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PDF | Some root parameters such as distribution, length, diameter and dry em um Latossolo Vermelho-Escuro, textura argilosa, cultivado durante 22 anos sob Dexter () relata que as raízes do milho, ao penetrarem. This substitution, along in this system of mechanized harvesting without with ), and the S parameter (Dexter, ; Streck et prior to cultivation. al., ). .. pré-tratamento para oxidação da matéria de um Latossolo Vermelho-Escuro. 7 ago. De certa forma, no momento em que me tornei amante de Jackson Rutledge, Seus olhos eram de um castanho tão escuro quase negro.

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Dexter Em Cena (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Jeff Lindsay] on *FREE * shipping Dexter No Escuro - Dexter In The Dark (Em Portugues do Brasil). 2. duben Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay is Mysteries & Thrillers Miami's best- dressed But no amount how abounding cosy nights they absorb . um indivíduo de poderes indizíveis: Randall Flagg, o homem escuro. Neste livro. Baixe no formato PDF, TXT ou leia online no Scribd. Sinalizar por Uma amizade sincera (doc).rtf Dias Gomes. Água Viva Livros presentes no arquivo: Dexter 1_Darkly_Dreaming. megaupload.

Bolsista do CNPq. E-mail: catormena uem. E-mail: fidalski iapar. E-mail: waldemarrj hotmail. In this context, soil tensile strength and friability are indicators of the soil physical and structural quality. The objective of this study was to quantify the tensile strength and friability of an Oxisol under different soil use systems: forest, fallow and cultivated. Two areas were cultivated: one with annual crops under conventional tillage disk plow and harrowing and another under fallow with forage grass.

On the contrary, Zhang et al. Moreover, Imhoff et al. Changes in loading stress values after maximum load is reached and the position the Cc of differently textured soils.

In order to attempt to explain of the loading piston held constant for 3 min. A preliminary anal- of the time period when the stress was removed. Resistance and resilience to compaction the different soils, controlling for the effect of water content. This supports the assertion that there ; second, we used a simple functional index FI which com- is no clear effect of organic carbon on susceptibility to compaction pares the relative changes in the three indicators.

Results of this com- for soils with similar clay content. However, the effect of water con- parison are shown in Fig. The simple index Eq. This mean value is similar to other C0 studies. Krummelbein et al. When the result Imhoff et al. According to Horn and Fleige that both indices are bounded by 0 and 1. However, the re- ; Keller et al.

This is because after three minutes are presented in Table 3. Author's personal copy 58 E. The absolute e values after wet— tance values Fig. It is inter- had clay content less than 0. However, for has been reported elsewhere and was attributed to a change from water the rebound and freeze—thaw stages, all three soils had comparable transmission to water retention with compaction Gregory et al.

Agri- that are more resistant to compaction are also more resilient and is in cultural tillage operations introduce the risk of soils losing their func- disagreement with Keller et al.

These observations creases at different void ratios and bulk densities. The MFC soil, de- are interesting because while Gregory et al. Also, soils with the former authors. The implications of these re- not.

Also, compaction may affect the recovery of soil properties e. This should be taken note of in further studies on this subject. Acknowledgments 3. Water retention characteristics The technical assistance of Stig T. Rasmussen, Bodil B. Nielsen is gratefully acknowledged. We are also for the increased resistance and resilience when the e was compared grateful to two anonymous reviewers whose suggestions greatly im- among the three soil types.

The general trend of water retention for proved the manuscript. Soil water retention curves of three soils at initial, rebound recovery and wet—dry or freeze—thaw mechanism induced recovery stages after compaction.

Author's personal copy 60 E. Evaluation of world reference base for soil resources and FAO soil map of the world using nationwide grid soil data from Denmark. Soil Ball, B. Journal of Soil Science Krummelbein, J. Determination of pre-compression stress of a 39, — Soil Tillage Research Baumgartl, T. Modeling volume change and mechanical properties with 99, — Soil Science Society of America Journal 68, 57— Larson, W.

Compression of agricultural soils from Blackwell, P. Soil Science Society of America Journal 44, — Mason, W. Effect of water regime on aggregate-tensile strength, to characterize structure of macropore space and saturated hydraulic conductivity rupture energy, and friability. Soil Science Society of America Journal 66, — Journal of Soil Science 41, — Munkholm, L. Structural vulnerability of a sandy loam exposed Causarano, H.

Factors affecting the tensile-strength of soil aggregates. Soil Tillage Research 79, 79— Research 28, 15— Aggre- Curtin, D. Long-term management and gate strength and mechanical behaviour of a sandy loam soil under long-term fer- clay dispersibility in 2 haploborolls in Saskatchewan. Soil Science Society of Amer- tilization treatments. European Journal of Soil Science 53, — Orwin, K.

New indices for quantifying the resistance and resil- Czyz, E. Content of readily-dispersible clay in the ara- ience of soil biota to exogenous disturbances. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 36, ble layer of some polish soils. In: Pagliai, M. Uniaxial compaction effects on soil physical-properties in rela- Geoecology, Catena Verlag, Germany, pp.

Soil Tillage Research 24, — Soil compressibility and pene- Perfect, E. Statistical characterization of dry aggregate strength using trability of an Oxisol from southern Brazil, as affected by long-term tillage systems. Soil Science Society of America Journal 58, — Soil Tillage Research 92, — Rahimi, H.

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Mechanical properties of Danish soils — a review of existing 35, — In: Van den Akker, Dexter, A. Uniaxial compression of ideal brittle tilths. Journal of Terramechanics J. Subsoil Compaction in the European Community. Proceedings of the First Work- Dexter, A. Advances in characterization of soil structure. Methodology for determination of tensile-strength Wageningen, The Netherlands, pp.

Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 31, — Modelling soil pore Dexter, A. Complexed characteristics from measurements of air exchange: the long-term effects of fertil- organic matter controls soil physical properties. Geoderma , — Elmholt, S. Soil quality management.

Concepts on aggregate stability and biological binding. On the nature of the function expressive of the law of human mor- Modern Agriculture. CAB International, pp. Clay dispersibility and soil friability — testing the soil clay-to-carbon saturation Gregory, A.

Vadose Zone Journal. The effect of long-term soil management on the physical and biological resilience Seybold, C. Soil resilience: a fundamental component of of a range of arable and grassland soils in England. Soil Science , — Gregory, A. Susceptibilidade a compactacao de um A. Revista Brasi- plant growth and microbial community structure. Smith, C. Assessing the compaction susceptibility Gregory, A.

The effect of soil type, water content and applied Calculation of the compression index and precompression stress from soil pressure on uni-axial compaction. Soil Tillage Research 41, 53— Soil Tillage Research 89, 45— Tobias, S.

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