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(Bradygames Take Your Games Further) PDF. By David you can download free book and read Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Take Your. Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games) [David Cassady] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BradyGames-Front Mission. BradyGames-Front Mission 3: Offical Strategy Guide Book Features: Complete Coverage of Every Mission in Both Adverntures. Pilot Skills and.

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Front Stage III is a huge and self-immersive game! There're 70 normal tree map and read on for all the help you need to get you through Front Mission 3. Front Mission 3 (フロントミッション サード Furonto Misshon Saado) is a tactical role- playing game for the Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Strategy: There four cannons that must be destroyed. you should be able to take out one gun with each turn. Battlefield Official Game Guide AlCrom. manual for your projection TV, unless it is of the LCD type. Otherwise, it may In Front Mission 3, there are two methods of saving game data: a conventional.

The game progresses in a linear manner: watch cut-scene events, complete missions, set up wanzers during intermissions, and sortie for the next mission. The player travels to locations on a world map. As the player progresses through the plot, new locations are revealed on the world map. Towns and cities act as intermission points where the player can organize and set up their units for the upcoming mission. New to Front Mission 3 is the Double Feature Scenario — this allows the player to experience two different scenarios that exist independently of one another within the game's storyline. Front Mission 3 missions are traditional tactical RPG fare, ranging from destroying all enemy targets to protecting a certain allied target. Where the game differs significantly from its predecessors lies mainly through a new combat feature — the ability to attack the pilots themselves.

Unfortunately, I have recieved some E-mails that proved to me otherwise. So here are my commentary on various weapon combinations. While some combination may be more effective just remember that the major factor here is "Fun". Some weapon combination just looks too damn cool with the right battle skills so just mess around with different weapons until you find the one you like.

Four weapon combinations It's the dream of wanzer pilots everywhere. Being able to use just about all the arsenals in the game would be a fantastic, but unfortunatly the folks at Squaresoft decided to make this combination impossible. It can be done but you will end up with lighter and considerably weaker weapons. In other words, "Don't even think about it! This can be achieved with a extremely fine tuned wanzer.

This combination should not be attempted with two shoulder weapons, this will result in a wanzer that will be constantly running out of AP and unable to counter most of the time. My recommendation would be to equip shield instead of the third weapon. This will allow you to equip better weapons and keep the wanzers alive longer through toughest battles.

Two weapon combinaton This is section will be quite lengthy so pick the combination you are interested in unless you have a lot of time on your hands.

This is the foundation of the addictive wanzer construction. Think carefully and make sure you select parts that will make the most of your weapons. The advantage is that you still have a weapon even if you lose an arm but that's as far as the advantages go.

The damage is very good but you will end up taking a lot of damage making it necessary for item packs. Technically, using an energy pack will give you additional power which increases melee damage percentile but this is very dangerous because you can't help taking damage with this combination. Even if these skills kick in you're situation won't improve at all.

Melee and Shield This would be the combination I would use if I had to use melee weapons. By their very nature, melee weapons forces you to charge into the frontlines where you are within attacking range of almost all of your enemies. Shield will lessen the impacts of iminent barrage of attacks and give you chance to activate REVENGE battle skills while you are blocking. If you were using AVOID battle skills you can choose 20 or 40 instead of 80 to save slots for other battle skills, but with the Def-C upgrades and shield in conjuction with AVOID 80 can help you take "0" damage from a missile attack.

Melee and Guns This is the standard weapon setup when you first start the game. This is a good setup up that offers good strategic choices and the biggest battle skill choices. Now you have greater counter attack range, which is a key factor when you have to finish your battles quickly.

Certain guns are bit more difficult to use in this combination, mainly Flamethrower and Heavy-parcticle gun will give you the most trouble. AP drain from the these guns will usually leave you open against incoming attacks so try to avoid these guns in this type of setup. With the flamethrower you should try to avoid using 11 AP if you can, while with the Heavy-P Gun you want to watch the distance between you and your enemy. Melee and Shoulder Weapons In my opinion, this is one of the most difficult combination to pull off.

The weakness is inability to counter attack effectively since you cannot counter with shoulder weapons and melee weapons have a laughable counter attack range. In the beginning of the battles you won't have much of a problem since you can just sit back and nail enemy wanzers from distance unless the battle ground is small and flat. Once you are out of ammo and have to fight upclose things tend to go down hill.

Contructing a wanzer for this setup is a headache because if you favor melee weapons you will drop the accuracy of the shoulder weapons, and of course, equipping shoulder weapons will lower the melee damage. On the other hand, favoring shoulder weapons will give you low movement rate and very low HPs on most of your wanzer parts. I would strongly recommend adding a shield to this setup so that you can stay alive a little longer once you are out of ammo since some of the best melee skills cannot be used with shoulder weapons like FAST ATTACK.

