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View and Download Dbx PX user manual online. Powered Speaker Optimizer. PX Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Driverack px. Dbx DriveRack PX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dbx DriveRack PX User Manual, Manual. FREE 2-day Shipping: The other half of the loaf Powered speakers have many advantages including portability, compact size, and simplified setup.

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The DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer has everything you need to get the most Cut Sheet-English [ MB]; [ KB] . The dbx DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Optimizer has everything you need . The input section of the DriveRack PX offers two electronically balanced XLR. DriveRack® PX Powered Speaker Library. Main Speakers. Manufacturer. Model. dB Technologies. Powered. Opera Live dB Technologies. Powered.

Yes it will improve the sound. No, is not recomended to be use with powered speakers. For powered speakers you need the DriveRack PX June 24, at am Keymaster I have yet to find one that actually is as good as a bad sound engineer. What I find is that most people not necessarily you show up, put speakers, adjust EQ to some thing they remember and then go ahead and listen and tune wildy whatever frequency that is off…. Sound Checking is something you need to learn from someone… June 24, at pm Robert Quick Participant About 3 months ago I bought myself a Driverack PX to use with my Wharfedale powered tops and subs. Since then I have been slowly tweaking it to what I think is a much better sound than it was before.

The Data wheel is also used to change the values of the selected parameter by simply rotating the wheel.

Pressing the Data wheel will toggle between the available parameters on any selected page of the currently selected editor. Navigate through the Pages of the Compressor module by pressing the "Next Page" Pressing the Data Wheel will select the parameter to be edited. Turn the Data wheel to select a preset; press the Data wheel to load the preset.

Px epub driverack dbx

Note: Factory presets cannot be over-written. When storing changes to a Factory preset, you must replace an existing User preset. Page Section 5 - Detailed Parameters instead of taking out large sections of your sound.

Dbx PX User Manual

In the past, graphic equalizers were used to eliminate feedback from a system. If AFS is Off, the filters are bypassed, and the algorithm is halted the filters are not updated.

Driverack px epub dbx

Likewise, if the number of Fixed filters goes up and thus the number of live filters goes down , then the last live filter set will be reset. The Compressor is a full bandwidth Stereo Compressor located prior to the high-pass and bandpass filters. A ratio means that if the incoming signal is 2dB over the threshold the unit will compress the signal, and outputs a signal that only goes 1dB over the threshold.

?Loudspeaker Management System eg. dbx DriveRack PA+

Page Filter setup Section 5 Detailed Parameters 5. This allows the user to drive the speaker in its optimum frequency range and send each output separately for more efficient use of amplifier power. These applications can be used verbatim, or as sample reference guide templates for designing numerous audio applications.

Use the Wizard to set up a specific preset. The Soft Reset resets all operating parameters except user presets. The Hard Reset Procedure will reset all preset information back to the factory defaults.

After the clear, the DriveRack PX will return to the preset screen. We lost the front of house for about 15 minutes while I tried to troubleshoot the Driverack, the board, and everything but the speakers and speaker wires. The cables were a recent purchase and were premium grade with light wear so I mistakenly ruled them out. It was intermittant so it took me a while to figure out.

20 Most Recent DBX Driverack-Pa Eq/Speaker Control Questions & Answers - Fixya

Now I understand that that's the weakest link in the chain and from now on I start there and work backward through the chain that is, if all sound is cutting out. Do you use banana plugs two metal pegs sticking out of a plastic rectagle coming out of the back of your amp? There are little screws inside the holes on the back of the banana plugs. Those can vibrate loose, especially if they're just factory tight.

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Get a little standard screwdriver and tighten them down. That will probably solve your problem. Okay, wait a minute -- could be one more thing. You mention that the loud popping can be heard. Do you have any gates turned on? Most compressors have gates.

Check your compressors to see if you have your gates turned up too high. A gate set too high would allow the loud pop to go through to the PA but would cut off everything low to mid-volume.

Driverack px epub dbx

I guess you can see that I don't think it's a problem with the Driverack. I don't work for dbx or anything, I just think these other things are far more likely than a problem with the unit.

Also, this will only save to the preset you're on and has no effect on other presets. The existing program the one that had EQ turned on will be replaced with the new program the EQ turned off. If, for example, you do this to preset 1, now every time you dial to 1 you'll have the same, no EQ setting.