

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Since work W is obtained, that is, it is negative, the gravitational potential is always negative. Gravitational potential energy of any object at any point in gravitational field is equal to the work done in bringing it from infinity to that point. It is denoted by U. The negative sign shows that the gravitational potential energy decreases with increase in distance. A heavenly object which revolves around a planet is called a satellite.

Gravitation class 11 Notes Physics

Natural satellites are those heavenly objects which are not man made and revolve around the earth. Artificial satellites are those neaven objects which are man made and launched for some purposes revolve around the earth. A satellite which appears to be at a fixed position at a definite height to an observer on earth is called geostationary or parking satellite.

The angular velocity of the satellite is same in magnitude and direction as that of angular. These are those satellites which revolve in polar orbits around earth. A polar orbit is that orbit.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics Ch 8 Gravitation

These satellites are used in forecasting weather, studying the upper region of the atmosphere, in mapping, etc.

Orbital velocity of a satellite is the minimum velocity required to the satellite into a given orbit around earth. The energy required to remove a satellite from its orbit around the earth planet to infinity is called binding energy of the satellite. Escape velocity does not depend upon the mass or shape or size of the body as well as the direction of projection of the body.

It is a situation in which the effective weight of the body becomes zero, Weightlessness is achieved. The sum of its kinetic energy and potential energy is negative. You cannot hear the sound of the explosion on earth. If the cork is opened at the surface of the moon then water will boil.

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