Guns only Besides making your wanzer look like a poster boy for the NRA or something out of some action movie, this setup is powerful. The strength of this setup is the flexiblity which must be backed up by a careful selection of battle skills.

Official pdf mission guide 3 strategy front

Guns are the only weapon category that covers all three damage type so don't have your pilots use exact same guns. For example, having all your pilots equip shotgun and machine gun is a very bad idea because you only covered two of the three damage types and you have limited yourself from other good battle skills.

This setup requires good understanding of battle skills but you are compensated with easier part selection because guns are lighter compared to shoulder weapons. One of the things you shouldn't do in this setup is equip Heavy-p gun and Flamethrower. Only thing these weapons have in common is hugh AP drainage so you will be open for counter attacks.

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There are so many good battle skills for all guns combination so it's really hard to choose. Just use your imagination and pick the ones that you want. Gun and Shield This is a setup with "Safety First" as a motto. Doesn't offer much fire power but you don't have to deal with undue stress from having to choose the right parts and battle skills.

This is a "Worry Free" combination that's better suited for beginners or early games when you have limited access to weapons and parts. Because this combination lacks fire power you want to emphasize "Damage" by selecting battle skills that increase damage rather than effect, otherwise you should setup your COM for a big combo. Just remember, you are not invincible becuase you have a shield so don't charge into the enemy unless you have to.

Gun and Shoulder Weapon The best combination in the game in my opinion. This setup focuses on AI's flaw of the "7th Square Blindness" which causes wanzers in the back to just sit and do nothing until you move in closer.

By using a gun and shoulder weapon you can attack with minimum counter attacks possible against you. This combination requires deep understanding of wanzer contruction and battle skill selection with good sense of AP management to achieve maximum results. To put it simply, just sit back and shoot before you can see the whites of their eyes. The battle skills you need to select will depend on what your shoulder weapon is.

For grenades this is very simple because absolutely no battle skills will work with it. Just make sure you don't pick battle skills that won't be cancelled by grenade. With missiles things are a bit complex depending on your equipped gun. Rifles will work perfectly fine with battle skills picked for missiles except for crap-tastic SALVO but with other guns you have to pick a favorite weapon and select battle skills for that weapon.

Pdf front strategy guide official mission 3

An interesting combination would be a "Firemoth" type that uses flamethrower and a shoulder weapon. This setup is very limited in terms of damage type and battle skills but delivers excellent damage if you use caution. If you decide to go with Heavy-p gun instead then you must keep a long distance at all times to minimize your damage. Shoulder Weapons only Combination that's more of a headache. The weight on shoulder weapons limits you from using better wanzer parts which is a very big problem once you run out of ammo, and you will because you won't be able to use item pack.

As you are forced to use lighter parts you will have less HP and lowered accuracy as the shoulder weapons become heavier and heavier.

Front Mission 3 Strategy Guide for PlayStation by Cancerst1ck - GameFAQs

You can do this with Hoshun Mk but why? PARTS Generally parts with high HP is desireable to create a good wanzer but it's important to keep in mind what you want the wanzer for. As you begin to upgrade and mix match parts you need to pay attention to performance boost of different parts.

For example, if you are building a melee wanzer all you have to do is pick parts that has high melee percentage and you should end up with a powerful melee wanzer but the defense and dodge percentile may be too low. The difficult part of making your own wanzer is that weight allowance becomes a huge factor everytime there is a better weapon which is always heavier.

Don't be afraid to use weaker but lighter parts as long as HP drop isn't too great. It's better to equip best weapons available than keep on using weak weapons just to keep your HP high. Just keep in mind that you want parts that have the highest upgrade percentile with a lots of HP. This part affects how much weight allowance you will have. Being the core part of the wanzer HP also cannot be ignored when comparing parts.

If you want a wanzer that uses melee weapons only then you can maintain high HP but if you want multiple weapons you need to stick with the body that gives you the maximum weight allowance. If you use shield you can almost ignore Def-C percentile as long as you don't expect grenade attacks. Sadly there are only power and item packs in the game. I would recommend just using the power packs since it gives you a wider choice of parts and weapons you can equip.

For an upclose and personal wanzers you need item packs to keep away from losing parts. For melee lovers, if your wanzer has less than percent for melee damage equip energy pack to boost it higher. If the melee damage prcentage reaches above percent increasing the power output with a energy pack won't make much of a difference.

Official strategy guide mission 3 pdf front

An essential part needed for openning the can-of-wupass on your enemies. If you want to hold melee weapons or shields use melee type arms. This type of arms have very low accuracy rate but that's no problem for a melee weapon since they have extremely high accuracy rate.

As for the shield you need the high HP because what would be the point of having a shield if your arm breaks before the shield runs out. If the shield breaks first the useless arm will soak up part of the damage that could have gone to the body or the weapon arm. For the guns and shoulder weapon you want the highest accuracy possible to do more damage, like Rekson 4MF. You will notice the diffrence with each upgrade as your accuracy out performes others by a mile. Key thing to remember about arms you should know is that you can increase accuracy as soon as fourth pilot joins you.

