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The best way to make your computer more efficient is to touch-type – to type without looking at the keyboard – and this book can teach you how to do just that. Our typing lessons, games, speed tests and videos make it easy for to learn how to type. How to use Learn Typing. E-Book. Three Hot Tips to Get You Started . The Computer Lab Teacher's Survival Guide to type correctly while the other student did not think proper keyboarding techniques were . grade book.

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Designed for self-instruction or classroom use, this book is the ideal choice for beginners who want to move from hunting-and-pecking to typing with ease, and. What's the best way to make your computer more efficient? Learn how to touch- type! And this is the book that can teach you. The first complete guide for learning . And this is the book that can teach you. The first complete guide for learning how to touch-type on a computer keyboard includes: How to get from A to Z on your.

The fastest typists recommend these tips to improve your typing speed and accuracy: 1. Learn to touch type. Touch typing is a typing technique in which you always use the same finger to type each key, without looking at the keyboard. It takes some practice to learn, but training these consistent finger motions will enable you to type much faster than you could otherwise. The How-to-Type.

Rapid changes and modifications have taken place since when the floating dome model with counter weights was developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute. This technology gained importance also on account of the ever-rising demand for petroleum products which can only be met by enhanced imports leading to a further drain on our meagre foreign exchange resources.

Mastering Computer Typing, Revised Edition

The recycling of indigenous resources has at least met a fraction of our demands and acted as a deterrent on this count. The gas plant is a boon to the Indian farmers. The two main products of the project from which material gains accrue are enriched compost manure and Methane gas made from local resources available in the villages.

Whereas compost 19 manure helps to meet the fertilizer requirements of the farmers in a more economical and efficient manner and thereby boost agricultural production, biogas is used for cooking and lighting purposes.

It is also used in case of larger plants, as motive power for driving small engines. In fact the wide scale utilization of Gobar the most appropriate answer to solve three national inter-connected major problems with which the country is faced today food, fertilizer and fuel. The anaerobic decomposition of organic wastes leads to the production of methane, which can be readily used as an energy sources. The mixture of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen produced in this manner is called biogas.

The complex organic molecules present in the organise wastes are first broken down to simpler compounds such as acetate, hydrogen oxygen, etc. By the action of a number of different micro organisms.

The simple compounds so produced are utilised by methogenic bacteria to produce methane. Methogenic bacteria can hydrogen and carbon dioxide for methane production. There are two major advantages of this type of energy source, which are the production of gas and the residual manure. Though it continues to be the traditional sector, progress has become rapid on the agricultural front.

A continuous flow of technology is coming out of the research stations. To get the best out of it, information about its implication on decision behaviour and policy should be made available to the farmers without time lag. Policies and programmes in various sectors and levels and their justification depend for effectiveness on dependable knowledge.

Typing Practice | How To Type: Free typing practice, typing lessons and typing tests.

Operational research in agriculture an rural development must observe conditions which are changing rapidly due to technological break-through the data on these are not available from the existing sources. Information has to be updated frequently foe an effective information system for agricultural development. The centre for agricultural and rural development studies of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural university established a rural observatory in support of its developmental research with the specific objectives of carrying out the survey of resources, production.

Tamil Nadu was divided into eight regions based on agro-economic Conditions. To have rural and urban contents, one municipality, one town panchayat and one village panchayat were selected in each of the above 20 three regions.

These centres formed the observation centres for the study. The data were collected and village level information showed that irrespective of the size of the observation center, the distribution of population among male and female is almost; equal. The percentage of weaker section depends on the nature of the center.

The prosperity of a region depends on industrial development also industrial were concentrated in the municipalities and not in rural areas. The availability of infrastructural facilities resulted in the location of industries in urban centres. The length of road and the number of vehicles operating is directly related to the degree of urbanisation.

The bullock cart formed the major mode of transport in town and village panchayats. Regulated markets, cooperative marketing societies and e ve n co mmi ssi o n ma n d i e s a r e operating with urban base only. This shows the need for dispersal of download and sale centres to help the villagers.

