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Each wiki is a Git repository, so you're able to push and pull them like anything . It's a Python 3 script made just to convert a GitHub Wiki to pdf form, using the. Generate HTML & PDF documentation from Github wiki or any other markdown- based wiki. Simply view any Markdown file on GitHub, then in your URL bar replace the part of the URL with — your markdown file will be rendered.

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Github wiki is a great solution for creating well struct and easy to browse documentations. More of that it is placed near your code, issues and. This python script allows to create nice looking PDF files from a github wiki, which can be used as offline/printable documentation. The wiki markdown files are converted via pandoc to html and are joined to one large html file, which is then converted to PDF using wkhtmltopdf. You need to clone the wiki repo and edit it on your system. Add files to the files directory (or subdirectory below it). For example: files/`.

One wiki file is generated for each extension plugin, i. Generate unit test files MainGenerateUnitTest. How to document The documentation is generate from the Java code thanks to the Java additional processor, using mainly information from Java classes or methods and from the Java annotations. The doc annotation Most of the annotations can contain a doc annotation, that can contain the main part of the documentation. The usage contains mainly a description and and set of examples, examples: a set of examples that are not related to a particular usage, see: other related keywords. It is also used to generate unit test and patterns.

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What is a Github wiki? Install The process We will write a small bash script to achieve our Github wiki to pdf task.

Wiki pdf github as

The script tasks will mainly be: Clone the wiki repository on your local machine Convert all of the markdown files into a single LaTeX.

Argument checking You just created the script file. A simple way will be: If yes, add this to the script: Clone the wiki repository As I said before, a github wiki is itself a Git repository. Convert all of the markdown files into a single LaTex file Now that you have all of the wiki files on your computer, you need to convert all of them into a single LaTex file that will later be used to generate the PDF file.

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Easily print GitHub markdown as beautiful PDFs

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See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. Effortless export from github wiki? Ask Question. I guess other people already did something like this but I did not find anynthing.

Wiki pdf github as

Any idea? BigG BigG 2 8 You can clone it, push to it or pull from it.

Easily print GitHub markdown

That makes the "export" part of your question really trivial. From there, you will find tons of script for converting markdown pages into pdf: Alexey 1 12 VonC VonC k Thank you! If it is possible to handle the wiki as a repo everything should be much easier. BigG Yes, not surprisingly, a lot of stuff at GitHub are Gradle script does not work with latest Gradle.

Here is a link to the fixed script: AlexeySmirnov Thank you for the edit. I'm adding to this answer, in case it helps any new readers: I renamed the files to remove characters that wouldn't work in a pdf file name before uploading to the website The end result was really nice.

Sophia Sophia 1 8. So cool! Thank you for sharing! Does this also work if wiki contains images? Andy Andy 1, 1 9 I've accomplished precisely this when creating the portable documentation for Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript: Terry Burton Terry Burton 1, 1 14 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


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