In both scenarios, fourth pilot will be a sniper type wanzer with arms with highest accuracy possible. To help the accuracy of the missile using wanzer take the left arm off of the fourth wanzer and move the rifle to the right arm.

Guide 3 strategy pdf official mission front

Now you have two wanzers with highest accuracy possible. Later on, when you capture Shangdi 1 or Rekson 4MF all you need is to capture just one of them to install all four wanzers with arms with highest accuracy. Being able to out manuver your opponet is always an advantage but once again weight allowance will screw you from using the legs you want.

For a melee wanzer high movement and boost rate is a must to reach that annoying sniper at the top of the hill. For other types of wanzers it would help but not necessary at all so go with lightest legs with most HP. If you're worried about low dodge rate just use a shield.

As for hover legs, stay away from them since not many battlefields have water and the skill from it just reeks. Even on the stage where the giant pistons move up and down impeding your movement all you need is 1 wanzer with high movement to hold the road open while the 2 step wanzers catch up.

The critical aspect of the leg you should keep in mind is the dodge rate. If you like missiles missing your wanzers as much as I do HP and movement rate shouldn't matter as much as dodge rates.

However, weight should be more of a factor when you look at your wanzer as a whole. Here's a sample of one my hybrid wanzer to give you an idea of what I was talking about. This setup was orignaly designed to be a kill-now-and-bleed- later assult type of wanzer.

Mingtian 1 Can be replaced with any parts that offer output Right Arm: Lenghe 1 Replaceable with any arms that weight 15 Left Arm: Genie Light weight and good dodge rate Backpack: Energy Pack Increase weight allowance Idea begans as creating a wanzer that could use 4 weapons but as I began equiping more powerful weapons it became just impossible, even for the secret wanzer without using some gameshark code to increase weight allowance.

If you really want to you can use 4 weapons with that set up but you'll have to use very weak weapons since shoulder weapons weight too much. But I had good performance from this wanzer just using best missile and gun available. Shield became necessary as average damage from attacks increased to prevent the loss of HP. Of course, using the light arms like Tiandong 3 and shield combined with energy pack helped me to equip better missile and gun as they became available usually leaving about 10 or less weight allowance points left.

Battle Simulator is a VR simulator where the player can improve the combat proficiencies of their pilots. These simulators can be taken and repeated at any given time. Mission branching is an option that allows the player to choose what type of mission they can play next. This feature is seen several times in the game. Parts and weapons that are downloadd can be upgraded through remodeling.

Strategy Guide - Guide for Front Mission 3

New to remodeling in this game is part optimization; when using Remodel Points RP , a part can transform into one of many derivative versions from its part set. Parts, auxiliary backpacks, weapons, and items can be arranged in a number of ways through part sorting. Scouting allows the player to recruit extra pilots to their platoon. The range of pilots that can be recruited increases as the game progresses.

Over 80 pilots can be scouted, with a maximum of 12 pilots being used at any given time. Survival Simulator is a simulator where the player goes through a set number of floors with one pilot. Upon completing the simulator or finding the item "Escape Code", the player can end the simulation and bring items found in the floors back to the main game.

Any leftover item space is converted into RP. In Theater Mode, the player can view event cut-scenes that have taken place based on when the save file was made. Players can also change their wanzer setups at any given time. Story[ edit ] Unlike all other Front Mission titles, the story of Scars of the War uses a very different approach.

Set over the course of five decades starting from , the game encapsulates and concludes the entire serialized storyline. All unresolved plot elements from past Front Mission entries are finally brought to their conclusion as the story unfolds. However, because of this storytelling approach, only players who have played all of the previous entries can fully understand the game's story.

Additionally, there are several story elements from Front Mission Alternative that are also resolved in the game. Globalization sweeps the world in the early 21st century. Facing a recession and other worldwide crises, many nations set aside their differences and form supranational unions.

Therefore, new players to the series do not need to play the previous entries. During the 22nd century, the world's superpowers look towards space for expansion and began constructing large orbiting structures connected to the surface by orbital elevators.

With an increasing number of surveillance satellites and space-based technologies being developed, a Cold War -style atmosphere sets in as the supranational unions used these technologies to watch over their adversaries on Earth.

Tensions rise in when one of the elevators in the United States of the New Continent USN is attacked and destroyed by unknown assailants. In the midst of the wanzer test, unknown forces begin attacking New York City and its orbital elevator, Percival. Worried about his father's safety in the city, he sets off for New York City inside the prototype wanzer.

After battling through numerous enemy wanzers, vehicles, and aircraft, Dylan makes it to the NSRL premises just as missiles are launched into the building. With his father seemingly dead, he engages the attacker, Marcus Seligman of the Apollo's Chariot. The fight is cut short when the orbital elevator begins crashing down on New York City.