The detailed household survey showed that while more than forty percent of the houses were thatched ones about sixty percent were tiled houses. As the degree of urbanisation increased, the percentage of living in owned houses decreased. SPEED PRACTICE Type the following in double line spacing with a margin of ten degrees:The major objectives of nationalisation of commercial banks as set out by the prime minister may be summarised that removing the control over commercial banks by few large industrial houses.

Providing adequate credit to the hitherto neglected sectors such as agriculture, small business, small scale and professional. To introduce professional management in commercial banking.

To provide adequate training and reasonable service conditions for bank employees. The banks have really lived up to the expectations of parliament and the prime minister The commercial banks have become powerful institutions contributing for agricultural and rural developmental and also the upliftment of weaker sections of the rural community.

Some of the significant achievements are rapid branch expansion expansion, of rural credit, strengthening of the co-operative sector and support to village and rural industries. The commercial banks in India had organised themselves along the lines and patterns of British banks. They are more comfortable with trade and large industrial houses than with the agriculture sector and small industries. A number of changes has taken place in mral areas after commencement of the planning era.

The concept of rural developmental has nether been concise consistent. These three dominant personalities, who played a significant role in the economic development of the country, have left their imprints. Tumultuous and far reaching changes have taken place after the nationalisation of commercial banks. Even before , agriculture and allied activities were experiencing rapid growth under suggested five year plans. The national credit council pointed out a large credit gap in the rural economy.

It has suggested measures to improve and monitor the flow of credit to the rural sector and also recommended a multi agency approach instead of depending on the co-operativecredit societies alone. While the banks prior to nationalisation were reluctant to enter rural areas and lend for rural acitvities in support of various governmental programmes. Even during the British rule, the Government had recognised the importance of agriculture and developed the co-operative organisations to take care of agricultural credit.

At that point of time and perhaps up to ,rural development was seen merely as agricultural development. According to the Hindu mythology, when Lord Sive shook a hand drem, the world beatits first rhythm. And as he moved his body in tune with its beat, the universe came into being. The dancing Siva is known as Nataraja and all classical dancers invoke Nataraja as the symbol of cosmic energy. Indian dance essentially tells a story poetically, with movements of hand mudras and foot and gesture of eye and row abhinaya, all this is supplemented and complemented by a set pattern of music.

A characteristic feature of the classical dance is the intricate footwork, tala which is emphasized by the jingling of ankle-bells by the dancer as well as the rhythm maintained by the drummer.

There are four main schools of Indian traditional dance.

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By far the oldest of the classical styles is Bharata Natyam, which follows the ancient treatises more closely than any other style. With its roots in Tamilnadu, this dance, which has retained its purest form is usually performed solo and comprises movements of pure rhythm, reamatic rendering of a story or depiction of a mood Bharata Natyam 22 was once part of therites of worship in temples and was performed by dancing girls attached to temple.

Kathakali frkom kerela is a spectacular and powerful dancedrama, in which the artists don an elaborate make-up and enact tales from the epics. Kathak began as a religious performance and under Mughal lpatronage in the 16th and 17th centuries evolved as a court-dance.

The Manipuri style of Manipur in eastern India, revolves round the pranks of Krishna when he was young. For variety, colour and drichness of emotion, the Inian dance forms have pdractically no parallel in any other part of the world. In fact, Indian classical dances have traveled oout of the country to influehelp the art forms of neighbouring Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and even Japan and America. India has also a variety of Tribal and Folk dances. To the tribals and village folk, dance seems to be the most natural medium of expressio n.

Occasions like marriages. Births, festivals, fairs, harvests and hunts are all marked by dancing. SPEED PRACTICE Type the following in double line spacing with a margin of ten degrees:During the period , many path breaking discoveries were made which not only ushered in revolutions in several disciplines of science but also changed our very understanding of some of the prevailing concepts in science.

The discovery of electron by Joseph John Thomson in was one such discovery. In fact, the discovery of electron is one of the greatest discoveries of modern physics. The electron was the first of fundamental constituents of all matter to be proposed and in the last hundred years.

It has withstood all the tests of elementarily. The discovery of electron has not only revolutionized scientific thought but also our ways of life. Once electron was proposed as a fundamental constituent of matter, the scientists started building models of atomic structure. Atoms in their normal states are not electrically charged. So, as the electrons are negatively charged, it became obvious that the atoms also dairy a charge of positive electricity to counterbalance the negative charge.

Gradually, the physicists built up an idea how these charges were arranged in an atom. Among these models, the Rutherford model had the most lasting influence. Rutherford discovered that the atom consisted of a heavy positively 23 charged core surrounded by electrons. The existence of proton was recognized in In , neutron was discovered by James Chadwick and the number of elementary particles rose to three i.

However, with the advent of particle accelerators, hundreds of so called elementary particles were discussed. To scientists, it was a real shock.

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They were not prepared to face so many elementary particles. From the very beginning of human civilization, the idea of fewer basic constituents of nature has fascinated man. To over come this complexity, a new model viz.

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According to this model, all the particles experiencing strong interactions are made of quarks was experimentally supported in Today the elementary particles and interaction between them are described the Standard Model. According to this model, elementary particles are classified as leptons i. You are what you eat. Hence, eating good means on time is very important. Scientific meal planning is knot too difficult.

It may appear complicated to a beginner when he or she is told that a complete and balanced diet is essential to meet the needs of the individual.

The needs of a person depend on his or her age, sex, body size type, temperament, nature of work, the climate and the it ate of health of his or her mind and body. The term daily diet means all the food a person eaters during the day. Die ; may refer to either food ordinarily eaten or that selected with reference to a particular state of health. A few simple rules combine all the requirements, and a little practice makes direct meal planning second nature.

Nutritionists define good meals as those which supply nutrition to meet body needs, protect the body against disease and are enjoyable to eat. With the knowledge of nutrition, one can easily choose food to fulfill the first two requirements; yet how much one enjoys one's food depends on one's taste and attitude in eating.

You can train yourself to enjoy all essential foods. It is not clearly understood why 24 some children seem to dislike certain foods. But experience shows that a persistent effort I overcoming most dislikes is rewarding.

Researchers have discovered that the custom of three meals a day is based on convenience and not on biological needs. Tests show that blood sugar concentration and muscular efficiency are lowest before breakfast and remain at this level until a meal is taken. After eating, blood sugar rises sharply and efficiency increases but the two fall again to a low level within two-and-a-half to four hours unless another meal is taken.

From these facts, it appears that a high level of energy can be maintained by eating every two and a half to three h o u r s t h r o u g h o u t t h e d a y. Experiments on factory workers have proved this to be true. Top avoid interfering with sleep, it should either be omitted or be very light and contain light food such as milk or fruit.

An over weight person and the elderly should avoid food before retiring. It is unfortunate that breakfast is so often slight. People who stay in bed. Late, rush with dressing and eat on the run. His father step ever made in the progress of exact was a member of the nobility. He lost sciences'. He started, in , work his mother a year after his birth. He on his magnum opus Discourse on the was raised by his maternal method of Rightly Conducting the grandmother and by a nurse to whom Reason, which stamped he was devoted.

In , he entered a immediately as one of the great Jesuit College that was established thinkers of his age. As you practice typing, remember that you will carry the habits you develop now with you into the future, whenever you type on a keyboard. Practice typing for accuracy, not speed. If you are making mistakes, slow down. You will not get faster by making lots of typos because it will take more time to go back and fix them all.

Furthermore, practicing poor technique will impede your progress by reinforcing your mistakes and bad habits. Typing practice is an exercise, not a race. Type precisely at a rate that you are comfortable with.

Your speed will naturally increase as your typing skills 4. Visualize as you type. You will find this tip most useful once you have confidently learned the positions of all the keys and are practicing to increase your typing speed. Think about the words just ahead of where you are typing and imagine your fingers moving across the keyboard to type them. It does not matter how fast you type if you have to go back and fix all your mistakes.

Fixing mistakes takes more time than it does to just slow down and take the time you need to type accurately. Fast typing depends on developing precision muscle memory. Allowing yourself to type incorrectly will actually reinforce your bad habits and common mistakes! If you come across a difficult word, slow down further to type it properly. Develop good habits and speed will be your reward. Learn the entire keyboard.

Do you have to slow down and look at the keyboard to type a number or symbol? If you program or work with spreadsheets you will use the symbol keys frequently. In fact, most all programs can be used more productively when you know the key combo shortcuts for doing common tasks.